I re-arranged this photo and review, from a text-post by, which wouldn’t reblog in entirety:

Newport Beach Film Fest: East Fifth Bliss

Let me start off by telling you what a TREAT this film was. Dexter’s Michael C. Hall is like you’ve never seen him before…and by that I mean he didn’t kill anyone. How refreshing.

The movie starts off with me feeling, well…awkard. A half naked girl (played by Brie Larson. She keeps popping up in my blogs…wth) jumping up and down on a bed; Morris (Hall) underneath her. So far I feel like I may hate this movie. To my surprise, I bloody loved it!

“East Fifth Bliss” is a film adaptation of the novel by Douglas Light and Michael Knowles (no relation to that Beyonce character). Thirty-five year old Morris Bliss lives in a beat up old apartment with his aging father (Peter Fonda) in New York City. Oh, and did I mention that he’s jobless and pretty much sucks at life? He’s awkward, slightly creepy and finds himself caught up in a relationship with his former classmate’s 18 year old daughter ( Brie Larson). She’s crazy town to say the least. I don’t wanna give any more away, but I will say that in this process of accidental self discovery; Morris ends up in a lot of deep and strange sh*t.

Final Word: This movie more than exceeded my expectations. It was Absolutely NOTHING like I thought it would be and there were some outstanding performances by the supporting cast (Lucy Liu & Chris Messina). If you like dark comedy, then PLEASE make sure you check it out. This will definitely open some new doors for Michael C. Hall, as ‘Dexter’ slowly makes its exit from our TV screens. I say it’s about time!

Honorable Mention: BRAD WILLIAM HENKE!! HE’S Hysterical!

Here are a few pictures from the gala and screening. There were so many, it was hard to choose which to post but here they are! Enjoy!