Anon 1: Irrelevant to the reproductive rights and healthcare discussion… since it honestly doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a fetus, a child, or a grown adult.  It doesn’t matter on whether or not it’s a human being.  No one is entitled to another person’s body.

Anon 2:  Do fetuses after a certain stage of pregnancy have fingers and beating hearts?  Sure.  Does it matter?  No, for the same reasons stated in the prior response.

Anon 4:  The blog is simply on hiatus.  Check out Bebinn’s (the moderator of AAB) blog.

ThePastelTwilight: Send a link my way and I’ll be sure to check it out.

Cortibah: Most of them are found on Rock for Life’s secondary page “Bands Who Advocate Abortion.”  There’s also Rock for Choice.  Many of the bands has also knowingly joined labels in the past that donate to Planned Parenthood.  And many of these bands have openly advocated and/or performed for choice and Planned Parenthood.  It took a lot of research, and the search for more pro-choice bands continue.

Thank you to everyone else who has posted.  I appreciate the thoughts and support! :)