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What’s up, freaks?

Since I’ve been watching a lot of Cammy gameplay lately, and Alioune is the guy I like to watch, I’m sending you all to YogaFlame24’s channel. This one is basically only suited to fighting game fans who want match video’s, but honestly anyone like that probably knows about the channel already.

You can find a link to the channel here:


SF4 SSF4 AE vers.2012 Funny and cool moments episode 46 (best of F&C)

Fighting Game Fridays: A Merry Day, Indeed.

Merry Friday Everyone!

This week in fighting games, I’ve been playing a lot of AE 2012. I need to level up a bit so I don’t get destroyed at OHN X, so I’ve been giving Cammy as much love as I can! The start of the week was pretty grim for me. I couldn’t win a match, I was frustrated, and completely unmotivated. I spent most of my time in training mode practicing combo’s since playing against anyone would annoy me. Throughout the week, I’ve been feeling better as the week goes on, been having sets with people and been feeling more consistent, which is nice. I’ve also started spending time in training mode any time before I play to get the timing consistent. It’s been working wonders. :)

I’ve played very little KOF this week, and that makes me sad. Not many people play, it can be hard to get a good match, netcode’s bad, blah blah blah. I’ve said it all, but whatever. In lighter news, I’ve realised I love Mortal Kombat 9 once again, and I’m getting back into playing regularly. I’m pretty rusty, having little recent experience in playing anyone at all, but combo’s are just as much a breeze as they used to be. I’ve been practicing with Sektor a bit, bit I think I’ll be back to Kabal and Kitana just like old times, though I look forward to spending a bit more time with Shang Tsung and Reptile again, eventually. Hopefully I’ll win some games by the end of the week, everyone’s been improving while I haven’t touched the game! Oh wells…

Fair thee well for now, fellows.

Your friend, Cabfred.


Here’s the buffs that Dee Jay needs. Also DAT DICTATOR FACE!?!


The Rarest Form of Akuma, G. Akuma…G For Guile
Have I said how much I love the PC version of SSF4 already?