ssc 2013

Benvolio couldn’t breath. Heedless of the rain and the wind, he curled to the ground, hands pressed to his forehead, eyes wide but unseeing. She’s dead, she’s dead, she’s dead.



OMG Seattle pictures! I was very sad that one of things I did not get from 221B Con was a photo of me and abundantlyqueer. Thankfully, xock (who is also in the second photo and yay for meeting her again!) fixed that for me!

AQ, man. She wears organdy and heels and talks about John blowing stuff up. How can you not love that? I adore her so much I should have little hearts in my eyes in these pictures. :)


Marco’s penalties this season

 2. Spieltag, 18. Aug. 2013, BVB-Braunschweig, 2:0 nach Foul an Jonas
 7. Spieltag, 28. Sept. 2013, BVB-Freiburg, 2:0 nach Foul an Lewy
 9. Spieltag, 19. Okt. 2013, BVB-Hannover, 1:0 nach Foul an Erik
28. Spieltag, 29. März 2014, Stuttgart-BVB, 2:2 nach Foul an Lewy
31. Spieltag, 19. April 2014, BVB-Mainz, 4:2, Handelfmeter

Champions League:
5. Spieltag, 26. Nov. 2013, BVB-SSC Neapel, 1:0 nach Foul an Lewy

He scored them all. :-)