Drove my car to work today. I’m so used to driving our humbling SUV around calmly its wierd to hop into my toy car and zip around. We filled her with 4 gallons of 100 octane to mix with the old gas and yes she was still struggling but I’m sure she’ll be good as new by the time I get her home tonight. I will probably take the LONG way home (includes a canyon. my old stomping grounds!)

Applekat is freaking amazingggggg!! and she gets all dem boys to be admiring her. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!

I Love You Applekat!


Another #GoPro video of me and #Rosemary on our first #Grip event. Can’t wait for the next one #805lide #Drift & #Grip #WillowSprings #HorseThiefMile #HTM #Integra #GSR #VTEC #SSBP

To celebrate the Sassy Sisters’ Book Party, Darkest Whispers will be FREE! on kindle this Saturday and Sunday!
If you haven’t picked up your copy yet (and you like ebooks) this is a great chance to catch up with Kass and Rhys. ^_^
If you haven’t read Eternal Shadows, it’s only $2.99 on kindle, and with the sequel free this weekend, I’d say that’s still a pretty good deal!

How I rebuilt my Acura Integra

So I haven’t really put this anywhere on the internet except my running log on Team Integra but at this time last summer I was rebuilding my wrecked Acura Integra that had been rear ended really hard March 1st of 2011.

Here’s a basic timeline of what I did, it was a great project that taught me a lot and really got me learning how to turn a wrench.

Here we start with a broken car, yes I went to the hospital after this accident, it was the other driver’s fault. I was very sad for a long time because of this accident.

And then in my backyard we pulled out her engine, the front end was completely fine.

After that I bought a new shell, for $700!

She came on spare wheels, so I gave her new wheels!

We put in new OEM Honda parts that include timing belt, water pump, tensioner, oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket and other miscellaneous things. She’s rock solid reliable!

And then other things like an aftermarket clutch to hold more power!!!

We got her the engine mounted into her new home! For the record, it’s a b18c1 ‘95 GSR engine with only 93k on it.

The original dash was chewed up, and the car came with an ugly tan dash, so we pulled it out!

And then we put it all back together!

But then I had to replace all the rotors, rear brake calipers, all the brake pads, brake master cylinder, and bleed them all.

And then she was done.

Obviously I left out a ton of details, but this was the basic rebuild process. I put in a ton more parts in the rebuild process, which I won’t be sharing on here. I continued to build the car into the year but haven’t documented those bits yet, maybe one day I’ll make it public on the internets.

The purpose of sharing this is to inspire others to get their hands dirty and fix their own vehicles. It was fun!


Here’s a clip of my car wat it sounds like when I drive by on the track. I think my exhaust sounds fuckn dope #integra #GSR #SSBP #WillowSprings #HTM #805lide


#HondaCivicEG #AcuraIntegraGSR #SSBP #Grip