–>> [ Bane ] stands before the light house and watches the light rotate around before he turned around to see an unfamiliar face. He pursed his lips behind the mask then he took a step closer toward the lanky and much taller man than himself.

      “ To what do I owe the pleasure?

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Nikhil did his best to put out his cigarette before anyone saw he was smoking again. A habit he had picked up when he was still human. Both Selina and the good Doctor had tried to get him to stop, especially for his daughter, Karam’s sake. But, it was something the lieutenant commander wasn’t going to be giving up anytime soon. Taking a quick deep breath, he went into the room where Khan was. “You wanted to see me, sir?” He questioned, some of his inherited Irish accent coming out.

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[Holding A Baby Meme] Leaning against the doorway, Khan smiled. The sight warmed him like sunlight, and he wouldn't have traded it for the world. "She has your smile, you know," he said, nodding toward the half-dozing baby. "And your laugh."

   Ancient eyes stared town at the new life with no small amount of affection. He beamed at the tiny creature in his arms, his daughter. She could barely keep her eyes open, fussing at the sound of her mothers voice, with the Doctor in turn gently pressing a kiss to her forehead in an effort to calm her. “ Well,” He replied softly, lifting a hand to hold her tiny hand in his own. “ She’s got your eyes.” Their daughter in turn blinked, and gripped one of her fathers fingers. His smile only widened. “ And your firm grip.”

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