64: Master Hand is just a child playing with his dolls it’s all an imaginative afternoon

Melee: The same thing except they’re action figures instead of dolls

Brawl: Master Hand is now God instead of a child but the fighters are still action figures I guess there are also rival dimensional gods like Tabuu

4: Master Hand and Crazy Hand are part of a whole godlike being and Master Core is the heart

Ultimate: Smash fighters are living people, not toys, who can die, and Master Hand and Crazy Hand are just two of many many many beings that serve as high sphere angels and a power source for a large eldritch god that makes Tabuu’s off waves look like a nerf gun

In the spirit of the season I showed my mom characters in super smash bros this is what she thought their names were

Me: who’s this?

Mom: that’s Mario (Mayrio)

Me: What about this dude

Mom: uh… Goomba?

Me: no that’s-

Mom: baby goomba?

Me: nO

Mom: is that baby Mario?


mom: then why does he look like a baby Mario

Mom: baby pikachu?

Me: yea

Mom: haha I knew it

Mom: is that Kirby?

Me: no that’s not Kirby

Mom: baby Kirby

Me: no that’s jigglypuff, it’s a Pokémon

Mom: oh

Mom: oh god I don’t even know

Me: that’s mewtwo

Mom: a Pokémon?

Me: yeah

Mom: okay cause that weird purple thing that goes from his front to the back is kinda disturbing me

Me: oh mY GOD

Mom: that’s that fire emblem guy you talk about all the time

Me: which one?

Mom: chrome? (chrom)

Me: no he’s not in smash bros

Mom: Corrin?

Me: that’s Marth, mom

Mom: is that chromes son?

Mom: is that robin?

Me: no you’re close though

Mom: is it chrome?

Me: mom you just said his name

Mom: robin?

Me: no-

Mom: is that the dog from duck hunt?

Me: yep

Mom: what the hell is he doing there

Mom: those are the splatoon guys

Me: what are they called?

Mom: squiddo and squidbert

Me: nO

Mom: they’re squids aren’t they?

Me, while laughing my ass off: yEAH BUT THATS NOT THEIR NAMES

i’ve been wanting to do FE x animal crossing for years and it has happened at last dkjfldf

also have some variants!