SSA Hal:  You see this snitching, twitchy-blinky muthafucka right here?  I’m glad they cut this last shot from the scene because my hatred would be exponentially higher if I’d seen this 8 months ago.

On a happy note, look at Fitz and Liv standing over there like they at the punch bowl at an 8th grade dance. #cuteness


Fitz’s plan is rolling. Soon after his moment with Sally Langston, Fitz’s plan pushes through with Mellie seeking WHO leaked Olivia Pope’s name to the press.

Thanks to James Novak, we know that if you want the scoop, you’ll paid a visit to Fitz’s SSA Men hangout spot. Fitz knew this and so the plan rolled on. (And that’s how a style reporter got the biggest scoop of the century! But I digress!)

Hal was in on the plan but we didn’t know it at this point of the episode. Looking back this scene is now golden, isn’t it?

This scene between Mellie and Hal to me was Fitz being ten steps ahead of the game. We all remember this:

External image

And look at Hal here in this scene, he didn’t blink! He went through with the plan! Loved this scene!

  • Mellie: Did you give her a name? 
  • Hal: No. No. No I did not!