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∑=MC^2 [Spencer Reid x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Could you do the anything you write on your skin appears on you your soulmates skin au with Reid”

A/N: I wasn’t too sure on what this AU was but I had it explained. I also made it so that names and places of living wouldn’t work because that would be to easy lol.


You didn’t really understand the whole, write on your skin and it shows up on your soulmate’s skin thing. There were limits to it and rules. Knowing that you couldn’t put down your name or where you are because it wouldn’t show on their skin.

But what you also didn’t understand was what the hell your soulmate was constantly writing on his arm or hand. So many math equations and book references. Often times people would look at it and ask what the writing was, you’d simply answer “I guess my soulmate’s a math nerd?”

Not knowing how incredibly right you were.

You’re a simple grad student. Studying to become a psychiatrist, wanting nothing more than to help people. So all this writing on your arm was a bit distracting. Did your soulmate not know about the bond? Or just not have the time to find paper?

Who knows at this point, right now you were just trying to decipher what all of it was.

Sitting in a coffee shop you stared at your arm. Examining every piece of information. Letting out a huff at the undecipherable letters and numbers, except for the formula ∑=MC^2 which you recognized from senior year physics.

Giving up you clicked the power button on your computer. The screen lighting up before turning back off again. “What the hell?” you mumbled jamming the button a couple of times. “Shit” running your hands through your hair. “No, my resume. I didn’t save it.” groaning to nobody in particular. 

“Fear not!” a voice said from beside you. It startling you. “Oh god” holding your hand to your chest. “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” A blonde woman said smiling. “I just saw you having computer troubles and I know my way around a motherboard so may I?” she gestured to your computer.

“Have at it” you pushed it toward her.

Shocked when witnessing her having it up and running within a few clicks. “What? How’d you?” reaching and moving the touch pad. Immediately saving your resume on the page. “Thank you so much! You just saved my future”

“No problem, I’m Penelope by the way” she held a hand out to you. “[F/n]” taking it while introducing yourself. Though her eyes widened at the mathematical equations and information on your arm. “Whoa” she said but soon recognized the handwriting. 

“Oh my god you need to come with me!” She began to smile excitedly. “Um okaay?” you said before grabbing your things and following her. Luckily not having any other plans that day.

Not expecting to end up inside the FBI building. “Am I allowed to be in here?” asking while following her through a hallway, to a pair of double glass doors.

“Yes, as long as you’re with me. I think.” Penelope said excitedly.

“Good morning princess” A man said coming over to you both. “Not now chocolate thunder I need to find Reid.” she held a finger to him while passing. “Um ouch” he commented catching up to you “I’m sorry who are you?” smiling at you.

“Uh [F/n], Penelope saved my computer, and told me I had to come with her here now. I’m just as confused as you are” you shrugged and he laughed. “Well that’s Garcia for ya. I’m SSA Derek Morgan, nice to meet you” offering you a hand.

“Likewise” shaking it in return. Walking into the bullpen Penelope yelled “REID!” startling you again. Damn she’s good at that.

A man looked up from his book to see the woman running over to him. “Come here” she pushed him toward you. “[F/n] meet Spencer, Spencer [F/n]” she quickly introduced you.

He smiled at you awkwardly, as you gave a simple “Hi” the other members in the area just watching confused.

“Uhh Garcia what’s going on?” Another blonde haired woman asked from her desk.

“J.J. Shh, [F/n] and Spencer are going to compare arms!” She turned back to the both of you. “COMPARE ARMS!” she yelled.

You pulled up your sleeve to reveal the writing on it. Spencer’s eyes widened before he did the same. “Boom soulmates! You’re welcome” she cheered as everyone, including you and Spencer, just stared shocked.

“Uhh” you said looking down at your arm. “Alright then. Just a few questions. What the hell is going on? What the hell is written on my arm? Are you some kind of Einstein or something? And do you want to get dinner this weekend?” your rapid tone disorienting a few of the profilers.

He processed your words for a moment before answering “Honestly couldn’t tell you. It’s a series of equations used from a case we just solved. I have an eidetic memory but that’s what some people say. And yes I would like to.”

You smiled, “Well glad that’s cleared up”

“I am as well. I look forward to getting to know you better” He smiled. Surprising all of his co-workers with his calmness.

“Did Reid just get a date?” Morgan looked at the other members confused before back at the pair of you. “Oh it’s the end times” Rossi commented before the whole team nodded.

Even a room full of profilers couldn’t decipher what just happened.



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When it comes to sleeping next to Spencer, be prepared to sleep facing each other with your legs tangled together. He likes having you close but he likes facing you rather than spooning…he likes to fall asleep looking at your face and wake up to it too.


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I just feel that Hotch would definitely be a big spoon kind of guy. I feel that his protective nature would still be present as he sleeps and he would want you as close to him as possible…because he loves you and he wants to keep you safe.


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When it comes to sleeping, there is no one position that you guys prefer. You guys move around quite a lot through out the night so you never wake up the same position you fell asleep in. The one thing that is constant however is that you guys always have contact with each other you guys never stick to your own sides of the bed.

A/N: Sorry, I had to haha…I’ve been wanting to fall asleep for over an hour now and I just can’t get myself sleepy enough ahaha oh well, hope you guys like it haha xoxo


For @amarislestrange…enjoy!

“Coulson, I’d like you to meet my friends and colleagues,” you introduced, “SSA Hotcher, Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss, Jareau, and Dr. Spencer Reid.”

The man nodded, not offering to shake anyone’s hand. Hotchner was eyeing Coulson with suspicion. Knowing you’d have to explain, you let out a slow breath.

“Has Agent Hill briefed you?” Coulson asked.
You nodded while seeing the confusion on the BAU team’s faces.
“Agent Coulson is a part of SHIELD, which means this case is actually a lot crazier than we could have anticipated.”
Coulson nodded. “Agent Y/N has been-”
“Wait…agent?” Morgan asked with an arched brow, “Not SSA?”
You lowered your gaze.
“You work for SHIELD,” JJ surmised.

You saw Hotch’s jaw clench as you nodded. You went to speak but Coulson beat you to it.

“As I was saying, Agent Y/N was ordered to be undercover in the FBI,” he explained, “If it’s any consolation, they never reported on you other than to say you’re their family.”

You saw JJ’s, Rossi’s, and Prentiss’s expressions soften. You held back a sigh. You had a lot of explaining to do later.

“Now. Shall we?” Coulson piped up.

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Dating Derek Morgan would include...
  • nicknames, plenty of nicknames
  • a close knit friendship with Penelope and Spencer
  • working out together
  • plenty of forehead kisses
  • spontaneous and romantic dates
  • chasing each other around your apartment
  • kisses, kisses, and more kisses
  • him spoiling you, even though you fight him on it
  • him being super protective of you while on cases
  • having witty conversations, especially around your coworkers
  • seeing him shirtless…need I say more?
  • a national day of mourning  for single women everywhere when he proposes and eventually says ‘I do.’

Summary: A difficult case lands your fiance Aaron Hotchner in the hospital for trying to save you. Your relationship is a secret to anyone outside the team, but Aaron’s boss Erin Strauss finds out and forces you to break it off or face the consequences.

Word Count: 3039

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You would’ve been dead if it weren’t for Aaron.

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Is it too late

here you go @prenup-queen, I hope you like it and I’m sorry to hear about your break up, I hope your ok, and I wish you the best. 

I have a drabble request. I would like to read a story about the reader (temporarily) breaking up with Derek after he admits to cheating, but they get back together (imagine Garcia being supper pissed at Morgan after seeing you cry). I’ve recently called a break with my

Derek x Reader

“Don’t fucking touch me Morgan, I don’t want to see you ever again, we’re over” you yelled running off with tears running down your cheeks, you ran as fast as you could needing to be alone so you could fall apart, he just told you that he cheated on you, the news had rocked you to your very core, he tried to explain it to you, but you wouldn’t hear any of it, you needed to cool down and try and get your turbulent feelings in order.

While you were in the bathroom crying your eyes, Penelope went to confront Derek about what was happening, you didn’t notice, but she saw the tears that stained your cheeks, she hated to see any member of the team, her family, cry about anything, and when she saw Derek try to catch up with you she could only guess that it was his fault which made horribly worse.

“What the hell is happening Derek, why is y/n crying in the bathroom, what did you do” she said, walking into his office and closing the door behind her.

He sighed “ a long time ago I did something really stupid, y/n and I had just started dating and I don’t know why I did it but I cheated on her” he said tears filling his eyes “I don’t know why I did it, but I felt terrible the next day and I vowed never to do it again, so I kept it a secret, I didn’t want to hurt her, and I never have, but the girl that I cheated with started to call and text me, it got to the point to where I couldn’t hide it anymore so I told her about it, but before I could try to explain and apologize she took off” the tears fell from his eyes.

Penelope was freaking out a little, she had only ever seen Derek cry a few times, and if he was crying now that means he was so ashamed of what he did, but even though she loved Derek she loved you too so she didn’t try to comfort him, instead she gave him some tough love.

“Derek I love you, but I love y/n too, I’m so mad at what you did to her so you need to fix this, if you don’t I’m going to kick your butt” she said giving him a cold look and walking out of the office.

“y/n please unlock the door, I need to talk to you” you heard Derek call through the thick door of the bathroom, hearing his voice simultaneously made your heart whole and shatter at the same time, you were so conflicted on the one hand you loved him more than you thought possible but on the other, you were so mad at what he did to you, so you decided not to say or do anything and see what he did.

“y/n” came his muffled voice “I’m so sorry, we ad only started dating and I did something utterly stupid, I made a mistake and I am so sorry, I’m sorry for cheating, I’m sorry for hurting you, baby is it too late to fix this?” he asked with pain coloring his voice.

You thought about his words, they were so genuine and full of heartbreak, it made you cry again, “everyone makes mistakes” you thought to yourself, he had a moment of weakness, so you decided that you could try and fix it, you decide to stay with him for all the things he had done right and forgive him for the one thing he had done wrong (the vow quote, it’s a fabulous movie). so you stood up and unlocked the bathroom door, and fell into his arms.

“y/n love I’m so sorry” he said cradling your head and pulling you into his arms.

You cried into his shoulder and clung on to him as if your life depended on it, once you got a hold on your emotions you pulled away from him, “It’s not too late, I’m going to forgive you this one time derek morgan, but so help me if you do anything like this again I can guarantee this won’t happen again” you said putting steal behind your words so he would know you meant every word.

“Oh I know babe, I never intend to make that mistake again” he said wiping away the stray tears from your face and leaning down to give you a soft kiss.

Puppy Love

A/N: I’ve had this post saved as a draft for what feels like ages, finally got around to finishing it…hehe I’m so lazy omg.


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For you birthday, your boyfriend of three years decided it was time to get you a puppy. You had already moved in with him the year before and he knew that it sometimes got lonely when he was gone. He had also heard an earful of you begging to get a pet. He wasn’t the most comfortable getting a pet because he knows that they are tons of work, but he knows that you’d go above and beyond taking care of one.

It had to be a small/medium sized dog because your shared apartment was definitely not big enough for a large dog. He did plenty of research and finally decided on getting a little French Bulldog puppy.

JJ’s son Henry helped him pick it out…and helped you name her too- Honey.

 Hey sweetheart, did you know that French bulldogs are known to be patient and affectionate with its owners, especially with children? Female French bulldogs are very affectionate and protective of children…for when we eventually have one?


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There are only a few things that you have a soft spot for…your boyfriend Aaron, his son, and puppies. So you were more than stoked when Aaron told you that he was thinking about getting a puppy for Jack (. Of course you were completely on board with the idea and even helped him look into potential candidates to adopt into the Hotchner household. He ended up adopting the most adorable golden retriever puppy. He was actually a stray, most likely abandoned by his mother for being the runt of the litter. He was quite tiny and fragile when you guys got him, but with all the love and attention he got, he grew strong and healthy very fast.

Jack absolutely adores the new family member but there have been multiple times where he and his furry little brother have gotten into messy situations. There was the one time where they decided to play outside after a rain storm and muddy footprints and paw prints trailed all over the house. Another time, Jack accidentally tipped over the bag of dog food and it got all over the place…luckily there was a very hungry puppy willing to eat it all up.


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If you were to ever picture SSA Derek Morgan getting a dog, you’d think he’d get a big dog like a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd. That’s the type of puppy you were expecting your boyfriend to bring home. You had the flu so you weren’t going anywhere this afternoon…not even to choose out a puppy. You felt fine enough to go but Morgan wouldn’t listen to reason.

You were FaceTiming with Penelope trying to pass the time when you heard the door open. You look up to see your boyfriend holding this little pug puppy. You were quite shocked with your boyfriend’s choice of dog but you weren’t complaining. His big angelic eyes captured your heart, later finding out that was the reason why your boyfriend picked him.

You decided to name him ‘Baby Boy’- Penelope thinking it was quirky and funny and Derek laughed as he rolled his eyes.

The Way You Are

Summary:  I’d absolutely die if I could have a Dr. Spencer Reid imagine about the reader rejecting him because she’s of average intelligence with like a job that not super successful but still good like a teacher (I’m not hating on teachers, I’m going to be one)

For: @thebadassbitchqueen

Word Count: 1259

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You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t have feelings for Spencer.

He was perfect to you, with his beautiful light brown eyes that’d constantly be on you showing he was listening; or his smile that would come on every time you entered a room, and just the little awkward quirks he has.

And don’t get you started on his brain.

You found it the sexiest thing about him, and just the way he would spew facts that weren’t needed in a certain conversation lit a spark in you.

With all these things, it even confused you on why you rejected him.

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Wanna bet

Here it is anon I hope you like it

can i request a drabble of you and morgan teasing each other seeing who will snap first on a case

Derek x Reader

“Wheels up in 30” Hotch said to the team as he walked out of the room. The rest of the team filed out but before you went through the door Derek grabbed your hand and pulled you back.

“Y’/n none of what happened last time, you hear me” he said a serious expression on his face.

You smiled last time you had teased and made fun of Derek because it bothered him so much and you loved to irritate him. “What Morgan can’t handle it” you said laughing.

“That’s not it y/n, we have a job to do and I can’t get distracted like that, you would hate it if I messed you with during a mission, so please just don’t” he said giving you his I’m mean it look.

You rolled your eyes “Please I could too take it, you’re just not man enough to handle it” You said.

“Oh I don’t think so, you have no idea how distracting it is” he said getting up in your face.

Whatever Morgan you’re just being dramatic, it wasn’t even that bad Morgan I could so take it. You said your anger growing.

Morgan gave you a dirty look “Wanna bet”

“We have two deceased females, they are both 17 both blonde hair, blue eyes, one was found in a dumpster one mile from where her friends last saw her, the other was found about a mile and a half from her home in alley” Hotch said flipping through a file and diving out assignments.

There was about another 10 minutes before you landed and you decided that it was time to make good on the bet you and Morgan made, loser bought dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in town.

“Hey Morgan what you listening too”, you said pulling off his headphones and putting them on you.

“Seriously y/n is that all you got” came his quiet words

You could only hear a little because of the music but you knew what he said, you smiled and took them off “Oh honey you haven’t seen anything yet” you said giving him a wink.

“Whatever if you think your getting me to pay for dinner you’re wrong, I haven’t even started yet and baby you’re gonna regret that I ever did”.

Now off the plane you and Derek were in one of the S.U.V’S heading to the victims houses, Morgan was driving and you were in the passenger seat flipping through the radio stations when suddenly the car jerked to the left a little. 

You looked up in surprise, you looked around and then looked at Morgan, he had a big grin on his face.

That made you angry “ Seriously Morgan that scared me to death, what were you thinking” 

I Was thinking that I’m going to order the most expensive thing on the menu” he said laughing “you ready to give up?”.

“Please that wasn’t even bad you said giving him a wicked wink” besides this is just getting started” 

“Hey y/n, y/n, y/n come on look at me, come on, I’m over here, It’s really important I swear” Morgan said while you were working through a case file doing research.

He was starting to get on your nerves, he had kept this up non stop since we got back to the police station, and it wasn’t only that but he kept touching you and poking you You almost lost it a few times but you still remained in check, and you also got a few good blows in as well.

Like when he was talking to Hotch and Hotch’s back was turned to you and you made funny faces and he started to laugh and get in trouble, or when he was in the middle of something you would bump into him and make him drop things, it looked pretty even.

At least that’s what you thought until Morgan started singing, he would sing right in your ear and horribly off key on purpose, at first you thought you could handle it but seriously how many songs did the guy know, he even scared you a few times which put you even more on egge.

You were finally on the plane the home stretch when he ampt it up and sang on the whole plane, Reid and jayjay burst out laughing seeing your less than happy respons and hotch just smiled and rolled his eyes.

But after a while of this they all got irritated with him, then they turned to you, telling you to just give in, they all wore you down until finally you couldn’t take it anymore and you screamed “PLEASE STOP, YOU WIN I GIVE UP JUST STOP!”

He immediately shut up and sat down in his seat “Make sure you make reservations baby, and don’t forget your wallet, tomorrow I’m eating like a king” He said with a smug look on his face.

You rolled your eyes at him and plugged in your earphones, you knew you were never going to hear the end of this.