All I can really say about my SS5 experience… those damn body waves are even hotter in person, JFC DONGHAE’S ASS IS FANTASTIC IRL AND NEEDS TO BE SMACKED, For Club No 1 - I don’t know who to be more jealous of: the dancers for getting to touch the guys (even though they’re being paid for it) or the guys getting to touch the dancers. JFC those women are HOT. And honey thighs all over the place. AND HUSBANDS ARE STILL GAY, KTHX. There wasn’t anything there during Rockstar, but ooooooooooh Sorry Sorry and the ending. Oh yes Couple dance happened and instead of them doing a high five, Donghae turned Hyukjae around and literally smacked his tiny little ass. (I had to pinch myself so hard I now have bruises.) And at the end, Hyukjae wasn’t leaving the stage - so Donghae just picked him up (cue smug as fuck look on Hyukjae’s face) and carted him offstage for the rounds of usual hot sex. We were standing and screaming, Cho Kyu was a hyper fucking kid, bouncing around and headbanging during Rockstar, Sungmin was still stick (Shindong seemed to be taking care of him the most. I get the feeling they’re kinda… not drifting from the other members, but more trying to rely more on each other?)

Also during Rockstar: Kangin kept trying to offer his mic to both Hyukjae and Shindong and was getting teased… Kangin got revenge during So I - Hyukjae stuck his hand out to shake and Kangin was all ‘nope lol’ and we were laughing at Hyukjae from where I was sitting bc he had that 'of course’ look on his face.

Oh, and Hyukjae’s abs are just as fantastic as they are in pictures.

MiMi and Henry were in super good moods - they got cheered louder than some of the 'main’ members I think - PH ELFs LOVE those two. Like… seriously. Don’t ever say you don’t like Mi or Henry if you’re around a bunch of PH ELF. Mi was teaching us Mandarin at the ending part (how to say I missed you) because we already knew 'wo ai ni’ AND HE IS SO MUCH SUNSHINE AND LOVE. LIEK FFS - HOW CAN YOU HATE THIS MAN.

Okay, I know you all want me to shut up about shit and get to the good part: Kim Heechul.

It was nuts. That’s all I can really say. It was nuts and crazy and being able to shout Kim Heechul’s greeting during his first Super Show back was something amazing. 사랑해요 김희철!

I completely lost it on 너라고 (It’s You). It’s my favorite song of SJ’s… and then Heenim appears and hits that note and it’s just… GODDAMN. And Wookie does a DAMN credible job of covering Yesung’s high note.

Okay more Rockstar: Heenim got his own little solo in Rockstar where he got to headbang like crazy.

ANd his actual solo was his M&D song that he did with Jungmo. GO LEARN THAT SONG LONDON PEOPLE. SING IT WITH HIM.

We got to sing Happy Birthday to Donghae - but only after Hyukjae started it. And Donghae got SOAKED AND FJDSKFJSDL HNGGGGGGGGGGG. How Hyukjae was able to resist that temptation, I’ll never know. I think I almost passed out from a nosebleed at that point.

Donghae was taking shit tons of selcas over where I was at - Henry and Wookie joined in the fun, and Wookie got another giraffe for the collection.

I got to meet gigie and tinay and habbah and iya and andyy and IT WAS SO AMAZING AND JUST OMG.