What if I told you… BTS is an amazing group with great music but they did actually not establish the Kpop genre??? 😮 That there were other artists there before that made Kpop a thing??? 😰 That a Youtube video with an east asian male included can be watched without pointing out that you think he resembles a member of BTS??? 😲

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- Seventeen
- Got7
- BigBang
- iKON
- Blackpink
- SS501
- MonstaX
- Super Junior
- Astro
- Pentagon
- Shinee
- Twice
- 2ne1
- Winner
- F(x)
- Madtown
- Voisper
- FTIsland
- CNblue
- B.A.P
- MyName
- Red Velvet
- Eric Nam
- Day6
- Block B
- Beast
- B.I.G
- Vixx
- Btob
- B1A4
- Boys Republic
- Snuper
- SF9
- Imfact
- 24K
- 2PM
- 4 Minute
- Hotshot
- Halo
- History
- Girls Generation
- I.O.I
- Sistar
- Exid

Friend: American pop music is way better Me: Oh? What’s that I smell? Oh that’s right it’s-

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The struggles of international kpop fans

*concert announced*

*sees venue location*

*new album released*

*can’t buy it anywhere*

*meets idols*

*awkward silence*

*new interview online*

*no subs*

*talks about kpop in public*

*gets weird looks*

*wants to join fan cafes*

*good fucking luck*

*kpop song comes on*

*mumbles until chorus*


I fu**ing knew it!!! Sorry for my language, but do you know the moment, when your Bias Group is hated cuz of Scandals which weren’t even true!!!!
And this one goes for a long time but it’s finally over, we TripleS got so much hate for defending the one who was actually not the culprit!
We made it, my loyal TripleS !!💚Now just wait for the return of SS501💚


Kim Hyun Joong’s Military Discharge by Daily Sports

Eng Sub by sunsun_sky:

Kpop Old School (-2010)
  • DBSK/TVXQ: Wrong Number
  • Super Junior: Norago
  • Big Bang: Haru Haru
  • Wonder Girls: Nobody
  • SS501: Love Like This
  • SNSD: Gee
  • 4Minute: I, My, Me, Mine
  • Kara: Lupin
  • T-Ara: Bo Peep Bo Peep
  • Shinee: RingDingDong
  • Teen Top: Clap
  • Miss A: Bad Girl, Good Girl
  • F(x): Nu Abo
  • 2n1: Can't Nobody
  • MBlaq: Oh yeah
  • 2PM: Without U
  • JYJ: Ayyy Girl
  • After School: Bang
  • Secret: Madonna
  • Lee Hyori: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Brown Eyed Girls: Abracadabra
  • Rain: Love Song
  • FT Island: Love Love Love
  • BoA: Hurricane Venus
  • CN Blue: Love
  • Beast: Breath
  • Supernova & T-ara: Time To Love
  • 2011 +plus comebacks
  • U-Kiss: Neverland
  • Infinite: Be mine
  • Orange Caramel: Shanghai Love
  • Sistar: So Cool