Park Jung Min Growing Up - Gif Set 1

The next member in my series of SS501 through the ages :) Here we have the sexy, charismatic Jung Min.  Love watching them grow into the amazing guys they are now <3

I will try to include links to the other gif sets for each member and links to the other members as they come out (so I will be editing the posts I have already posted to make it easier for you to view)

Kim Hyun Joong

Gif set 2

Gif set 3


[FANCAM] Young Saeng talking about SS501!

Translation by Firdaous Alhamadhania

“He talked about his future plans, musical… but he’s now making efforts the most in SS501’s 3 members project.. he said because the other 2 friends are in army, they will make a comeback as sub-unit first (he together with KyuJong & HyungJun).. he also said SS501 HAS NOT DISBANDED and that the members talk often about their comeback^0^ & they want to repay their fans who have waited for so long & gave them so much love & to whom they are so thankful^^
so SS501 (sub-unit) will release an album^^ make a comeback next year on January ^0^  but will release a teaser before!^^”

Moving forward, there are plans for variety shows, movie and musical. Currently working hard to prepare SS501 sub-unit’s activity. The other two members are in the military so… SS501 (definitely) has not ended. Will start together with Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong to prepare for SS501’s album. It’s really been a long time since doing activities with the members, as we have discussed this very often. Thus, January next year, (we will make a comeback), and will let everyone see the teaser by this year end.
—  Heo Young Saeng’s speech at Hello Again FM.
SS501 "U R Man" Trio Sub-Unit to Return in 2015

Good news for Triple S!

While SS501 will not be making a full comeback even though it’s their 10th anniversary, the trio sub-unit of the popular boyband formed in 2008 and released “U R Man” will return this year, 5 years after the group’s hiatus!

Are you looking forward to new music from Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun?


150829 허영생 팬미팅 [0829 : HELLO AGAIN] 허영생(Heo Young Saeng)(SS501) - When I Was Your Man cover.


Poll: Top 30 Most Popular Kpop Boy Groups of 2015 (>100,000 voters)

No.1 well deserved!!! :D


Kim Hyung Jun - Cross the Line (COMEBACK)