i know i’ll be busy with school when our dearest otp enlists (final high school exams FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE), soooo……. ya quick links for myself (an anyone else) to reach the beauty of these men yeeyayeayeahyaeah:

  1. watch growing pains
  2. watch don’t wake me up live
  3. READ THIS FIC (victims of …) AGAIN 
  4. AND THIS FIC TOO (nectarine sunsets)
  5. and this fic (on your shoulders) because of all the fluff
  6. watch these losers on one fine day (1) (2) (3)
  7. watch my fav otp stage performance (oh no @ ss4 omdfgoisfiadhkkfsd)
  9. revisit otp tag
  10. revisit donghae and hyukjae tag
  11. listen to ‘the beat goes on’ album fully
  13. cry
  14. cry 
  15. cry
  16. ok

Super Junior “Opera” SS4 in Paris. An incredible day that i will never forget 😍😂
Donghae 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Dear SM Entertainment,

you bought merged with Woollim - can you maybe send an intern over there and ask nicely who produces their concert DVDs and hire those exact same people? 

Maybe then for once your own concert dvds would have decent sound…

just a suggestion.

no love, 


anonymous asked:

I agree with your personal post. I've spent so many years as a happier person because of Super Junior, specifically Eunhyuk. If I can't say thank you, if I can't somehow show my appreciation before he goes, I'm not sure what I'll do.

I think at this point I’m just so desperate. I went to smtown la in 2012 and they were literally in the hotel next door but I wasn’t going to follow them so I kind of hoped for a miracle and that I would just see them while wondering around town and then there was ss4 where there is a video of Ryeowook saying they were coming to north america and they didnt and then nothing for ss5 and then for ss6 I actually had plane tickets for mexico for ss6 mexico and then it was cancelled and now kcon…

Their life can be so hard and draining, and we just want them to know that we appreciate them. While they are not responsible for keeping us happy, they has done stuff that have contributed to our happiness and that is a wonderful thing that I want them to know. And they should know that we care about their happiness too. Plus, you can tell that sometimes they think we won’t wait. I don’t know if Eunhyuk thinks he will have any fans when he comes back. But he will

Why is being able to say thank you too much to ask?

5: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/07/29(水)20:57:34 ID:ss4 枝野の批判が不適切
16: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/07/29(水)21:09:04 ID:ZCx 何故民主党は代案を出さないか?
17: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/07/29(水)21:09:52 ID:Y8r 安倍「わかりやすい説明をしろって言ったじゃん」
21: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/07/29(水)21:19:13 ID:8Wk >>17
20: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/07/29(水)21:15:52 ID:Y8r アメリカの弱体化はソ連の崩壊を上回る変化をもたらす
37: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/07/29(水)21:45:05 ID:avx 中国の危険性が明らかになると、集団的自衛権の必要性も周知されてしまうからなあ
38: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/07/29(水)21:46:23 ID:ZlD >>37
39: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/07/29(水)21:53:43 ID:jE5 ずっと中国って言わそうとしていた気がするのだけれど、いざ言ってもこれくらいしか言えないのか
40: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/07/29(水)21:54:31 ID:6Hu >>39
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Anne-Krystel (Secret Story 4) : La bombe rouquine se dénude pour ses bikinis !

Souvenez-vous, Anne-Krystel était l'une des belles plantes de “Secret Story 4”. Aujourd'hui, que devient la superbe rouquine venue tout droit du Canada ?Comment aurait-on pu oublier Anne-Krystel Goyer ? Si Amélie Neten et Stéphanie Clerbois étaient clairement les bombes blondes de la Maison des Secrets, la rouquine québécoise n'avait pas dit son dernier mot. Mais aujourd'hui qu'est-elle devenue ?

La pulpeuse jeune femme, venue tout droit du Canada, a depuis perdu les kilos en trop qu'elle avait accumulés pendant son séjour dans la Maison des Secrets et affiche un corps de rêve. Un corps qu'elle a décidé d'exhiber dans un ensemble de lingerie de sa propre marque. En effet, celle que l'on retrouvait quelques années après son passage dans SS4 dans le girlsband Az We R est aujourd'hui à la tête d'une maison de lingerie.

Entreprise canadienne fondée en 2011, la marque Anne-Krystel© se distingue par sa signature chic et moderne. Et c'est Anne-K, herself, qui prend la pose pour dévoiler ses modèles. Du sophistiqué corset au maillot de bain éclatant de bijoux, en passant par de somptueuses lingeries, chaque pièce de la collection est parfaitement pensée. Le designer Pascal Labelle ose la nouveauté en fusionnant les dernières technologies et le respect des rigoureux critères de celles qui savent reconnaître la qualité supérieure de confection.

Anne-K en profite pour dévoiler son corps de déesse dans un maillot de bain noir des plus sexy. Aux côtés de l'ancienne Secrétiste dans le catalogue, on retrouve également d'autres surperbes créatures.

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Clips from my upper body workout last night.
Getting definition is what I’m after so I’ve included some body weight only exercises and then some bar and cable machine work.
I like to superset my workouts to get more done in the time I have. Here is my workout from last night:

Ss1 - 10 x bench press (25kg) and 16 x reverse lunge with single arm row (in clip) x 3 sets

Ss2 - 8 x overhead press (20kg) and 12 x seated row (in clip) x 3 sets
Ss3 - 15 x bar push ups (in clip) and 10 x vertical chest to bar pull ups (in clip) x 3 sets

Ss4 - 8 x cable machine bicep curls and 10 x cable machine tricep curls
Sa5 - 16 x horizontal chop and 20 x Russian twists (8kg) x 3 sets