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Alya and Nino literally are Adrinette fandom’ voice :^)
Beside, we have to admit that Alya and Nino dance was amazing! The sync was just purrfect ❤ I guess that means they are canon now ❤❤
Uuuuuu I need some djwifi fanfics… now…… if u are kind enough please throw me some….
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When you find out that the picture you thought was a photoshop edit turns out to be something that actually happened.

(I acted the same way that Chat Noir acted in this scene when I realized that the Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 screenshot leak of Adrien & Marinette dancing together in the 2nd episode was real/not an edit. I then started fangirling like crazy.)

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shadowhuntersseason 2 › episode 15

That night on the promenade, when we first kissed, we made a vow. Remember? How can I forget? We promised that we would always be friends. No matter what. I’m a man of my word. When I make a vow, I uphold it. I can’t imagine a world without you, Fray. Me neither. But I need time. How much time? I’m not sure. Well, whenever you’re ready, I will be here. Always.

I love my fellow DC fans, I really do, but jeez sometimes i just wanna slap some sense into yall. You can’t fret every single wild rumor that some rando journalists plops out online. Especially for a movie that won’t come out for years. This is important so it’s worth repeating, Suicide Squad 2 is still in very early development. Nothing is set in stone. Studios approach several directors this early on before finding someone they like. Someone like Mel Gibson is used to total creative control, he would not mesh well within the blockbuster formula. This entire deal is dependent on Mel Gibson not being an egotistical shit heel, so make your bets. And if he does take the gig it’s still not the end of the world. You still have Gotham City Sirens, Wonder Woman, Black Adam/Shazam and the motherfuckin’ Justice League. I hate the Doctor Strange movie and everything it stands for but it’s not gonna stop me from enjoying Black Panther. Wonder Woman comes out in a few months, so I’m gonna celebrate and support that. You wanna send a big ol’ fuck you to an antisemitic, misogynistic asswipe? Let’s make a movie starring a jewish woman and directed by a woman bigger than anything he’ll ever be able to do in this genre and never let him forget it.

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