Like I’m not even trying to shit on Sasusaku or anything, it’s my OTP I love this ship with all my heart but maybe I’m missing something? Because I just can’t find anything that tells me why Sakura likes Sasuke. Like I understand why he likes her, it’s even hinted to in the final chapters. When he remembers that image of him and his family the first time before he says that “perhaps she is holding on to ties of a broken past.” He imagined his family when he thought of how much she loved him because her love and desperation to connect with him reminds him of his family and the love they had for him and then after his fight with Naruto he even explains how team 7 was like a family to him and that he loved him. His love for Sakura was just a romantic love and if it wasn’t at the time it develops into one. And I get that, that love has a bases, it’s explained. But Sakura? Why does she love him? What is the bases of her love for him? I know that she does love him, she loves him a lot but why? We know that her crush on him that she had when she was younger developed into actual love but why? He infatuation with his cool demeanor she had before wasn’t the real thing but it became the real thing, but why? And even if it wasn’t just and infatuation and it was the real thing all along (but it isn’t, even Kakashi said her love for him has evolved.) but if it was why? What did she see in him that made her have these strong feelings of real love and create the bond that she had for him? It wasn’t that he was nice to her because he wasn’t, she even said that she thought he hated her, so why? Did she connect to him somehow? Over what? What is she connecting to? It’s already been established that she can’t connect to his pain and loneliness because she’s never experienced that before, she’s never experienced losing all of her ties, she’s always had friends and family that love her. So what is it that she understands about Sasuke that makes her love him? Like her love for him literally shaped the person that she is today and inspired her to become stronger but what started that love that made her endure so much and inspire her to become strong in the first place? Did he inspire her to become her own person and to stop hiding in Ino’s shadow? Did his strength and abilities inspire her to work on her own abilities? Does she just have this overwhelming need to take care of people and saw that he needed the most care? Like I would take all of those explanations but none of those are ever given as the reasons. Yeah she stepped out of Ino’s shadow because of her infatuation with him but it was just infatuation and we know it was just infatuation because of the very obvious character development she goes through in her feelings for him as they become closer on team 7 and she grows to try to understand him a bit more. And again if it wasn’t infatuation and it was the real thing then, why would Kishi write Kakashi saying that her love for him has changed and what would have even sparked that love in the first place when she was young? Like I just need Kishi to explain this. Idk maybe I’m missing something but I honestly cannot think of a single reason for her side of the bond between them, when everyone else has a reason for their bond. Naruto connected to him because he was alone like he was and because he saw him as his rival (plus the whole being brothers in a past life thing too.) and Kakashi had a bond with him because Sasuke reminded him of himself when he was younger. And Sasuke had a bond with Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura because Team 7 reminded him of the love his family had for him and helped to fill that void in his heart. But Sakura? What is team 7 giving her that she doesn’t already have? What if the foundation of the connection she has with Sasuke? Sakura’s bond with Sasuke is one of the main bonds focused on in the story but it just not explained. Like Kishi please explain I need to know.

Edit since people keep saying this: I know Kishi wrote Kakashi saying love doesn’t need a reason. But it seems like a lame excuse for not giving Sakura a reason because the line that love doesn’t need a reason is only applicable to Sakura’s end of the bond for Sasuke. The idea that love doesn’t need a reason is negated by the fact that he has taken the time to give every other character who’s bond is focused a reason for that strong bond. He gives every single one of them a reason for their love. All except Sakura who is the only character to not fit that pattern. Even Hinata is given a reason for liking Naruto and Naruto a reason for liking her (because they both give each other strength) Now i’m not trying to say their love is better or more important I’m just simply using them for an example of this pattern that Kishi set for chatacter’s whose bond is focused on to support the other examples I gave above. By going into detail to painstakingly give all these character’s reasons to love each other it makes extremely confusing for why he would not give Sakura one and then say a reason is not actually needed. Like Sasuke puts her through A LOT but she got through it because of her love for him and I just want to know what sparked that strong love that allowed her to go through that.

To conclude, I love Sasusaku, I really do. I just don’t understand why Kishi did not give Sakura a foundation for her love like he painstakingly did for all the other characters. I just want to know the reason behind this and I am posting this if anyone sees a reason that I might have missed. I just want to know the foundation for the very strong and very deep love she has for him and the fact that Kishi gave everyone else reasons makes me wonder why Sakura did not need one. Is her love supposed to be stronger than everyone else’s because it does not have a reason/foundation? But if that’s the case then why was it Naruto who was able to save him? Like I just wish it was explained a bit more is all.

You guys don’t have to keep replying to this post it’s okay I figured it out.