Problem 1: Sakura doesn’t look happy at all!
Look at what she thought to herself “you’re gonna keep me waiting” and her deep SLUMP in the last panel.

Problem 2: Sasuke is leaving AGAIN and he didn’t even bothered to bid farewell to Sakura, his wife, properly. He only said it to Sarada. I really fail to see the “unconditional love” between Sasusaku here.

Problem 3: Sasuke’s probable smirk in the bottom panel.
Some SS shippers said that Sasuke was teasing Sakura. MERELY TEASING Sakura and that it’s supposed to be cute or whatever. Affectionate teasing ONLY works when the other party is still able to feel the affection and joy and the party who did the teasing would do something sweet to make up for the teasing.
But did Sasuke do anything??! Kishi could easily made it like Sasuke leaving with a smirk and then somehow appearing in front of Sakura again and give her a goodbye kiss or a hug or whatever. But NO!
Next, Sakura clearly did not derived any joy or affection from the teasing. Look at her deep slouch!! She looked utterly depressed!!

And what caught my attention while scrolling through the anti Sasusaku tag, I saw lots of anti Sakura posts because people felt that Sakura was spineless and self centered (ever since the last Gaiden chapter came out of Karin letting Sasuke go). It’s so sad because Sakura is technically supposed to be the heroine of the series. And Kishi basically butchered her character and relegated her back to her immature, boy crazy 12 year old self.
That’s so sad. I’m not a hard core Sakura fan, but I felt that she deserved better.
So much better.

Kishi really sucks at writing romance and females. He should just spare the manga/anime fans from anymore bad romance and female writing . Just retire from manga and live off the money u made from Naruro.

Why do people in the naruto community care soooo much about who fucked who.

Like why can’t you just be Happy for the characters? Why can’t you see the characters development? Why should it matter if a female had a sexual relationship? Why dies that determine her worth? Why do you like to compare completely different characters together? Especially when they have not relationship at all. Why can’t you be satisfied with a Happy ending. Why can’t you see that you wishing bad things on a fictional character? What does that say about you?

Be happy for her. At least acknowledge that the character developed in a good, positive manner. I’m tired of all the unnecessary hate. Calm yourself. It’s over.

This could go for Sakura, Karin or any of the Naruto females.

ok just because some ss fans aren’t happy with gaiden’s plot does not mean that they are no longer pro ss. maybe these people don’t want to settle with mediocrity (just sayin’).

however if you claim to be an ss fan, and use gaiden to actively shit on the ss fandom and sasusaku in general, then you need to take multiple seats. lol bye.

* see’s ss shithead cross-tagging and ranting/bitching about how can people ship sk/ns/sns/is and saying how “disgusting” those ships are*

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how about you look at what you ship before you start bitching and ranting about what others ship or about others shipping preferences.

go do that, before you start whining and bitching about sns/ns/sk/is.

am i the only one who is finding these sudden bitchy articles about Larry very suspicious? someone somewhere is up to something and i think they’re messing with the wrong fan base.

and they have no right to use RockitRocket’s art without her permission, i hope they don’t get away with this, its bullying and getting Larry shippers even more hate, didn’t Louis say he loved all the fans no matter what? plus he fucking hates The Mirror anyway so if they ship him and another guy together he shouldn’t care, if his relationship was so perfect it shouldn’t bother him (i understand she gets hate) Ziam never bothered Liam or Zayn (as far as i know) and Louis shouldn’t be so god damn rude. us fans love him to death we made him the rich fucker he is today and hepled him and his band mates do all the things he can do, and when people say Louis “hates us” if he actually said that then im losing respect for him, along with the “bullshit” tweet, flipping fans off, disgusting DM’s to Larry shippers “no time for you, bye” excuse you, don’t get me wrong i love Louis, but at the same time a part of me just hates him for that,

the mirror article is just rude, stupid and extreme bullshit, if Larry “isn’t real” why is everyone really trying to prove it wrong, it just makes no sense, just the let the shippers, draw, write and fantasize about what they want, fucking hell grow up and go write articles about things that DON’T incourage bulling on other people.

To all of anons that send me messages:

PLEASE STOP with the “Karin is the mother of Sarada??? Why Kishi could made this??? I feel upset blahblahblah”

I dunno if you are a troll or something but If you really want answers, simple like that: Don’t trust in any info like wikia (any person can edit info and not always it’s 100% reliable) and you should search official info to the WSJ or Kishi’s interviews.

Seriously I’m really tired for the people that are still doubting about that bullshit of maternity and filling my inbox with spam, really STOP it, isn’t funny.


Do not talk to me! I opened youtube and found this video. I’m in a fragile state.…

anonymous asked:

If you think bashing people for believing in a pairing from a FICTIONAL STORY is okay, then you need to go back to your mother because your not that far from killing people for not believing in your religion, also known as ISIS

What the fuck is your problem?

You compare me to a terrorist group who beheads people for the hell of it for hating on a stupid shitty  pairing? Maybe you’re the one who needs help for being so obsessed with a FICTIONAL pairing that you stalk people who clearly HATE it. Get it through your thick fucking skull. PEOPLE HATE SASUSAKU. Don’t get butthurt because people hate this horrible excuse for a pairing.

Fuck off SStard.

Go preach your bullshit to someone who gives a shit.

Honestly, this is why the SS fans are so hated, SMH.