I am so damn tired of hearing/seeing the argument, “You ship sns just because you want to see two guys fuck.”


If I wanted to see two guys fuck, I’d simply read/watch some BL drama. Honestly, when it comes to SNS, I don’t need to see them kiss. Kishi could’ve taken that kiss out in the beginning and it still wouldn’t have made a difference to me. I don’t need to see them hug. I don’t need to see them get married. I don’t care if they never share any sort of intimate contact.

I ship them because there is more meaning and passion behind every single moment, every glance, and every word share between each other than there is with their “beloved wives.” I ship them because they understand each other on a level no one else can. I ship them because they are soulmates who will be reborn over and over again and be given the chance to find and love each other again and again. I ship them because they LOVE each other.

You can twist facts all you want, change their Wikipedia profiles, and scream about how your ship is canon but it does not negate the fact that Naruto and Sasuke have and always will love each other. And they are each other’s most precious person.

You say all SNS shippers ship them because we wanna see two guys fuck? What about your ship? You only ship it because it’s a hetero pairing. What if Hinata and Sakura were both guys? Would you still ship them with Naruto and Sasuke? If their ships were same sex pairings, would you still ship them?

If you can’t, then shut up with your generalizations of the people in the SNS fandom because I guarantee you that most of us DO NOT ship it based on something as trivial as gender. We ship it based on chemistry, dynamic, emotion and the simple fact that Naruto and Sasuke come alive around each other.

That said, thank you and good day!

I’d like to state for the record that I’m okay with being wrong about Larry.

I mean… I’m not.

But if I am, I’ll graciously wish them well. After they explain those fucking tattoos.

Reading articles about Harry’s relationship denial today:

Fans everywhere rejoice as they learn the boybander is still single!

It’s finishing 2015, 1 year has passed since the manga is over and 5 months since Gaiden is over and still there are people doubting about SS marriage because they aren’t wearing rings or in the manga didn’t show their wedding??

Are they really serious??? :-/

Over time, Kishi showed that SS was the only pairing in the manga that he has developed since the beginning with their special bond and after to the ending, he did exclusively 10 chapters for the SSS family showing them that they’re a family with a strong feeling of love that keeps connected despite obstacles. And they are a happy family after all, even Kishi is mentioning their love bond as a “real thing” to shut up all of malicious comments.

It’s really ridiculous, even with all these proofs showed in canon, they want a ring or a shoujo scene to demostrate their marriage. What else wants these people???, their situation it’s more than explained, an advice: reread the manga and the 10 chapters of Gaiden to understand the essence and connection of SS, it’s more, a simple gesture like the forehead poke means more than words to express the real love that they have.

That page “confessnaruto” it’s getting worse, instead to install in a neutral position, every moment and every day I see in the tag SasuSaku, confessions “Anti-SS” saying that SS was the worst thing that happened in the manga.

Now, I think the worst thing that ever happened in this manga is the fandom or the called “tards” that have an obsession for throwing hatred in a fictional characters or relationship, creating bullshit theories and impose their opinion insulting immaturely everything, incluiding the manga author for make certain pairing canon. It’s annoying that some people still act like children for a manga. If they don’t like the ending, can be respectable with solid arguments instead to give bullshit around pairings.

am i the only one who is finding these sudden bitchy articles about Larry very suspicious? someone somewhere is up to something and i think they’re messing with the wrong fan base.

and they have no right to use RockitRocket’s art without her permission, i hope they don’t get away with this, its bullying and getting Larry shippers even more hate, didn’t Louis say he loved all the fans no matter what? plus he fucking hates The Mirror anyway so if they ship him and another guy together he shouldn’t care, if his relationship was so perfect it shouldn’t bother him (i understand she gets hate) Ziam never bothered Liam or Zayn (as far as i know) and Louis shouldn’t be so god damn rude. us fans love him to death we made him the rich fucker he is today and hepled him and his band mates do all the things he can do, and when people say Louis “hates us” if he actually said that then im losing respect for him, along with the “bullshit” tweet, flipping fans off, disgusting DM’s to Larry shippers “no time for you, bye” excuse you, don’t get me wrong i love Louis, but at the same time a part of me just hates him for that,

the mirror article is just rude, stupid and extreme bullshit, if Larry “isn’t real” why is everyone really trying to prove it wrong, it just makes no sense, just the let the shippers, draw, write and fantasize about what they want, fucking hell grow up and go write articles about things that DON’T incourage bulling on other people.