am i the only one who is finding these sudden bitchy articles about Larry very suspicious? someone somewhere is up to something and i think they’re messing with the wrong fan base.

and they have no right to use RockitRocket’s art without her permission, i hope they don’t get away with this, its bullying and getting Larry shippers even more hate, didn’t Louis say he loved all the fans no matter what? plus he fucking hates The Mirror anyway so if they ship him and another guy together he shouldn’t care, if his relationship was so perfect it shouldn’t bother him (i understand she gets hate) Ziam never bothered Liam or Zayn (as far as i know) and Louis shouldn’t be so god damn rude. us fans love him to death we made him the rich fucker he is today and hepled him and his band mates do all the things he can do, and when people say Louis “hates us” if he actually said that then im losing respect for him, along with the “bullshit” tweet, flipping fans off, disgusting DM’s to Larry shippers “no time for you, bye” excuse you, don’t get me wrong i love Louis, but at the same time a part of me just hates him for that,

the mirror article is just rude, stupid and extreme bullshit, if Larry “isn’t real” why is everyone really trying to prove it wrong, it just makes no sense, just the let the shippers, draw, write and fantasize about what they want, fucking hell grow up and go write articles about things that DON’T incourage bulling on other people.

Never ever will I believe that the clique is just trying to defend their ship and trying to get justice for it. Anyone thinking that is just lying to themselves. They’re rude to their own fandom if their opinion is different from theirs. Do those possibly sound like good people to you? 98% of you are awesome, but SS doesn’t deserve that 2% that seems to be obnoxiously louder than anyone else in the fandom.


Do not talk to me! I opened youtube and found this video. I’m in a fragile state.…

cari28ch3-me asked:

I don't want more ship wars to happen either as I have no reason to pit NH and SS against each other, sadly not every fan seems to feel that way :/

Here’s the thing. We all know what get’s under the other ship’s skin, we all know what to say and how to say it. SS and NH have been flying parallel too long to not know what we both have gone through, how we both have been attacked and offended, and what buttons NOT to push. Any fan with a decent following from either side could start a whole lot of shit if they wanted to, just by saying the bullshit below that starts these kind of problems and trips triggers from people who like and care about their ship:

Sasuke does not love Sakura, that’s why he left her. 

Sasuke is assexual/homosexual and is only with her to make Uchiha spawn. 

Naruto does not love Hinata, he liked Sakura for 699 chapters. 

Naruto never had any romantic feelings for Hinata. Naruto never cared she existed.

Hinata is weak and pathetic, she should go and knit.

Sakura is weak and pathetic, she’s just a doormat. 

NaruHina is lame and underdeveloped. 

SasuSaku is abusive.

Boruto is better than Sarada. 

Sarada is better than Boruto. 

Hinata is stronger than Sakura. 

Hinata never does anything. 

NaruHina has more kids, therefore, they are better than SasuSaku.

SasuSaku has more development, therefore, they are better than NaruHina.

 All of it bullshit, yet all of it people use when these ship wars start. It shows how stupid they are. 

And, sadly, fans from both sides have exploited these sensitive points on. Right now, it’s the kid swap thing that Kishi/SP are doing with Sasuke and Boruto and Naruto and Sarada. 

This idea, while cute in theory, no one likes as is it takes away the father from each kid. 

This is why everyone is comparing the techniques and qualities of Boruto and Sarada so much and it really is just sick and needs to stop. I honestly LOVE that Boruto has that piece of his mother in him, just as much as I’m happy that Sarada has Sakura’s strength and chakra control. And my guess is that since they’re both rivals, they will be pretty evenly matched. LIKE SASUKE AND NARUTO! But, no, fans can’t just accept that!! No! They have to be insecure about SOMETHING. Whether it be Boruto having three techniques, Naruto spending more time with Sarada, Sasuke being Boruto’s master, Sarada getting more screen time than Boruto in Gaiden… It’s all stupid af and not needed. 

This is getting right back to the core of NH v SS, which is as always Sakura v Hinata. It’s stupid, pointless, and like comparing lilies and roses. People have no need to tread on each other’s toes, and say shit THEY KNOW the other fandom will take offensively, just because they are feeling insecure about something.