top 10 gamer failures
  1. calling the rings in sonic the hedgehog “coins”
  2. thinking rayman flies with his ears rather than his hair
  3. calling link “metroid”
  4. thinking mario 65 will come out one day
  5. duke nukem
  6. when megaman touches a spike…oof that’s gotta sting!
  7. trying to use strength on the ss anne truck to try and find mew but you push it so hard that it falls into the water and drowns ; (
  8. when you can’t get a “high score” or get to the “next level”
  9. 25 years in gamer jail.
  10. i don’t know how to pronounce “mario”
a long list of my favorite pokemon headcanons

wrote ‘em up cause I’m bored, which is how most of my posts come to be.

these are in no specific order. some were def inspired by other people. links provided for further info on a few of ‘em.

uhh… yeah. I did say it was a long list. I was really bored.