ss wadi


37. Wadi

from Cartoon Network’s The Secret Saturdays.

Wadi may only be in three episodes of this show, but the fact that she is the only recurring Muslim character in an American cartoon ever (or as far as I could find, if someone finds anyone else, tell me asap!) is something worth noting (note that there was a cartoon called The 99 with an almost entirely Muslim cast, but it never aired in the United States).

Wadi is the love interest to the main character of the series, which gives her the standard amount of backlash from fans. But unlike occasional love-interest-types, she has a totally fresh personality and the writing around her avoids all possible clichés.

Wadi is not just a troublemaker; she’s a kleptomaniac, she’s hard-headed, competitive, and sassy. But it doesn’t stop her from focusing on the mission at hand. She’s fun and easy to love and, honestly, feels very unique.