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     it had been darkly amusing to get the “call” that he had. rather, it wasn’t a call but a meeting – alex had been approached by some men in black, and he had been… asked to join their organisation. alex had, of course, refused, but then they had threatened the lives of sabina, edward, and liz pleasure, and so alex did agree to join them, but he had a different idea in mind. rather than join them genuinely, he’d take down the organisation. 

     ( although, he’d’ve thought after what happened to scorpia, they would have rather taken him out than take him in. )

     he had placed a call to joe byrne for more information on the organisation, who was now director of the covert actions division of the cia, since he’d rather not deal with mi6 more than he had to, and joe byrne had directed him to japan to one kudō shinichi and given him a file that gave him the basic rundown on the other male, and alex had to admit at being impressed solving cases until he was sixteen and an attack drove him to stay underground where he spent some years attempting, and then succeeding, to take down the black organisation along with the cia, fbi, and, apparently, his cousin edogawa conan who was a child. ( and alex thought that HE had been young. ) 

     apparently, he, along with edogawa conan, were the leading experts of the black organisation, but the cia no longer observed edogawa conan in the way they still did kudō shinichi ( possibly due to his age ? while the cia hadn’t shied away from using a fourteen year old boy or even, alex supposes, an primary schooler they couldn’t be cold enough to keep interfering with an eight year old’s life, not with joe byrne in power ). 

     so, here alex was in japan, about to meet kudō shinichi, the sherlock holmes of the east, apparently. he hasn’t noticed anyone following him, nor has he felt that pinprick on the back of his neck he gets when someone does follow him or watch him. still, just in case kudō is being watched, the front door would be too obvious an entrance to go through, and most people didn’t bother to keep a watch on windows since they were a least obvious mode of entry and exit. 

     luckily for him, the windows were above balconies that every apartment seemed to have and they were on the back of the building, facing an unpopulated alleyway. the only danger here was, well, getting noticed by the people in the buildings behind him, but it was late enough at night that it was unlikely that anyone would be up to see him. so, he climbs up, perfectly silent, until he reaches the balcony that he knows belongs to kudō, and, standing on the balcony’s bars, he jimmies the lock of one of the windows closest to the balcony and slides in, still perfectly quiet ( aside from the click of the lock when alex gets it open ), and closes the window behind him. 

     while he doesn’t know much about eastern culture ( he knows more of the european cultures, like, spain, france, and italy ), alex does know that wearing shoes while inside the house is considered rude, so he slips them off and is left with his bare socks while still in the room that he snuck into ( which, considering what it looks like in the dark with a desk and a bookshelf, seems to be an office ). 

     now, time to ( hopefully ) not get shot by kudō…

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Have you ever seen those fan arts of Sasuke acting super loving and caring with his wife and family and then being super rude and mean to naruto and pushing him away bc, i guess, he want to be with his family and he finds naruto annoying or something. It's just so out of character that it's funny

Bruh, about 100% of canon-verse SS fan creations of any sort are highly OOC.  They’re forced to be like that because if you went by manga Sasuke’s behavior and personality, SS and their family make no sense whatsoever and their reality is so….pathetic/tragic/strange(?) so of course fans have to change him entirely to make it work. 

But yeah it’s funny. It’s funny because all the romantic tropes that Sasuke’s ever actively been in involves naruto, only time he’s ever been emotional is around naruto, and the one that he repeatedly canonically calls annoying is Sakura. Romantic or not, he clearly loves naruto very much, but w/e fans are allowed to imagine anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On another note though, something that’s weird to me is when sns artists draw or edit pics with Sasuke doing the forehead poke to Naruto like????? y’all that’s not a good thing, at all, not something you would want him to do to Naruto. That would mean pushing naruto away, which after their final fight, he didnt do. Naruto’s the only one he didnt cut off and kept in contact with when he isolated himself from everyone else (including his family).  

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ah behold my most ridiculous of headcanons. Most of these come from my own little ‘post SS/bonded sword’ verse. Also summons the 'ghirahim has his own magnificent abode trope for convenient use.

  • Because Ghirahim’s moods are so unpredictable and he tends to hide most of his emotions behind his ego, Link has learned to figure them out by Ghirahim’s eating habits, since Ghirahim doesn’t actually need to eat. His choice in cuisine tends to change depending on what’s going on in his head. For example, when Ghirahim is feeling particularly good after a great shag about something, he demands the most ridiculous delicacies available. His favourite is Mogma meat which Link is repulsed by. When Ghirahim is in a particularly bad mood, he becomes impatient and can’t be bothered with all the fineries, so he resorts to readily available food that takes no time to prepare. Like the demon equivalent of two minute noodles. When he’s brooding, he hardly eats at all. Suffice to say he barely ate anything the entire time he was chasing down Zelda, because he was so pissed off.
  • When the sword was initially bound to Link, Ghirahim managed to make him think that Link could only control the sword, and that his needs or wants had no sway over the demon himself. It wasn’t until they had a fight and Link ordered Ghirahim to get out of his sight (causing Ghirahim to forcibly retreat into the sword) that Link realised he’d fallen for it. He’s never quite gotten over that.
  • Some of Ghirahim’s nature changes depending on the nature of his master at the time. With Demise as his master, Ghirahim was much more bloodthirsty and not above killing anything and everything that got in his way (besides Link, obviously). With Link, he’s mellowed somewhat. While he’s still capable of flying into a blinding fury at the drop of a hat, Link’s easygoing attitude means he tends to resort to trickery and clever traps to get what he wants, rather than mass homicide. 
  • Before the bonding, Link was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to wield the blade at all because of the sheer size of the stupid thing. When they actually performed the ritual, they realised the blade had reshaped itself to be more fitting to it’s new master. While the hilt and pommel retained the same shape as it had as Demise’s weapon, the blade itself became thinner and sleeker, resembling the master sword (much to Ghirahim’s disgust). The whole thing also diminished in size so Link could easily utilise it with one hand. 
  • Link is trying to learn Ghirahim’s native language. It provides the demon with hours of fun because Link is so bad at it. 
  • Zelda is aware of what the blade Link now carries actually is, but she never says anything. The other Skyloft residents have no idea because they never saw it save for Groose, who was too concerned with Zelda’s wellbeing when Demise first appeared. Groose never took the time to observe Ghirahim’s original blade closely enough.
  • The only time Link actively orders Ghirahim around is when they’re getting it on. They both get little thrills of pleasure out of it.

I really am gonna have to turn this thing into a proper fic, ain’t I.


My LOZ:SS oc in 2012 verses redrawing her in 2017 lmfao

SO like

I know my improvement isn’t *phenomenal* persay, but I am pretty happy of where I am now verses where I used to be! However I will always favor absurd colors

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While Brenda was lazily flying about a loftwing flew up to her and it's rider stole it's wallet and flew of. ''Come and get me!'' He yelled, loving a good chase.

The violet loftwing was gently flying over the clouds, it was a nice day. Until her rider’s wallet got stolen by someone. “Hey!” the purple haired girl yelled before she had her loftwing give chase

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You went into that argument entirely on the defensive, and I think you missed that the op had some honest points. they don't ship ss in the manga verse anymore, because tbh sasuke isn't the kind of person that should be in a relationship right now. currently, he's not kind to sakura, and still has a lot to figure out personally before i think he'd be capable of being a partner for anyone. i love ss, but i wouldn't want it canon yet either

Let me get this straight for you: Sasuke is going to be who he is for a very long time. He is always going to be troubled by his trauma. He is always going to be inadvertently sensitive sometimes. He is always going to struggle a little with expressing himself emotionally. This is what happens when someone has been through as much as Sasuke has. If you then turn around and say “Sasuke isn’t the kind of person that should be in a relationship right now,” why even say that he should be in any type of relationship at all? Sasuke is not discriminatory, so his at times misguided behaviour will affect everyone. He might as well be alone.

And this is the major flaw in your statement. You think that just because someone has been through trauma and is battling through it, they should not be in a relationship. Frankly, I don’t think that’s much logic at all, especially when Sasuke has ended up the person he is due to a loss of love. You cannot expect Sasuke to get “better” if he does not have love around him. Also, you seem to think Sasuke cannot be kind to Sakura just because of one instance in one chapter. If you apparently love SS, it appears you have forgotten all the times Sasuke has been kind to Sakura. Sasuke can be kind. He just needs support. The last thing he needs is a lack of faith. 

“Considering your currently standing right there and talking faster than a Gilmore Girl I would say it’s just beating really fast.”

“Okay well in that case, maybe I should go run it off. I think that it would—” 

She stopped for a moment, thinking about what Felicity said and she turned back towards the other woman. “What is a Gilmore Girl?  I’ve never heard of that— Ever!”