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  • -the new Uchiha family is approaching Konoha, Kakashi and Naruto are waiting for them at the gates-
  • Sakura: I can see them! Look! (starts waving) They even got us balloons!
  • Sasuke: (gently rocking Sarada) Balloons?
  • Sakura: Yeah! It looks like there's something written on them. Maybe "Welcome, baby Sarada"? So thoughtful! What do the balloons say, Sasuke-kun, can you see?
  • Sasuke: (activates Sharingan) ...I'm not sure they bought the kind of balloons you'd like, Sakura...
  • text on the balloons: *Congrats on the sex!!*

Hi @spicycajunart - you’re my secret Santa for the Voltron ss exchange! I went with general team bonding! they’ve all dropped off after a slumber party :3 sorry it’s more post - shinanigans, but I hope you still enjoy! Happy Holidays!!!


How Team 7 is a collective hallucination of Naruto fandom  - or - a poetic story of how Sakura killed Team 7 and became the most hated character of them all

First of all, Team 7 is overly romanticized by the fandom, thats for sure. Team 7 is the most dysfunctional team out of them all, but people do tend to overlook this fact and praise it as some kind of irreplaceable ideal in the life of every member of that team (sometimes even as an ideal for other teams as well). There are reasons for that. Team 7 was presented to us as the center of the story, center of the universe that was slowly unfolding before our eyes. We also had our expectations because of Naruto’s genre, we knew that this was the story about bonds, so we expected all the main characters to become inseparable like one true family. We saw what we wanted to see. 

Funny thing is that it never happened. (I don’t know the author of this awesome pic,sry)

There was this amazing bond between Naruto and Sasuke and later on there was a strong bond between Naruto and Sakura, but those two bonds are not Team 7, they didn’t even coincide in time. Team 7 dynamic was crooked and skew, Team 7 never looked genuinely whole and the reason for that was probably Sakura. From the very start she was an oddball in the ninja universe - a cocky girl with no special ability, who was more interested in her hair and love than fighting, who had no ambitions and no resolve. It looked like she was a traveler, who had just stepped out of the portal from another world with no wars and no tragedy. Her calm background was not even nearly enough to explain how she grew up this way. She was ignorant on a whole new level to the point where she seemed delusional and straight inadequate.This was the first nail in her coffin- Kishimoto wanted her to be more “realistic” but all he manged to do is create a character that seemed out of place, seemed non-organic to the world of blood and tension she was born into AND alien to other characters that surrounded her (Hinata actually was very organic, see what I’m explaining here?). And Sakura wasn’t even humble to smooth her way out of it, she was bossy and demanding, constantly stressing the rough stitches with which she was sewn to the story. Ino was somewhat the same, but she was not focused on as much, she had a very special ability and she was also given a beauty point when she saved Sakura from bullying (labeling Sakura as average in beauty department was also a great move from Kishi, gj!). Actually Sakura’s “rebellion” against Ino was put into such a sexist context that it looked nothing but petty in contrast to all other rivalries we had in the manga.

Basically Sakura had a false start, but her further progress was even more dramatic. She became a true scapegoat for Kishimoto, who needed an easy tool to vivify the plot - she was written to be a weak crybaby to contrast boys and highlight their strength, she was written as an aggressive bitch to make Naruto’s struggle even more prominent, she was written as a shallow idiot to highlight Sasuke’s maturity. And just like that not only was she despised by the readers from the get go, she couldn’t possibly be respected by Sasuke and was a bitch to Naruto, ignoring him most of the time.She couldn’t possibly be integrated in Team 7, but formally was its part, so she became this wedge in the natural flow that prevented Team 7 from becoming whole. It was simply too late as Kishimoto has used her for far too long. I argue that if Sakura was a bit less fangirly towards Sasuke (aka not chase him away and anger him) and a little bit more patient with Naruto (aka not push him away from every scene to be alone with Sasuke) we would have gotten the above picture in the manga, but it didn’t happen. How could we get a steady shot of the three if one was chased away and the other one pushed away? Kakashi was also kind of on the sides, but at least he had a reason to be, he was a superior. When Sakura finally became a warrior and cured her short-sightedness a bit, Sasuke was gone. And then the glorious “nostalgia-period” began. 

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This is from an Instagram account that Louis follows. It struck me.

Rose and Dagger, strong and bold.

Will of Iron:

Heart of Gold:

My headcanons of the new Uchiha and the Uzumaki families

Okay I’m very excited to finally post the thoughts about my OTPs and the love childs.:D 

  • Sarada is an ultimate daddy’s girl
  • Sasuke and Sakura are overprotective of Sarada 
  • Sasuke doesn’t want any boy near her little princess, while Sakura doesn’t mind it as long as she tells her everything about it
  • The bond between Sasuke and Sakura are as strong as ever and living in a loving marriage life (SARADA WAS NOT MADE BY A SASUKE CLONES NOR SHE IS KARIN’S DAUGHTER SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF)
  • Anyway… Sarada will want to grow out her hair like her mama’s when she was young
  • She might be a daddy’s girl, but she wants to be strong and beautiful just like her mama 
  • Bolt calls Sarada ‘Sara-chan’ or ‘Salad-chan’
  • Bolt and Salad will be dating
  • Himawari HAS the byakugan, while Bolt doesn’t. 
  • Himawari uses the Hyuuga techniques, while Bolt relies on senjutsu, rasengan and shadow clones.
  • Very surprising but Bolt’s element is lighting
  • As Himawari’s wind
  • Himawari is a huge pervert 
  • Bolt may look and act like his father a lot, but he also has Hinata’s traits of being quiet and not being that hyperactive
  • Bolt doesn’t want to be a Hokage because ‘it’s a boring job’
  • However Sarada does, she wants to be the first Uchiha who became a Hokage 
  • She also will try to change Konoha and continue rebuild the Uchiha clan
  • All Bolt, Salad and Himawari ADORE Uncle Kakashi
  • They all saw Kakashi’s face
  • Salad is very curious about her Uncle Itachi but doesn’t wanna burden her papa by talking about him openly, so she asks a few small questions from time to time and then Sasuke starts to speak a lot about Itachi
  • Himawari’s first crush was her Uncle Sasuke - to the annoyance of Naruto
  • The Uchiha and the Uzumaki family have dinner in every fortnight 
  • Sasuke and Naruto are better friends than ever and the same goes for Hinata and Sakura
  • Himawari wants to learn medical ninjutsu, whereas Salad rather learn Sharingan jutsus. She still knows high level medical jutsu, because Sakura didn’t let her be a kunoichi without it.
  • Salad is a perfect mixture of her parents. 
  • Salad enjoys ramen in secret but she doesn’t wanna tell her papa.
  • Salad had her first kiss with Bolt (by accident)
  • Salad sees Himawari as her little sister and they have lots of sleepover, where they invite ChouChou too.
  • Salad will become just as beautiful as her mama with having those gorgeous traits from the Uchiha. Also she has a toned body and bigger boobs than Sakura.
  • Same goes for Himawari, however she is a little bit shy with her body just like Hinata was.
  • Sasuke doesn’t like Naruto’s mini dobe around her precious little princess.
  • Naruto will feed any boy to Kurama who try to date Himawari
  • Salad will have both the Sharingan and the seal. 
  • She sees Tsunade as her grandmother and master in the same time. 
  • Kakashi usually babysits, while the parents are away.
  • Team Taka comes to visit Salad; she likes to laugh at Suigetsu’s jokes, have a calm talk with Juugo and she doesn’t mind Karin.
  • SuiKarin did happen
  • Bolt is very protective over Himawari but he hardly sees her ‘grown up’ even when they are 16, so he treats her as ‘baby sister’.
  • However when the first boy tried to ask her on a date, he got Rasenganned by Bolt. 
  • Salad is way overprotective of her baby brother and tries to teach her jutsus when he is 1 year old (with not much result)

That’s all I can think right now XD Thank you for reading and forever PROTECT THEM PRECIOUS BABIES <3

Kishimoto’s injustice on Suigetsu

I always believed that Suigetsu was one of the most fun and cool characters in the story.

Shark water boy with magneto powers to manipulate water, which dreams on becoming the best swordsman in the world and rebuilding the seven swordsman on top of fulfilling a promise that he made to his dead older brother. On top of that he carriers a buster blade, I mean seriously what more could you ask?
Besides he is likeable as fuck, a total bro that never abandoned his friends, its the voice of the reader and was the only one to give straight answers, no bullshit.
Instead of fighting kisame which was foreshadowed! Kisame goes to fight Gai for a 3rd time. Seriously what was that obsession?

Suigetsu didnt even get to meet his brother and the seven swordsmen zombies which was an even bigger missed oportunity. Let alone the war arc was god awful since Kishi went re-using and recycling characters rather than making new ones.

I find it extremely unfair that he never got a proper one on one fight, we never got to see his backstory in illustration “nor none of taka’s for that matter” he doesnt even become the mizukage!!! Instead they put a smaller fry that no one cares as the one in charge.

And also we didnt even got a Suigetsu Jr! Seriously kishi why not just put him with dazzling christmas cake Mei Terumi Mizukage? I remember eagerly reading week after week hoping that Suigetsu would meet Mei Terumi to see what they would talk about or what would happen or their reactions. Perhaps we would see an insight of their past? Mei was the only Kage that we never got to see nor knew her background.

If they had a kid then that kid should be named Sherbet! And use water genjutsu powers similar to those of his ancestor Gengetsu! He would be an ideal prank partner for naruto’s brat as well. Not quite liking swords and blades as much as his dad does. And he should look like Sora Shiunin from ARC-V, with his cheery and carefree nature.

I mean he could even have had it with Ino, which wold even make the diplomat trio of her team complete. I like to think that they dated for a while but she was fixiated with Sai looking like sasuke which was the reason of why they broke up. To her dismay Sai ended up being a dead fish rather than the actual water that can shape into anything.

Suigetu’s new looks are pretty cool, but I wouldnt have minded if he had his sword scroll around. At this point all we can see is that he was still hanging around with Orochimaru without doing anything at all to fulfill his dream. I mean it would had made sense that his team and even Orochimaru would have helped him out wouldnt it?

Kishimoto just kept lingering on less interesting and newer heroes rather than flesh out those that had an active role and interesting and promising background with interesting powers. In one word Taka.
So this is why I hate the ending of Naruto and why I am upset with kishimoto. Not just because of some shitty pairing which is usually what people think when someone says the ending was crap.

All in all Suigetsu remains as one of those unappreciated heroes and shadowed by superficial and self projecting “only if you are popular” crap. Which is a shame since he is basically an ideal shounen hero with all the traits to even be a main character for his own spinoff.

Group Dynamic

“This space will do nicely,” Sakura said, setting her pack down next to a tree in the small forest opening. “Let’s set up camp here.”

Her two teammates followed suit with her. Sasuke came to the pink-haired girl’s side and murmured something in her ear that made her giggle. Naruto looked on at the couple and grimaced slightly in disgust at the sight. He loved the two of them, but lately Sasuke’s visits have been more suited for himself and Sakura. He felt uncomfortable around them when they oogled at each other.

Three years had passed since the Great Ninja War, and Sasuke had decided to return to the village for a visit. His hair had gotten longer and was free flowing. It now covered his left eye so his face no longer exposed the Rinnegan. He wore a long black sweatshirt with gray pants. If you were looking at him from a distance, Naruto swore that Sasuke looked like a shadow without a person strapped to the soles of its feet.

The Uchiha helped Sakura build a small campfire for the three of them to use for their dinner and warmth. It’s an amazing thing that the two of them are together, Naruto thought. Sakura is so vibrant, so bubbly and bright, the complete opposite of his rival and best friend. The two’s quiet murmuring and giggling drove Naruto a bit mad, however. It was as if he hardly existed in their little world despite him being a small distance away. Although their canoodling didn’t happen very often, it was so foreign to see the two of them that way that Naruto felt a small grimace build every time it happened. The blond stood up and announced, “I’m gonna find some water.”

Sakura, who seemed surprised at his voice as if his presence was new, blushed as she waved and said, “Hurry back, okay?”

Grabbing the three canteens, Naruto hurried off towards the stream’s direction. He took his sweet time filling them up and washing his hands. Naruto knew there shouldn’t be a rush in returning to their campsite, for the couple probably prefered to work together. Their group dynamic hadn’t changed all too much, if Naruto thinks about it. It’s rare whenever Sasuke decides to show blatant affection towards Sakura when all of Team 7 are together on missions. Even having just the three of them together, it seemed as though Sasuke was hyper aware of others around them and prevented any affection from seeping through. “I guess they’re just getting really comfortable with me,” Naruto thought, taking a swig from his own canteen as he walked back to the capsite.

When he arrived back at the site, the sun was down and the flames were crackling peacefully on the firewood. He set the canteens down next to the small pile of packs that they left and raised his eyebrows at the setup. There were only two sleeping bags laid out on opposite ends of the campfire. “Uh, Sakura-chan?” Naruto said, pointing to the format of the camp. “What…?”

“Ready for bed, Naruto?” Sakura asked, grabbing one of the canteens he recently filled. “I figured since we ate earlier, we can just head off to sleep.” Her eyes were tired and eager for rest. Naruto could tell by looking at her that the moment she put her head down she would knock out.

“Yeah…,” Naruto said carefully, claiming one of the sleeping bags. He slipped his shoes off and shuffled inside the warm fleece. “Where…?” he began, but his voice trailed off as he saw Sasuke settle himself inside the other sleeping bag with Sakura slipping in right next to him on the side closest to the fire. “Wha…?” Naruto’s mouth was agape as he felt his face turn bright red, but he coudln’t look away.

“What?” Sasuke said, his eyes showing irritation in order to cover embarrassment as they darted to Naruto.

There was a pause between the two men while Sakura’s quiet breath was already slowing as she fell asleep with her face gently pressed against Sasuke’s chest. Naruto saw only the back of her head, her silky pink hair contouring to her shoulders and falling down to Sasuke’s arm that rested underneath.

“N-nothing,” Naruto huffed before wrapping himself tighter into his own sleeping bag and turning to face away from the fire. It’s times like this where I wish Hinata was here to balance the awkward, he thought.

Before the flames turned to embers, Naruto was able to peek at the couple across the fire. Sasuke hadn’t yet fallen asleep, and was instead caressing the back of Sakura’s head lightly, as if moving too quickly or too firmly would cause her to stir. There was a look in his eyes that Naruto hadn’t seen before. It was a look of utter vulnerability, one he realized Sasuke only allowed Sakura to see. Naruto fussed back to turn toward the treeline instead, as if he had just seen someone’s privates. He realized the expression on his best friend’s face was not an expression that was meant for him.

Sasuke felt Sakura’s hair slip from between his fingers as he carefully memorized details of her face from her yin seal to her parted lips. She stirred slightly and her eyes half-opened to look into Sasuke’s own. Startled, the Uchiha quickly turned away from her gaze, but was gently brought back by Sakura’s hand pressed to his cheek to turn back to her. She smiled at him, urging him to smile back at her. He obliged and laid his head down next to hers to watch her fall back asleep. Her emerald irises disappeared as she fell asleep once more, but her hand remained resting on Sasuke’s cheek until her breath slowed to a steady rhythm.

The dynamic hasn’t changed too much, Naruto thought, as he drifted to sleep. The guy just shows his love to her, now.


Naruto calls Hokage Kakashi crying. Kakashi reassures him that Konoha has set aside an allotted sum of money annually to cover the damages the three of them cause when they fight. Better to just clean up the mess than anyone actually try and stop them.

My perfect life after the war for my babies is this…

1: Naruto and Sakura would be married, which would make more sense than SS or NH,going nicely with the flow of their relationship progression.

2: Sasuke would be free to live a life suiting to his character, seeking the redemption and self-discovery he truly wants and deserves without being burdened with a family situation that clearly doesn’t compliment his goals, personality, or development at all (thanks for that fucking mess, Kishi).

3: The three have a understanding of what their bond/s mean to each other and don’t have restrictions, guilt, or hinderences when it comes to each other. Sakura can’t understand the depth of Naruto and Sasuke’s bond, but she sees it and feels it when they are together. It is undeniable. However, Naruto truly loves her and she loves him and they both love Sasuke. Sasuke grows to respect Sakura and care for her, loving her to an extint, and he accepts the role she has in Naruto’s life and has invited her into his world in this sense. He knows they’ve opened up their hearts to him. Totally. Completely. Sakura is there for Naruto when Sasuke feels that call to leave, to go, to be on his own. She doesn’t ask for more from him and Naruto doesn’t question anything. They all trust each other. They love each other in different ways…but…it works. Sasuke is Naruto’s soul and Sakura is Naruto’s heart and they are all best friends in the end.

(i.e. Sasuke joins in whenever he’s in the village holla)