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  • -the new Uchiha family is approaching Konoha, Kakashi and Naruto are waiting for them at the gates-
  • Sakura: I can see them! Look! (starts waving) They even got us balloons!
  • Sasuke: (gently rocking Sarada) Balloons?
  • Sakura: Yeah! It looks like there's something written on them. Maybe "Welcome, baby Sarada"? So thoughtful! What do the balloons say, Sasuke-kun, can you see?
  • Sasuke: (activates Sharingan) ...I'm not sure they bought the kind of balloons you'd like, Sakura...
  • text on the balloons: *Congrats on the sex!!*
I’d like to state for the record that I’m okay with being wrong about Larry.

I mean… I’m not.

But if I am, I’ll graciously wish them well. After they explain those fucking tattoos.

50 inaccurate things the Naruto fandom says that I hate

just me venting and ranting.

  1. They’re just housewives now
  2. Sakura is weak/useless lol
  3. Even Hinata can beat Sakura
  4. Sakura did NOT surpass Tsunade at all
  5. Sarada would be way cooler if she was Karin’s
  6. Sasuke is emotionally stunted
  7. Sasuke is not capable of loving
  8. In what world is Sasuke straight?
  9. Hinata is the strongest female
  10. Himawari would make a better hokage
  12. it triggers me, you shipping that makes you an abuse apologist
  13. SS is abusive
  14. Sakura is abusive
  15. Sasuke is abusive
  16. Sarada is Karin’s
  17. Kishi is homophobic
  18. You don’t ship SNS? You must be homophobic
  19. Sarada has no boobs, I think she might be trans
  20. The Last is canon and if you disagree, get out of the fandom
  21. Sakura’s feats make Sarada useless
  22. Sakura abused Naruto
  23. Hinata surpassed Neji in the war
  24. Sakura is to blame for Neji’s death
  25. Sakura ended her friendship with Ino because of a guy
  26. Sasuke left for 12 years
  27. Sakura is as flat as a board
  28. Sasuke doesn’t love his family
  29. Sakura would abuse Boruto if she was his mother
  30. Sakura liked Sasuke because he was cool
  31. Hinata can beat Tsunade
  32. Konan was in love with Nagato
  33. Madara and Hashirama were in love
  34. Hinata has been there for Naruto before anyone else
  35. Sakura is a stupid bitch for rejecting Naruto
  36. Sasuke never cared for team 7, only Naruto
  37. Every SS moment is team 7 moment
  38. SS has no development
  39. Sasuke is OOC now
  40. Sasuke’s character was destroyed
  41. Sasuke should have gotten his revolution
  42. Taka was always more important than team 7
  43. Itachi did nothing wrong
  44. Sakura is stupid for forgiving Sasuke
  45. Gaara did nothing wrong
  46. Obito and Rin are canon
  47. Kakashi is useless without his sharingan
  48. You ship xyz, your opinion is invalid
  49. Kishi sold out
  50. Tsunade was in love with Jiraiya

Naruto calls Hokage Kakashi crying. Kakashi reassures him that Konoha has set aside an allotted sum of money annually to cover the damages the three of them cause when they fight. Better to just clean up the mess than anyone actually try and stop them.

performance list (complete)

  • video montage of all 35 trainees
  • nayana
  • 10 out of 10
    • taedong / taehyun / hyeongseop / moonbok / gunhee / pwoojin
  • be mine 
    • lwoojin / donghyun / kenta / yehyeon / donghan / youngmin / sewoon
  • boys in luv
    • team 1
  • sorry sorry
    • team 2
  • (talk of ss team 2)
  • spring day 
    • seonho / baejin / jisung / kenta / lwoojin
  • downpour/sonagi
  • if it’s you
    • yongguk / seo sunghyuk / yehyeon / woodam / samuel + coach lee seokhoon
  • talk with if it’s you + sonagi + spring day team
  • coach lee seokhoon’s solo
  • animal kingdom
    • it’s a video talking about how to take care of the different animals/trainees on pd101; has a bit about dongho/daehwi relationship
  • get ugly
    • whole team
  • fear
    • guanlin / jonghyun / moonbok + coach cheetah
  • shape of you
    • taehyun / donghyun / euiwoong / taedong / donghan / kenta + coach kwon jaesong
  • video (101-second boyfriend)
    • sewoon playing the “honey voice” boyfriend, which means playing the guitar and singing Americano
    • woojin playing the “younger boyfriend” who has to go to taekwondo class after date
    • jisung playing the “wordy boyfriend who uses facial powder
    • minki played “best body boyfriend” using his gangster shoulders
    • haknyeon played “face genius boyfriend”
    • “manhwa-ripping boyfriend” –> goes to OLG stage
  • oh little girl (this and the following are all the original teams)
  • showtime
  • i know you know
  • talk
  • open up
  • never
  • video
    • looking at old photos and looking at comments about them
    • kim donghyun is a selca king
    • lee daehwi and his hand binoculars
    • ong apologises for creating such terrifying ppl for the innisfree pack
    • seonho says he will train up his abs
  • super hot
  • hands on me
  • talk
    • woodam sings his part in ‘mansae’
    • daehiwi (?) sings one line in ‘pwf’
    • comments from members
    • 20-second eye contact with fans
  • always
  • celebrity by psy (encore)
  • nayana (encore)