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Putting this under a read more because of spoilers for Fallout 4.

Despite the fact its been out for over a year.

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Panic - Sole Survivor x Paladin Danse

So I headcannon my SS Abigale as having really bad claustrophobia because of what happened in the vault, and I decided I wanted angsty/fluffy ss x danse :3 *Note that this DOES have spoilers for the BEGINNING of the game*

Abigale wakes to the wretched pounding of the back of her head, and the sticky remnants of dried blood caked to the back of her neck. She groans slightly, shifting only to realise her hands are bound tightly behind her back, and fastened to a length of chain tied to a wall she couldn’t see, but could feel. 

There’s a stirring beside her, along with a deep, familiar groan she places as her walking tin-can Danse. she immediately relaxes at his presence, but when she stretches  her aching legs out and hits a solid stone wall not even halfway there her breathing hitches, her elbow striking the wall to her left. 

She feels Danses’ eyes on her in the dim lighting of the tiny cell they’d been put into, but she can’t seem to push around the roaring of blood in her ears, and the trembling of her bound hands. She can feel the frigid bite of the cryo tube around her, feel her heart leaping into her throat as everything closes in around her, the doors sealing closed as she hears the rush of the nuclear attacks above the Vault. 

Shaun’s shrill cries as Nate holds him close, fighting against Kellog as he tries to take their son from them. 

Her breathings laboured, short hurried pants that send her head spinning violently as she tries to visualise a way out of the space, to push away from the image of Nate slumped over, frozen blood caked across the bullet hole in his forehead. 

She pushes her head into her knees, desperately trying to muffle the sounds of Shaun’s shrill screams. Abigale’s sobs burst forth when her tightly clenched cannot contain them any more, her shoulders shaking horribly against the tears that stream from her eyes, desperately wishing that the sounds of her sons terror would stop, that the dark, slimy walls around her would stop closing around her. 

The walls felt like a cold, icy hand slowly worming its way down her throat, slowly working its way down to her rib cage, pulling it tighter and tighter around her mid section until she felt the bone was about to split her in half. Her whole body shaking as she cries, she can’t stop the pull of the walls around her. 

That is until the giant body she’d forgotten about beside her shifts, pushing his leg up against hers, bracing her against him as he touches his shoulder to hers, the lines of their bodies touching as she tries to ground herself against him, feeling him breathing slowly, trying to mimic his long breaths, pausing between each breath. 

He shifts closer, one of his bound hands reaching over to touch hers, twining their fingers together as she tries to calm her raging pulse. He doesn’t say a word, he knows she doesn’t want wasted words of comfort or pity, he’s helping perfectly the way he is. 

Abigale’s breathing finally calms, her heart still pounding in her chest at the constrictive walls, but the feel of Danses’ solid, calm body next to hers is enough to settle her back into a slightly panicked heap, but she’s no longer seeing her dead husbands body, slumped over and lifeless.

“Thank you.” She whispers brokenly, she goes to open her mouth to explain, but he beats her to it. 

“Don’t mention it.” He replies, squeezing her hand slightly. “Tell me when you’re ready." 

She nods, feeling her heart skip a beat for a different reason entirely.


this palette is so cute, you got four for the price of two! :,D i couldn’t help myself, so here are some Soft Dads in diamond city. thank you for requesting these two, darling, i’m so glad you like them. ♥

(the palette came from here - i’ll take a few more of these requests if you’ve got ‘em! - although i added four colors to it for my sanity, so the full palette i used is hidden on the right there. whoops.)


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So I finally finished my sketch of the Fallout 4 Boys (plus Junkyard Dog) wearing their respected clothing from my own game.

Top left to bottom right: Paladin Danse, Shaun, Junkyard Dog, Dogmeat, Arthur Maxson, Codsworth, My Sole Survivor, Robert MacCready, Hancock, Preston Garvey

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