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all i want is a mod/ dlc where we can go to the capitol wasteland to find/ get duncan and he and maccready can come live with my ss and shaun and maybe even nat and piper at whatever settlement i pick and shaun nat and duncan can be best friends PLEASE @ bethesda pLS pls pls pLs PLS

Reactions masterpost

Companions react to:

So I finally finished my sketch of the Fallout 4 Boys (plus Junkyard Dog) wearing their respected clothing from my own game.

Top left to bottom right: Paladin Danse, Shaun, Junkyard Dog, Dogmeat, Arthur Maxson, Codsworth, My Sole Survivor, Robert MacCready, Hancock, Preston Garvey

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this palette is so cute, you got four for the price of two! :,D i couldn’t help myself, so here are some Soft Dads in diamond city. thank you for requesting these two, darling, i’m so glad you like them. ♥

(the palette came from here - i’ll take a few more of these requests if you’ve got ‘em! - although i added four colors to it for my sanity, so the full palette i used is hidden on the right there. whoops.)

Panic - Sole Survivor x Paladin Danse

So I headcannon my SS Abigale as having really bad claustrophobia because of what happened in the vault, and I decided I wanted angsty/fluffy ss x danse :3 *Note that this DOES have spoilers for the BEGINNING of the game*

Abigale wakes to the wretched pounding of the back of her head, and the sticky remnants of dried blood caked to the back of her neck. She groans slightly, shifting only to realise her hands are bound tightly behind her back, and fastened to a length of chain tied to a wall she couldn’t see, but could feel. 

There’s a stirring beside her, along with a deep, familiar groan she places as her walking tin-can Danse. she immediately relaxes at his presence, but when she stretches  her aching legs out and hits a solid stone wall not even halfway there her breathing hitches, her elbow striking the wall to her left. 

She feels Danses’ eyes on her in the dim lighting of the tiny cell they’d been put into, but she can’t seem to push around the roaring of blood in her ears, and the trembling of her bound hands. She can feel the frigid bite of the cryo tube around her, feel her heart leaping into her throat as everything closes in around her, the doors sealing closed as she hears the rush of the nuclear attacks above the Vault. 

Shaun’s shrill cries as Nate holds him close, fighting against Kellog as he tries to take their son from them. 

Her breathings laboured, short hurried pants that send her head spinning violently as she tries to visualise a way out of the space, to push away from the image of Nate slumped over, frozen blood caked across the bullet hole in his forehead. 

She pushes her head into her knees, desperately trying to muffle the sounds of Shaun’s shrill screams. Abigale’s sobs burst forth when her tightly clenched cannot contain them any more, her shoulders shaking horribly against the tears that stream from her eyes, desperately wishing that the sounds of her sons terror would stop, that the dark, slimy walls around her would stop closing around her. 

The walls felt like a cold, icy hand slowly worming its way down her throat, slowly working its way down to her rib cage, pulling it tighter and tighter around her mid section until she felt the bone was about to split her in half. Her whole body shaking as she cries, she can’t stop the pull of the walls around her. 

That is until the giant body she’d forgotten about beside her shifts, pushing his leg up against hers, bracing her against him as he touches his shoulder to hers, the lines of their bodies touching as she tries to ground herself against him, feeling him breathing slowly, trying to mimic his long breaths, pausing between each breath. 

He shifts closer, one of his bound hands reaching over to touch hers, twining their fingers together as she tries to calm her raging pulse. He doesn’t say a word, he knows she doesn’t want wasted words of comfort or pity, he’s helping perfectly the way he is. 

Abigale’s breathing finally calms, her heart still pounding in her chest at the constrictive walls, but the feel of Danses’ solid, calm body next to hers is enough to settle her back into a slightly panicked heap, but she’s no longer seeing her dead husbands body, slumped over and lifeless.

“Thank you.” She whispers brokenly, she goes to open her mouth to explain, but he beats her to it. 

“Don’t mention it.” He replies, squeezing her hand slightly. “Tell me when you’re ready." 

She nods, feeling her heart skip a beat for a different reason entirely.

Companions React Masterpost (Update!!)

So I thought I’d compile a list of all the Fallout Companion React  posts I’ve done so far so you all can look through ones you might have missed! 

Companions react to SS proposing
To Sole dying
To Shaun asking them where babies come from
Reaction to them or Sole being pregnant
To Sole painting a picture of them
Reacting to a breakdown 
Sole attempting suicide
Sole taking damage to protect them
Sole kissing them 
How they would propose to Sole
To Sole betraying them
What they would get Sole for a gift
Celebrating Sole’s birthday
Sole accidentally calling them by their spouses name
Sole snuggling up to them
To Shaun sassing them
To Sole having their baby with when they come out of the vault
Sole asking them to dance with them
To Shaun calling them mom/dad
To Sole getting drunk
Sole wearing a revealing/sexy outfit
Sole going into labor while on the road
Sole telling them about pre-war life
Reaction to synth Shaun
Sole not reciprocating their feelings
Playing Cards Against Humanity
Someone flirting with Sole
To Shaun being the leader of the institute
Dirty talk
Sole going missing
The ‘Hi Honey’ Holotape
Sole getting sick
Finding out the broke Sole’s heart/disappointed them
Sole cooking them a meal
Meeting the Tunnel Snakes from Fallout 3
Sole Cheating on them
What their wedding with Sole is like
Sole playing a game on their pipboy
Sole being ghoulified
Heated Argument
Signaling Sole that they wanted to have sex
Christmas Party
Type of Dances theyd be into
Snowball Fight
Sole snapping and beating up stuff
Their pick up lines
Sole pacifying a Deathclaw
Someone trying to take advantage of a black out drunk Sole
Walking in on them changing
Sole cussing out a faction leader
Which companions would befriend each other?
Companions as Memes
Courier going into labor (Fallout New Vegas)
Being kissed by Courier (New Vegas)
Sole taking down a Deathclaw
Romanced Companions to Sole dying
Lone Wanderer making puns (Fallout 3)
Lone Wanderer giving a peck on the cheek (Fallout 3)
If they were in the Elder Scroll universe
Sole fussing over their injuries
Synth Shaun bonding with them
Comforting the LW (Fallout 3)
Sole coming back after nearly dying on a mission
Companions as Cats
My headcanon heights for them
Sole losing their hand
A game of bowling
My headcanon ages for them
Companions as Kids
Their last thought before dying
Someone hitting on the LW (Fallout 3)
Sole Teaching them Sign Language
If Sole escaped the Vault pregnant instead
Courier settling down (New Vegas)
Reactions to the Commonwealth (New Vegas)
If Sole was just a kid
Sole adopting five baby deathclaws
If Sole had a big purple dildo as a weapon
Reactions to Star Wars
Sole having facial reconstruction
Sole having depression
Companions having pets (Fallout 3)
Companions pretending to be Sole’s spouse for a mission
Catching Sole dancing goofily
Sole replacing their gun with a fake one that has a ‘bang’ banner shoot out
Companions with a working video camera
A special moment with Sole
Dogmeat having puppies
Making up with Sole after a fight
Smooch on the nose
Sole trying to get that little ‘Port-o-Diner’ cake
Companions Drunk
What their kisses are like
Reactions to Sole’s lover cheating on them
Reactions to night after sex, and Sole isnt there in the morning
Them walking in on Sole practicing confessing their feelings for them
Their pre war jobs
Synth Shaun getting jealous and hogging them

(edit 3-6-16)
A raider helping Sole back to them
Non synth companions finding out they are a synth
Sole being a comic artist and creator of the Silver Shroud and Grognak comics (feat Kent Connolly)
Companions biggest insecurities
Finding a fluffy Pomeranian dog
Sole wearing/riding heelys
Sole laughing insanely after killing Kellogg
Companions finding the courier completely naked at their doorstep with a bag full of gold (Fallout New Vegas)
Companions Finding the Courier missing for when looking for the Sierra Madre (Fallout New Vegas)
What top three emoji would they use the most?
Companions playing Marry, Fuck, Kill
Companions from New Vegas meeting Commonwealth companions (new Vegas and 4)
Companions planning a perfect day for them and Sole
Companions getting a Valentines day card from Sole
Telling Shaun that Sole has died
Getting a bouquet of hubflowers from Sole
Having to babysit Shaun
As Skyrim characters pt 2
Walking in on Sole having sex
Sole serenading them offkey
Sole accidentally shooting them
Pets they would have
Lone Wanderer waking up from coma after Project Purity (Fallout 3)
Comforting Sole after a nightmare
Reacting to Ice Cream
In a working theme park
A member of Caesars Legion joining the gang (Fallout New Vegas)
Companions raising a child Sole
Seeing Nate/Nora murdered by Kellogg in Sole’s memories
Sole coming back after they thought they were dead.

If you ever want to use these for writing/drawing, go right ahead! I always want to look at them when you’re done!


aGGHHH I finally got through the first scene in this / I really didn’t think I had it in me. This is officially my first finished series drawing of 2016. It gave me hell, but it’s worth it. I’m proud of it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sleep for 12 years.  (。-ω-)ノ

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Sorry if you did this proper already but... romanced companions reactions to SS adopting synth Shaun? (Btw I love all of these prompts, you are amazing!!)

  • Piper: She’s concerned about having a synth kid from the Institute living with them and watches him a lot the first month he’s there. She keeps looking for signs in him that the Institute isn’t actually gone and is extremely suspicious of his motives. But when Nat seems to adore him and he shows no signs of being anything other than a very bright and gifted kid, she feels like a total ass about it and tries to make it up to him. 
  • Hancock: He treats him just like any other kid. The fact he is a synth doesn’t bother him. If his partner loves this kid and is ready to take care of him, then so is he. Everyone deserves a chance. Kids aren’t really in Goodneighbor and if they are, it’s not for longer than a day, so he’s not used to them but he tries to cut back on the chems, at least in front of him. He doesn’t want to be too bad of an example for him. 
  • Cait: She’s more upset that they’re taking in a kid, synth or not. It wasn’t something she was anywhere near ready for, but she loves them, and knows that if she wants the relationship to work she’ll have to adjust. It’s not something they can compromise on. She’s really awkward around him at first, not really sure how to interact with children. Despite the rocky start, she ends up being very protective of him. 

  • Curie: She has absolutely no problem with it and is actually quite excited. They actually find Curie’s advice indispensable when it comes to the choice of whether or not they should tell Shaun that he is a synth. She’s able to bond with him quite easily since he’s so intelligent and seems interested in all her projects and she even teaches him snippets of French. 
  • Danse: He’s a bit apprehensive about the idea at first, even though he’s a synth himself. Old prejudices die hard. But when he actually spends time around Shaun, he feels foolish for ever feeling that way. He’s reminded of how despite being a synth, his feelings for his lover, for his soldiers, all of those were all his. And Shaun isn’t any different than he is. He however, insists on telling Shaun, when they feel he is ready, that he is a synth. He doesn’t think it’s fair to let him live his life and not know the truth like he did. 
  • Preston: If they love Shaun, then that’s all that matters. He trusts them more than anything and is completely ready to welcome this kid with open arms when they bring him home, despite his origins. He makes sure that Shaun has his own room and they set it up with everything he could possibly need. 

  • MacCready: He’s a little weirded out by the fact he’s a synth kid at first, but that feeling disappears within a few days and he basically forgets about it. If there is anything he’s good at, it’s being a dad and in that aspect, Shaun is like any other kid. They hit it off right off the back and he finds himself eager to get Duncan moved to the Commonwealth to join them so they can really feel like a family

  • Nick Valentine: He’s not exactly thrilled, but not upset about it either, mainly just knowing it’s going to be a big adjustment for all of them. He was just getting into the swing of being in a relationship again and already needs to jump aboard the “dad” train and it’s all a bit overwhelming. He adjusts quickly though and finds Shaun attentive and intelligent, always asking questions and extremely interested in his work. They become buddies pretty quickly after that. 
  • Deacon: He’s not exactly comfortable telling Shaun that he’s their parent’s boyfriend right away, but has no problem with them taking in Shaun. It was the right thing to do. He deserved a shot to make his own future, just like every other synth they’ve helped. That and he knows how much he means to them. They get along famously though and any of the other companions might just say he’s a bad influence on the kid. 

sirjakethemage  asked:

Companions react to ss confessing that, without shaun & spouse, that they are all that's keeping the ss alive and going and giving them reason to live.

This is so sad. WHY


Piper: Is speechless. Sole is sad as they talk about it, but bring her a smile that could shame the sun, even if it sad. She hugs them, promising to never leave them. And she never does. Petting their hair and giving them light kisses from the forehead to the cheek. 

Preston: He almost finds it ironic, though it still hurts that they feel this way. For a long time that’s how he felt about Sole, that they were the only reason he was still alive, and to find out it was the same…he didn’t want them feeling that way. He comforts them the best he can, kissing their forehead and snuggling, making promise after promise.

Cait: Is in shock. Not only because of what Sole said, but what it means. She feels wanted, and even though what they said is absolutely depressing she can’t help but feel the need to protect them. forever. It makes her almost happy that they think of her that way. She’s never been depended on before, she feels important. 

Curie: Frowns. It’s all she can do. She loves Sole, she loves them more than anything in the world, and to hear them say that, it breaks her little heart. She can’t stand having them think that way. They shouldn’t need to depend on her, yet she can understand why they do. After losing so much…she holds them. for the longest time. 

Codsworth: Eyes widen at their words, he wants to hug them, tell them that he shouldn’t be their dependence on every day life. He understands the best he can, Sole has lost more than they deserved. And he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost them, so without hesitation he murmurs his ‘I loves you’s’ and hugs them for so long they end up falling asleep. Deep inside he knows that if Sole were to leave him he might not value life all that much either. 

Danse: Is confused at first. Why would he be that one reason? He wasn’t at all important, he was a synth, something that shouldn’t be loved. He wasn’t even human. But when he see’s them, the way their eyes water and that quivering lip…he holds them, rocks them, and says he’ll never leave them. 

Deacon: Doesn’t know what to say. Wants to shrug it off with a joke, to leave them hanging, but even he isn’t that cruel. He does his best to respond, tries to explain how that maybe isn’t healthy and yet he can understand. He know’s how that feels. He was ready to die with he lost…when he lost his wife. So he gives them a soft and tender kiss, makes them smile and they continue on. He vows to never leave them. Not even for the Railroad. 

Hancock: He stares at them for some time, a long time, and then brings them into a hug. He doesn’t even say anything, comfortable in the silence between the both of them. He holds them tightly, tight enough that if they tried they wouldn’t be able to break loose. The sad thing is he feels the same. 

MacCready: He’s shocked to say the least. He talks to them for some time, he know’s how it feels, he lost his wife, he nearly lost his son, and Sole was the same. After coming to an understanding they hold each other, warm in each others embrace. 

Nick Valentine: Expresses his concern. Making sure that they won’t hurt themselves if he were to even disappear. He doesn’t question the attachment, not once, not with the way they’re talking. He doesn’t waste anytime holding them, comforting them, he does his best to have them feeling comfortable. He does his best to make sure they live on. The Commonwealth needed them, not only that, but he needed them to be happy and healthy. 

X6-88: Doesn’t know how to respond. He feels as if he weren’t prepared for this, not at all. He was prepared for the Commonwealth, what dangers it brought, he was even prepared for Father’s death. But this? Not even close. So with an awkward “Okay.” He hugs them. It takes him a while but later on he expresses how they shouldn’t depend on him, but deep inside, he knows he depends on them as well. He does his best to keep close, never letting Sole out of his sight. Because he might just lose the will to live if they were to leave him as well. 

Strong: Is confused, if a Super mutant could even be capable of such a thing. They were buddies, in a sense, he knew Sole was strong, strong as a super mutant. But him being their reason for living? It doesn’t make sense, but he keeps that to himself. Strangely, he doesn’t want the thinking he’d leave them. 

Dogmeat: Whines, and spends the rest of his time in life trying to keep up with Sole, to love them and play with them, to always have their back. Sole was his family and they were his. They were already inseparable before now, nothing would change it. 

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Companions (romanced +Nick and Deacon pls) seeing the ss extremely torn about Shaun's identity and the ss telling the romanced companion that they don't know what to do now knowing who Shaun is and what he's done.

I shall always do romanced Deacon and Nick <3

Alright, so romanced ones.

Preston - He can see that SS has been off lately and they tell him everything. He replies with simple: “Oh.. I’m very sorry, general”. He wraps his arms around them and lets them sob into his shoulder.

Piper - “Oh, blue…” she looks into their eyes with sympathy. She puts her arms around their neck and says: “Hey, what do you say you talk yourself out and I promise not to write an article about it? At least not an article with specific names and family relations…” SS can’t help but chuckle a little.

Nick Valentine - Immediatelly pulls them into a close embrace and whispers “Sweetheart, I just want to make sure you know, that it’s not your fault, you had no choice, no chance to stop it.” SS nods into his coat and cries softly. He sometimes pulls them up for a quick, soft peck on their lips.

Curie - Doesn’t really know what to do, tries to bring the better sides up, but fails. Upon only making it worse, she starts to kiss away the tears from SS’s face , which does help much more.

Cait - She puts a hand on their shoulder. “Hey, um, I know it hurts, but you’ve still got me and I’m not checking out anytime soon.” SS then pulls her into their lap and bury their face in the crook of their neck as they’re just trying to relax.

MacCready - Imagines something like this happening to him and Duncan and finds the idea very painful, holds SS from behind and allows them to lay their head on his shoulder, while whispering sweet things to them.

Hancock - Tries to be supportive, but all he can think about is getting them both high, to escape the troubles. But he mans up and openly confronts SS about it, offering them his shoulder to cry on and reassuring words. To his pleasant surprise, SS asks themselves for a little trip together.

Deacon - Tries to think of some crazy conspiracy theory of how old Shaun is probably a synth as well and how real Shaun is still a baby and is an Institute mascot. they laugh, but don’t feel any better. He sits down with them and they rest their head against his shoulder, while he’s trying to entertain them with the dirt he knows on members of the Railroad. And he was very pleased when story of Desdemona having a Giddyup Buttercup collection made SS laugh out loud. The story may and not be true, but he made them laugh and that’s important.

Danse - He was furious at first, but then he noticed that it makes SS even more distressed and he tried to hide that he’s openly disgusted by synths and anyone who creates them and/or protects them. He would sit down with SS and stroke their back and shoulder. “I just want you to know, that even though I may seem all dull and hateful, I’m always here for you…”