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Ace Attorney, durr.

I was going to draw some things for this but my tablet is malfunctioning right now :<
otp: MY BABIES NICK AND MILES because um they are adorable, and um they just have a fantastic relationship that is totally there in canon, and all that jazz. BASICALLY THESE TWO ARE PERFECT AND I JUST LOVE THEM TO PIECES OKAY.  

favorite canon pairingP/E again …. what do you mean that doesn’t count …. no I refuse to admit it …. FINE Mia/Diego because they are sweet c:
worst pairing ever: Miles/Fran and Miles/Maya because #1 I don’t like to see Milesey with anyone except Nick because dammit they are the best for each other #2 sort-of-not-really-but-emotionally-mentally-whatever incest no and #3 no offense to the E/M shippers but why
guilty pleasure pairing: not too guilty but Klavs and Apollo are pretty cute :3
a pairing you want to see more: Phoenix/Mia because they would be pretty nice and I feel like Mia is ignored a lot :C (also P/E DAMMIT THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH P/E FOR THIS WORLD SHUT UP)
that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” : Nick and Maya because okay I can see how people can ship that one but THAT JUST LEAVES MILESEY OUT IN THE COLD WITHOUT HIS NICK AND ugh I just can’t do it xD Also Nick and Dahlia/Iris because #1 she tried to kill him and #2 even with Iris I consider it dead.