ss owl

at the special classes meeting
  • Yoshitoki: And then there's SS+ rated Owl, a one eyed ghoul who is almost certainly an experiment of Dr. Kanou. We know nothing else about him at all.
  • Suzuya: But isn't he -
  • Houji: *stares pointedly and shoves a bag full of candy at Suzuya*
  • Yoshitoki: What was that Special Class Suzuya?
  • Suzuya: *gestures to a mouth full of candy and shrugs*
  • Yoshitoki: A shame, really. It'd be useful if we knew more of what Kanou was up to.
Reasons why Tatara can’t be dead

Aside from my obvious love for him, of course

1. First rule of TG– no one is dead until you’ve seen the body or quinque. And maybe not even then! (Remember how we all thought Takizawa, Rize and Kaneki were dead in TG? BTW, I also smell something iffy regarding Matsumae, Kanae/Karren and Arata’s fate.)

2. In chapter 89 we never get a proper flashback to Chi She Lian? And Tatara’s backstory is something that’s been hyped, so it seems weird that we weren’t given any satisfactory conclusion? Like Ishida even drew an ending card for him–alongside cards for Rize, Kuro/Shiro and Juuzou, people we know hold important roles. Also, usually in death scenes for significant characters there will be important flashbacks/monologuing about their life (just look at Arima), something which Tatara hasn’t gotten yet.

3. There is a time-skip between when Houji says ‘exterminate SS rated OWL’ and when Takizawa is choking Akira. So we don’t know if they’re in the same place they fought Tatara, or even what happened between those two points.

4. The ending of chapter 92: we see someone approach Miza and Naki (who’s TOTALLY ALIVE BTW) 

(Mangastream why is this scan so messy??)

I’ve seen people speculating it could be Nishiki, but that kinda doesn’t make any sense? Like if Nishiki had to be on Rue Island (a pretty big stretch itself), he would most likely be there to kill Torso (who’s dead already). As Nishiki doesn’t really affiliate himself with Aogiri, he has no reason to save or harm Miza/Naki. 

Let’s look at a breakdown of the picture… (pretty messy)

Lets take a closer look at Tatara again:

Finally, assuming this is the same ‘throne room’ Tatara was in:

Basically, what I see is that when Seidou was rampaging, Tatara managed to mostly heal up and with Hakatori’s help, quietly escaped during the commotion. Explains why both of their bodies aren’t around….

(Tatara, Naki and Hakatori you both better be alive in the next chapter ahhhhhhhh Ishida you’re killing me D:) 

I’m honestly so heated at the possibility of Takizawa kicking the bucket in one of the upcoming chapters. If he dies, I feel like it could definitely qualify as one of the most tragic Tokyo Ghoul deaths yet. In the original manga we have this fairly harmless, multi-faceted character with major feelings of inferiority, who meets a seemingly bloody (and brutal) end by the hand of Aogiri. But surprise surprise, we learn in :re that he isn’t actually dead, and that something possibly worse has happened to him. He’s been given the now infamous half-ghoul surgery, and almost definitely has been tortured extensively by Eto and whoever else is into that kind of thing over at Aogiri HQ (like, c'mon, it’s Ishida, it’s definitely happened). And so sure, he’s killed CCG investigators– as would be expected of a member of Aogiri, not the coolest move, but some of our main cast has done worse and lives to tell the tale. But here during the island battle, all we’ve seen him do is take down Aogiri ghouls, one of them being Tatara, probably the strongest full ghoul on the island and the one who had been actively trying to kill Houji, Akira, and their subordinates. So he kills Tatara and is thinking, albeit in a warped sort of way, “Awesome. Great. My pals are here and I’ve saved the day just like I’ve always wanted. I’ve proven myself and can finally have my life back!” And it’s just like nahh. Houji gives the order to kill “SS Rate Ghoul Owl” and after Takizawa defeats all the CCG trying to kill him, Akira explains how Houji’s intention of killing him was kind? Like, she basically compares killing Takizawa to putting down a rabid dog or something. I’m so frustrated. And now here comes Amon to save the day while Takizawa is painted like some crazed villain. It all reeks of tragedy.

Tatara gets defeated by Seidou. Tatara’s kakuja armor wears off as he lies dead on the floor.

Seidou turns around to look at Houji.

Seidou: I did it for the CCG! I saved the CCG!!

However, Houji looks at him with a cold expression.

Seidou: ???
Seidou: Houji…san?

Houji has tears in his eyes.

Houji: Everyone, prepare you attacks on SS Rate Ghoul ‘Owl’.
Seidou: …!!
Seidou: Why…

Seidou bites his lips. Houji and Akira prepare.
In the midst of tears, Seidou grabs a hold of Akira’s neck.

Akira: You really… did come to help us…
Akira: But… rather than being killed, at least by the hands of your former superior…
Akira: Actually, why don’t you know…?
Seidou: So you’re the same.

While tears travel down Seidou’s face, he tightens his grip around Akira’s neck.

Akira: Agh… Ta… ki… zawa…

Suddenly, Amon appears and slices Seidou’s arm holding Akira’s neck.

Seidou: What is it/what the hell, Amon-san.

  • Takizawa: *kills Tatara in order to save the CCG investigators*
  • Houji: Get ready to fight ss owl
  • Me: Excuse me? Excuse me did you just??? Takizawa saved you and did you just???? How dare?? He saved your ass??? He saved your squad's ass??? He saved Akira's ass???? And you just casually???? What the fuck???? Excuse you bitch but what the fuck??? What the fuck??? Wh-

Title: Ugly Head

Colored chapter cover has Mutsuki.

Narration: The knife that pierced Owl, the owner is…!?

Seidou suffers with the attack on his eye.

Seidou: Ughh… Gah… Ah…
Seidou: It huuuurts! You piece of shit!

Someone appears and Akira is surprised.

Akira: Wha…
Akira: Mutsuki…!!
Mutsuki: …Associate Special Class Mado. I’ve come as back-up.
Akira: You… were safe…?
Mutsuki: It’s difficult to say I was safe but, this body has helped me.
Mutsuki: Besides that, SS Rate Owl and… Floppy.

Amon is seen in pain.

Amon: Hah… hah….

Mutsuki: My apologies. I was stolen of my transmitters…
Mutsuki: Are there reinforcements/back-up coming?
Akira: Yeah. Suzuya Squad and… Urie Squad.
Mutsuki: Urie-kun…
Mutsuki: Understood.
Mutsuki: I’ll be borrowing time.

Mutsuki lets out his kagune, it whips around, hits Akira’s cheek, and it leaves a wound.

Akira: !

Mutsuki lets out a smile and it looks like he’s ‘awaken’ again.

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Ch. 60 Aogiri Notes

Actual translation of the Aogiri comments (tho the fake ones I reblogged were funnier LOL)

* Tatara: SS~

Chinese Ghoul, blood relative of the former leader of the Red Tongue Group

* Eto: S

One of the leaders of Aogiri. Her actual power level is still wrapped in mystery.

* Shikorae: A~

He was imprisoned in Cochlear but escaped when Aogiri attacked it.

* Hakatori: A+

An honorary sister of the Bin Brothers (not blood related). Somehow knows how to use Quinques.

* Shousei: A+

Member of the White Suits. When Jason was the leader of the White Suits, he was defeated by Naki and joined.

* Hooguro: A+

Member of the White Suits. Was separated from Shousei when he joined Aogiri, but later joined him as well.

* Naki: S

Is the new leader of the White Suits that was previously commanded by Jason. Is also a leader in Aoigiri.

* Torso: A

Looks like he’s a driver for Aogiri and in charge of other such tasks.

* Three-Bladed Miza: S

Leader of the “Blades”. In the past was fighting with the Bin Brothers who ruled the 18th Ward.

* Owl: SS+

A ghoul that turned up during the auction raid. He is a one-eyed ghoul, and it appears that he is linked to Dr Kanou’s ghoul experimentations.

* Rabbit: SS

A leader in Aogiri. A young ghoul who has been working for the One-Eyed King for a long time. He has killed a lot of Ghoul Investigators.

And Seidou pierces thru Tatara’s head with the Quinque.

Seidou: You look like a warrior running away from the battlefield!
Seidou: …Yeah, it really hurt ‘back then’…
Seidou: Yeah, yeah…
Tatara: Ngh…
Seidou: Around…
Seidou: This. Much.

Seidou delivers an immense blow onto Tatara’s abdomen.

Tatara: Agh…

Cracks start to form on Tatara’s mask and it soon reveals his face. Tatara’s eyes turn white and he remembers Arima.

Tatara: (….King.)
Tatara: (Were you able grasp…)
Tatara: (What 'you’ve wanted’…?)

Shown is a kneeling Tatara as Arima walks by, pulling Kaneki by his hair.

Tatara: …E…

Tatara: (I…)
Tatara: (didn’t get 'either’…)

Tatara: To…

Tatara lies on the floor.

Seidou: Hah… hah… It’s over.

The investigators have difficult looks on their faces as they go surround Seidou.

Seidou: …!
Seidou: What’s wrong?
Seidou: With this, you can say that most of Aogiri is gone, you know?
Seidou: Let’s share the joy together…

Investigators remain silent and Houji appears.

Seidou: Houji-san… I… I…

With tears in his eyes, Houji releases an order.

Houji: Everyone, ready your attacks against SS Rate Ghoul 'Owl’…
Seidou: …! Why…
Seidou: (Why? Why?)

TG:re 92 spoilers pt. 1

Title: Ugly Head

Narration: Who was the owner of the knife that pierced Owl…!?

Seidou is holding his eye and groaning: Guhh…gahh…owww…you piece of shit…

Akira is surprised when she sees who appeared.

Akira: What…Mutsuki…!!

Mutsuki: …Associate Special Class Mado. I’ve arrived as backup.

Akira: You…were okay…?

Mutsuki: I would say I was okay, but I received some help from this body. But before that…SS-rate Owl…and over there…”Floppy”.

Amon, who is injured, can be seen from the other side.

Amon: Hah, hah, hah…

Mutsuki: I’m sorry, all my means of communication were taken away from me…is there any backup heading over here now?

Akira: Yeah…Suzuya squad…and Urie squad.

Mutsuki: Urie-kun is…I understand. I’ve earned some time*. (This is kind of vague here. I’m not sure whether the “time earned” refers to Mutsuki or Urie.)

Mutsuki lets out his kagune and one of them slashes Akira’s cheek, with blood coming out.

Akira: !

Mutsuki: …

Mutsuki “wakes” up again.

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Ch. 89 (Raw Text Spoilers)

Title: (Things that) should be vomited

Narration: That black “intention”, where is it going?

Takizawa saves Houji by jumping on Tatara and changing the trajectory of his flames.

Tatara: Huh??

CCG goons: O- Owl? What is it attacking Tatara??


Houji: Ta-

Akira: -kizawa.

Takizawa is riding around on Tatara’s back.

Tatara: Get off me!

Tatara attacks but Takizawa dodges.

Takizawa: Tata-chan Senpai! This is for what you did to me back at the An time! (The Anteiku raid). Thanks a freaking lot!

They continue to fight, and Takizawa gets the upper hand.

Takizawa: Eat this Tata, you fucker!

However, Tatara’s flames hit Takizawa in the face. Akira is shocked.

Takizawa: Kyaaaaaaaa!! Hoooooottttttt! Owowowowowow ow! Ah, but, butbut, but but that’s blazin’ enough!

He has managed to protect his face with a (kagune?) mask.

Takizawa: I don’t wanna become fried Takizawa! Yikes!

He attacks Tatara with a huge kagune blade that cuts off his left arm.

Takizawa: Meshanko!! (TN: I have no idea what this means)

Takizawa: The Tatara Tartare is ready!

At this time, Hakatori appears and attacks Takizawa.

Takizawa: Kobin-chan! Where were you?

Hakatori: You traitor!!!

Takizawa: Yoshoi! (TN: a sound of exertion)

He grabs Hakatori’s arm and pulls her towards him.

Takizawa: A blindly-following girl like you deserves a womb punch-kick!

He hits her in her lower abdomen over and over.

Hakatori: Ga gyu cough kago ubu cough (TN: just sounds of suffering)

He finishes her off with a kick and she flies off coughing blood.

Takizawa: If I’m a trator, Binko-chan, you’re just useless huh!

He picks up the Quinque that Hakatori has dropped.

Takizawa: Well, this takes me back.

He stabs Tatara though the head with it.

Tatara: OOOOOOOOO!!!!

Takizawa: You look like a fleeing soldier, mwaha. Well, “back then” you really hurt meeeee…..

Tatara tries to attack, but Takizawa stabs him through the stomach with another huge kagune.

Takizawa: Yes, yes, that should do it.

Tatara’s fire stops,. and he falls to the ground as his kakuja armor dissipates. He has a flashback to V14 when he saw Arima dragging the almost-dead Kaneki by his hair.

Tatara: King… did you get the “thing you wanted”? I didn’t get either…

Tatara: E… to…

Tatara appears to have died with those words. Takizawa takes off his mask.

Takizawa: Haa… haa… it’s over.

He looks around at Akira and the other CCG members.

Takizawa: … ! … what’s wrong with you? With that, most of Aogiri are done, right? We should all be rejoicing!

They say nothing. Houji walks in front of them all.

Takizawa:  Houji-san… I… I am…

Tears well up in Houji’s eyes, and he speaks to the CCG soldiers.

Houji: Everyone, prepare to attack the SS-Rate [Ghoul Owl]…

Takizawa: …!! Why…. why? Why???

-Time jumps forward-

Standing above the battlefield of slain CCG soldiers including Houji’s severed head, Takizawa is strangling Akira.

Takizawa: … I dreamed of this day. I would use my power to kill Tatara…. I saved the CCG…. I became a hero… I really wanted to save you… but still… even though I was his subordinate…. he came to kill me… I can’t forgive that. On that day, if Houji-san had been there, it wouldn’t have come to this.

Takizawa: I… I wanted you to see me do this too.

Akira: Idiot… I saw exactly what you did *cough* Everyone knows. You are a [Ghoul] that kills humans. Ending you here was Special Class Houji’s way of being kind… “Instead of being culled, at least be killed by your former boss’s hand” he wanted that for some reason.

Takizawa: … so in other words “Obediently Die” huh? I don’t wanna do that. And you… you are the same as him.

He tightens his grip on Akira’s neck.

Akira: Guh… Ta… Ki…. Zawa…

The next moment, she is saved as Amon jumps in and cuts off his arm.

Takizawa: What  the hell do you want, Amon-san?

Narration: A confrontation between two lost “wills”!