ss owl

  • Takizawa: *kills Tatara in order to save the CCG investigators*
  • Houji: Get ready to fight ss owl
  • Me: Excuse me? Excuse me did you just??? Takizawa saved you and did you just???? How dare?? He saved your ass??? He saved your squad's ass??? He saved Akira's ass???? And you just casually???? What the fuck???? Excuse you bitch but what the fuck??? What the fuck??? Wh-

Information on Aogiri. ‘Takizawa’ and ‘Ayato’ aren’t included, it’s placed there for reference but no clue so far if they’ve found out that Owl = Takizawa. Just rough translations, take with a grain of salt.

Naki: S
Used to be imprisoned in Cochlea but escaped due to Aogiri’s assault.

Hakatori: A+
Bin Brothers’ protegee. Seems to have knowledge on how to handle Quinques for some reason.
(i’m not sure if sister-in-law was the right term so i edited it for now but Hakatori is someone the Bins saw as their younger sister)

Hooguro: A+
A member of the White Suits. After joining Shousei, he separated from him. After that, he joins him.
(i’m a bit confused by this one)

Torso: A
Handles miscellanous jobs as a driver for Aogiri’s Tree.

Miza of Three-Blades: S
Ruled over the 18th Ward as the leader of the ‘Blade’. Was in opposition of the Bin Brothers.

Owl (Takizawa): SS+
The ghoul who appeared during the Auction battle. Suggested to be involved with ghoulification incidents.

Rabbit (Ayato): SS
An executive in Aogiri. A young ghoul in the service of the 'One-Eyed King’. Has killed Ghoul Investigators.

at the special classes meeting
  • Yoshitoki: And then there's SS+ rated Owl, a one eyed ghoul who is almost certainly an experiment of Dr. Kanou. We know nothing else about him at all.
  • Suzuya: But isn't he -
  • Houji: *stares pointedly and shoves a bag full of candy at Suzuya*
  • Yoshitoki: What was that Special Class Suzuya?
  • Suzuya: *gestures to a mouth full of candy and shrugs*
  • Yoshitoki: A shame, really. It'd be useful if we knew more of what Kanou was up to.
Reasons why Tatara can’t be dead

Aside from my obvious love for him, of course

1. First rule of TG– no one is dead until you’ve seen the body or quinque. And maybe not even then! (Remember how we all thought Takizawa, Rize and Kaneki were dead in TG? BTW, I also smell something iffy regarding Matsumae, Kanae/Karren and Arata’s fate.)

2. In chapter 89 we never get a proper flashback to Chi She Lian? And Tatara’s backstory is something that’s been hyped, so it seems weird that we weren’t given any satisfactory conclusion? Like Ishida even drew an ending card for him–alongside cards for Rize, Kuro/Shiro and Juuzou, people we know hold important roles. Also, usually in death scenes for significant characters there will be important flashbacks/monologuing about their life (just look at Arima), something which Tatara hasn’t gotten yet.

3. There is a time-skip between when Houji says ‘exterminate SS rated OWL’ and when Takizawa is choking Akira. So we don’t know if they’re in the same place they fought Tatara, or even what happened between those two points.

4. The ending of chapter 92: we see someone approach Miza and Naki (who’s TOTALLY ALIVE BTW) 

(Mangastream why is this scan so messy??)

I’ve seen people speculating it could be Nishiki, but that kinda doesn’t make any sense? Like if Nishiki had to be on Rue Island (a pretty big stretch itself), he would most likely be there to kill Torso (who’s dead already). As Nishiki doesn’t really affiliate himself with Aogiri, he has no reason to save or harm Miza/Naki. 

Let’s look at a breakdown of the picture… (pretty messy)

Lets take a closer look at Tatara again:

Finally, assuming this is the same ‘throne room’ Tatara was in:

Basically, what I see is that when Seidou was rampaging, Tatara managed to mostly heal up and with Hakatori’s help, quietly escaped during the commotion. Explains why both of their bodies aren’t around….

(Tatara, Naki and Hakatori you both better be alive in the next chapter ahhhhhhhh Ishida you’re killing me D:) 

Title: Ugly Head

Colored chapter cover has Mutsuki.

Narration: The knife that pierced Owl, the owner is…!?

Seidou suffers with the attack on his eye.

Seidou: Ughh… Gah… Ah…
Seidou: It huuuurts! You piece of shit!

Someone appears and Akira is surprised.

Akira: Wha…
Akira: Mutsuki…!!
Mutsuki: …Associate Special Class Mado. I’ve come as back-up.
Akira: You… were safe…?
Mutsuki: It’s difficult to say I was safe but, this body has helped me.
Mutsuki: Besides that, SS Rate Owl and… Floppy.

Amon is seen in pain.

Amon: Hah… hah….

Mutsuki: My apologies. I was stolen of my transmitters…
Mutsuki: Are there reinforcements/back-up coming?
Akira: Yeah. Suzuya Squad and… Urie Squad.
Mutsuki: Urie-kun…
Mutsuki: Understood.
Mutsuki: I’ll be borrowing time.

Mutsuki lets out his kagune, it whips around, hits Akira’s cheek, and it leaves a wound.

Akira: !

Mutsuki lets out a smile and it looks like he’s ‘awaken’ again.

Tatara gets defeated by Seidou. Tatara’s kakuja armor wears off as he lies dead on the floor.

Seidou turns around to look at Houji.

Seidou: I did it for the CCG! I saved the CCG!!

However, Houji looks at him with a cold expression.

Seidou: ???
Seidou: Houji…san?

Houji has tears in his eyes.

Houji: Everyone, prepare you attacks on SS Rate Ghoul ‘Owl’.
Seidou: …!!
Seidou: Why…

Seidou bites his lips. Houji and Akira prepare.
In the midst of tears, Seidou grabs a hold of Akira’s neck.

Akira: You really… did come to help us…
Akira: But… rather than being killed, at least by the hands of your former superior…
Akira: Actually, why don’t you know…?
Seidou: So you’re the same.

While tears travel down Seidou’s face, he tightens his grip around Akira’s neck.

Akira: Agh… Ta… ki… zawa…

Suddenly, Amon appears and slices Seidou’s arm holding Akira’s neck.

Seidou: What is it/what the hell, Amon-san.

Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 89 Spoilers thus far.

Takizawa attempted to either impress or get Houji’s favor by attacking and maybe killing Tatara. Tatara tries to flame Tatara and it doesn’t make contact as he’s… riding Tatara? Takizawa ejects ukaku darts at Tatara.

Eventually Tatara hits Takizawa in the face with his flames but Takizawa’s half-kakuja mask protects him. And Takizawa cuts off his arm.

Hakatori is there and attempts to stop Takizawa but he punches her in the stomach and steals her quinque, Takizawa says some stuff that is either mostly nonsense or I just can’t read it Hakitori calls him “traitor”, he then uses it to stab Tatara through the head with a spare quinque and then through the abdomen with his kagune.

Somewhere in the midst of the Takizawa/Tatara fight Tatara had a flash back of the Anteiku raid shortly after he said his line “The king is going to pass.” In it he’s bowing to Arima as he drags the defeated Kaneki by the hair down the raining street on the way to his “fight” with Eto.

After Takizawa defeats/maybe kills Tatara he looks to Houji and says something like “let’s share in the joy of his defeat.” Houji looks back and tells what’s left of his group to attack SS rate Owl.

Takizawa says “This day I killed Tatara is the kind of day I always dreamed of in the CCG…to save you guys…I…hero…I wanted to really help…and yet.”

“I wanted to see you Houji and you to Akira.”

The upset Takizawa asks “Why are you trying to kill me…Akira do you feel the same?” and then turns violent again, basically asking “What do you want from me?” As I guess he thought he’d get some acceptance from Houji and probably Akira for defeating Tatara and he starts to choke Akira while crying.

Then Amon arrives and cuts his arm off effectively freeing Akira from his grasp.

TG:re 92 spoilers pt. 1

Title: Ugly Head

Narration: Who was the owner of the knife that pierced Owl…!?

Seidou is holding his eye and groaning: Guhh…gahh…owww…you piece of shit…

Akira is surprised when she sees who appeared.

Akira: What…Mutsuki…!!

Mutsuki: …Associate Special Class Mado. I’ve arrived as backup.

Akira: You…were okay…?

Mutsuki: I would say I was okay, but I received some help from this body. But before that…SS-rate Owl…and over there…”Floppy”.

Amon, who is injured, can be seen from the other side.

Amon: Hah, hah, hah…

Mutsuki: I’m sorry, all my means of communication were taken away from me…is there any backup heading over here now?

Akira: Yeah…Suzuya squad…and Urie squad.

Mutsuki: Urie-kun is…I understand. I’ve earned some time*. (This is kind of vague here. I’m not sure whether the “time earned” refers to Mutsuki or Urie.)

Mutsuki lets out his kagune and one of them slashes Akira’s cheek, with blood coming out.

Akira: !

Mutsuki: …

Mutsuki “wakes” up again.