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Good Luck

Eyal: Timing is everything, Neshema, but one day you and I will be sitting somewhere, looking at a sunset, thinking of nothing at all. Maybe not this boat in Greece, but one day, and that will be a lovely evening.

Annie: I hope so…Goodbye, Eyal.

Eyal: I’m not good with goodbyes, and I never get to say it. Thank you, Annie. Good luck.

Here’s to hoping this smooth son of a gun makes a reappearance in Season 5… for more than three minutes.


The love of my life (Inspiration-kun) finally decided to come back so this happened. Kinda like an alternate version of this.

Edit: Why the fuck did i spell sasuke’s name wrong?! UGH


15/100 days of productivity
This is pretty much my day summed up. Also spent some time outside reading my (Swedish) book, which was really nice. The weather here in Sweden really went from 0 to 100 in a short period of time, it’s practically summer outside 😂🌞


4/100 days of productivity
Sorry for the lack off variety in pictures but all I did today was read and finish my assigned math pages and it wasn’t much to share. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek of my desk and my weekly spread

Btw thanks to everyone who’ followed me, I reached my first 100! :’)

3/100 days of productivity

Not a very productive day at all, but I managed to get something done at least. Pretty sure the problem was the fact that I was (am) exhausted, therefore I’m gonna go to bed early tonight 😌

Forgot to post this yesterday cuz I fell asleep, typical me hehe (Sorry for the poor quality pictures)

13/100 days of productivity
Today has not been that great, so here’s two (shameful) pictures. The first is of my daily procrastination, and the second is a snap of a quote I found in a book today. So yea :/
Hope y'all had a productive and beautiful day :)


7/100 days of productivity
Haven’t been this unproductive since I don’t even know when :( and when I finally managed to make myself do some math, I didn’t understand anything. I’ve never been this confused about math before…

Feel free to delete the caption, since it’s just a bunch of negativity :)


16/100 days of productivity
So much procrastination, not enough hours in a day… sigh…
Went in to town today and decided to visit so second hand shops and I found a book on fundamental astronomy (I collect astronomy books so the joy was real)
Anyway hope you all had/have a great day or evening wherever you are, cheers :)

The SS-Clemmings Network

All Aboard the SS-Clemmings!!  So basically, I’ve noticed that there isn’t many muke networks around so I thought why not create one. In this network, we’ll fangirl over muke, cashton and 5sos. :) 


Must be following me and hemmingsbirdy and punk-eats-you. We’re nice I promise.

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Fill out this application form 


Make new bffs :) 

Fangirl over muke, cashton and 5sos together. 

Gain followers

A squad to back you up from haters. 

People to talk to

People to reblog your selfies and text posts and stuff. 

Follows from all members.

Additional info: 

We’ll be picking really anyone who wants in. We’re not picky. Just as long as your nice and cool :). 

It’d be extremely cool if you sent us imagines,  manips and what not. 

Talk to us we don’t bite. I promise. :) 

Welcome to animetrash-net!

This network is for anime fans to get together and talk about our favorite animes, whether it’s freaking out over released OSTs, new episodes, or to just make new friends with similar interests!

Like all networks, we have some guidelines to read before applying!

1) Respect is our number one policy! Everyone and their opinions should be respected.
2) You have to love anime & manga! ^-^
3) Please have a LINE ID, communication is key! (though you may apply without a LINE ID)
4) It’s not required for you to have an anime blog, but please have an active blog.
5) Once you are part of the network, please have a link on your blog to the network!
6) Though it is not required, check out the admins’ blogs!  
sexhun // fuckingminseok // banhcanh

7) Track “animetrashnet” for updates, events, and posts from fellow members!

And please, reblog this post!