ss keewatin


Birthday trip yesterday to visit the SS Keewatin! There is no better feeling than stepping back into your time (if you happen to be misplaced in it as I am).

In order from top left, the promenade deck (where William looked up to see Julia! Couldn’t go up there, though, as the upper deck is rotted out), flower pot lounge, and again from the opposite end, view from the stern, the dining salon (/saloon, complete with curtains donated by the Murdoch crew), and finally the obligatory ‘photo with name of the ship in view’ photo.

Watch on

Whether or not you watch Murdoch Mysteries or even know what it is, this is a great background video on how they were able to use the SS Keewatin, the last Edwardian steamship afloat, in the opening ep of S7 as well as some of the history of the ship