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“I honestly believe that Sasuke was the one who made the first moves to Sakura (first kiss, proposal, first time etc.) because after seeing him doing the forehead poke on Sakura it’s pretty clear that he is not incapable of doing any other romantic gestures.”

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“You’re not serious,” Sasuke stated in a flat voice, his eyes watching the customers file out of the the doors ahead of them. Sakura didn’t answer, and when he finally pulled his eyes from the doors, he found her with the broom in hand and a mischievous look in her eyes. “You’re serious,” he spoke in a deadpan tone.

“Damn straight I am.”

While Sakura finished sweeping up the small amounts of popcorn around the main lobby, Sasuke began running the damp rag and spritzing the glass with Windex, wiping the greasy hand stains and popcorn oil from the front counter.

“I didn’t even invite you? We don’t even talk–” Sakura’s eyes flashed to his, showing him a fierce look and causing him to backtrack. “We only talk while at work.”

“You can’t attend a wedding by yourself,” she stated matter-of-fact.

“I’ve attended plenty by myself.”

“You’re only eighteen, hardly.”

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Let us also give a thumbs up to Sakura’s voice actor, Chie-san. The way she spoke, it was absolutely heartbreaking. I didn’t just listen to her voice, I felt the emotions and the pain in every single word. She sounded so desperate but at the same time you can feel her love. It was contagious.

Oh the things you do for love. T_T

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Can you please tell me why some fans think that SP hate Sakura and SS !?

Because when they’re at their worst, SP are a bunch of unprofessional douchebags who don’t even try to hide their Anti SS bias. They have a history of downplaying significant SS moments in the manga. Not only that, but they also often put in BS NS fillers that not only promoted the idea of Naruto having deeper feelings for Sakura than they actually were, but also that Sakura was in the process of moving on from Sasuke, which she obviously wasn’t.

I can’t refer you to the specific NS filler episodes because I didn’t pay attention to them. As for the canon episodes, I’ll probably miss some examples because this is just off the top of my head, but…

Episode 030 (1st Season):

After Sasuke had been bitten by Orochimaru and Sakura was comforting him, they were just holding hands regularly. In the manga, their fingers were intertwined (Chapter 050), which gave the scene a much more intimate feel:

Why didn’t SP stick to the manga?

Episode 074 (Shippuuden):

Watching this scene made me physically ill. When Sakura was looking at her photo of team 7 and getting sad over it, in the manga it was purely a SS moment (Chapter 319) due to the huge emphasis on the crescent moon (which was highly prominent during Sakura’s first confession). She was obviously thinking of and missing Sasuke, and the times they used to have together as part of Team 7:

In the anime however, they changed it to a NS moment by making her have Naruto flashbacks out of nowhere, and making her think of how hard he’s worked, how far he’s come, and about how she can help him from now on. Another SS moment ruined. Why didn’t they stick with the manga?

Episode 212 (Shippuuden): 

The whole long scene of Sakura remembering her times with Sasuke on her way to confront him after his battle with Danzo, didn’t happen at all in the manga, and it didn’t do anything positive for SS either. All it did was wrongfully imply that Sakura was ignorant of the darkness that Sasuke carried, whereas Naruto knew all along. That’s just more SP BS. Sakura was actually the very 1st person to know of Sasuke’s darkness, she knew about it since the Forest of Death, Naruto didn’t know about it until the Valley of the End; it was just a rivalry thing to him prior to that. Why did SP choose to add in that fake nonsense, just to downplay SS again?

Episode 373 (Shippuuden):

Need I say more? Look at the difference between Sasuke’s smirk in the anime and his smirk in the manga. It’s ridiculous, and the discrepancy is uncalled for. It took me until my 3rd time of watching the scene to even realise that he smirked. SP didn’t even make him go “heh” or have any form of verbal acknowledgement of Sakura’s display of power. They just gave him a microscopic smirk that’s pretty much unnoticeable to those who don’t pay attention (and that’s many). Why didn’t they stick to the manga?

The thing is though, SP have shown that they can do the SS scenes well. Sakura’s confession in Episode 109 was well done, as was this scene in Shippuuden Episode 278 among others:

So they’ve shown that they’re capable, but also that they can be very biased and downright obnoxious sometimes with the way they’ve handled the SS scenes in the past, such as those mentioned above.

Thanks for the question! ^_^

”If ever Naruto Gaiden is going to be animated, the one thing that I would look forward to most would be the voice acting. Imagine Sasuke’s gentle tone when he made sure if Sakura was okay, or when he told Sarada “Do not make that face”. Don’t forget Sakura’s “darling, thank you” and “Because we have you, Sarada”!”