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Sasuke Uchiha deserved a hell of a lot better ending than he got

are you guys serious? you are going to start another sakura vs hinata with sarada and sumire? both girls are lovely and precious and of course neither of them deserve hate :) so stop your unnecessary shipwars.

bluboothalassophile  asked:

Hey! As you know I love your work and have a request! Can I request some Sasuke and Sakura smut? How about on their travels?

Hey Blu! I love your work too :)

Since we are in SS Month 2k17, I included a prompt. 

I hope you like it and happy reading :D


  • SS Month - Day 11: Shelter From The Rain

For Sakura, there was no sight more enthralling than seeing the faces Sasuke made when he was lost in the rapture of their intimacy and love making.

The way his brow would lightly crease and his eyes would flutter shut, as if lost in a dream full of serenity and peace…

The way he would bite his lower lip when he took pleasure from her body…

The way his face would gently color with the hues of his want…

The subtle, arousing sounds that would slip past him when she would ghost her nails along his back, while softly breathing his name…

This time was no different. No less mesmerizing… And like all the others, it stole her breath away…

They were caught in a downpour on their journey to the Village hidden in the Grass. The gentle drizzle turned into a trickle and then to a steady cloudburst. With the evening breeze as accompaniment, they made plans to seek shelter before nightfall came upon them.

And there in an inn, just off the beaten path, with the pitter patter of the evening rain and gusts of wind against the windowsill, Sasuke and Sakura surrendered themselves to their love that night.

Soft caresses and tender looks invited roaming hands to further explore. As they shedded layers of heavily drenched clothing, they shedded away any lingering reservations.

Kisses led to moans which fueled a need for more. Looks of love and blushing cheeks was all their eyes could see. Captivated and enthralled by the softer side of her lover, Sakura softly gasped as Sasuke took her in his arms.

Feeling her body melt as his kisses trailed past her neck, she let her fingers toy with his hair, loving the smooth softness of it. Quivering under his subtle touch, she whispered his name into the hush of the stormy night.


Lifting her body gently and laying her on the bed, Sasuke kissed her slowly…deeply…conveying a silent message filled with depth and meaning. Understanding and receiving his message in full, Sakura switched their positions, so she was straddling his waist.

She needed to show him how much she cared. She needed to let him know how much he meant to her. She needed to let him know what he already came to know. And she’d never get tired of proving it to him.

Kissing and touching and loving on him hard, she gazed into his beautiful mismatched eyes, fondness covering her angelic features. Sasuke wore a subtle flush with a heat burning deep in his eyes.

Just looking at him made her ache for his touch…and she could tell he ached for her too.

Holding his member and sliding him inside, they moaned in unison as their bodies became one. Sasuke’s eyes fluttered shut as her name left his lips like a prayer…


Slowly rocking him inside her…slow and deep…they gave themselves over to their true emotions and cherished their blossoming love for each other.

Hands rubbing and touching, searching for more, with eyes full of passion bursting to life. Puffing and moaning into the squall of the night, they held each other close as their hearts beat as one.

Deep kisses and deeper strokes brought on a robust and resounding climax…one fitting for the bond they intimately shared. Looking tenderly into each others’ eyes, the whisper of their names was all that was needed…



Hello, again;

(ASAP, please?) @/post/162596417572 , yes, you’re correct, the apparel and accessories are not accurate as to what Natives wore way back when, but I honestly find it rather pathetic that non-Natives are getting pissy and all “It'ss sooo offensicve!!11! You cant dew that11!!!” We don’t need people to call out what might be offensive to US, as you’re not US. I’m a Native American, directly from the Eastern Shawnee tribe of Oklahoma, growing up and living between the primary capital and community complex of the tribe and central Missouri to have access to both sides of my family - with this being said, the only thing that is more agitating than white-washed, super-exaggerated, super-romanticized, “war-paint” covered representations of us and our ancestors is people who THINK that they need to feel offended FOR US.


Y'all better not be a fan of Pocahontas ANY Disney films or products, because all they do is exaggerate and falsify things about our past -

- But guess what -



Stop trying to act all “oh, I’m gonna be a hero and tell people that it’s not okay to falsify things that are commonly spread and no one seems or really should be caring about,” AND WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN GODDAMN CULTURES.

Want to really help us? Then maybe you should’ve helped with spreading the word about the Dakota Access Pipeline, not convincing kids that it’s not okay to draw characters inspired by Native American culture.

tl;dr;;  You don’t need to feel offended for us. If it offends YOU and YOUR culture, fine, but don’t claim that doing something is wrong towards a specific group of people when you have no personal connection to  or experience with it.