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If saying: "Stiles saved me" and giving a look saying thank you is being romantically canon,I mean people your standard are really really really low. They are friends so it made sense but people going all around screaming it being canon, I mean then Scydia and it's first season kiss is way more canon here. Let's see, but it makes me laugh when Jeff Davis is all "we always prepared this" when you didn't get them enough time together because of Stalia and they were friends there too...#shipbait



Okay so Mod is trying to draw her SS Elle and she’s a sniper / stealth based build so Mod went and looked up the average size of a .50cal Sniper rifle and it said 57 inches in total length and about 30 pounds which is 4’ 9" and Elle is only 5 feet tall.

She is literally only 3 inches taller than her weapon what. //does more research

Update; Mod found an American sniper rifle at a more reasonable size of 44 inches which is 3’ 8" much better.

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I don't understand, why Jeff would take a lot of effort to build Marrish if it's to say that Stydia was endgame from the start and i don't want to appear hard but god the stydia fans, how they feel that they are a great pairing, Lydia is not interested at all on Stiles, in a romantic way. She's perhaps graceful that he saved her live but in any way this is a factor who lead into a romance, it's cliché and kind of creepy even.