02-08-2015 // So this is my new study corner featuring my new desk! I assembled it myself this afternoon and it’s perfect. The lid lifts too, and because I have a pretty small bedroom that’s really useful because it’s extra storage for my notebooks and stationery. Also featured is my book haul from today as well as some new pastel markers I bought ^_^

This is going to sound like the biggest pipe dream but, I really hope someone who goes to NYCC to see Kishi’s panel and ask him if Sasuke and Sakura had a son what would he be named, and if the son would look more like Sakura or like Sasuke.

I honestly think having a pink haired Uchiha boy running around would be adorable and I think Sarada would be a great older sister.Just picturing it is cute too.
If Kishi’s big influence is Toriyama and SS is like Bulma and Vegeta then they should have another child to go along with Sarada. Trunks/Sarada, Bra/otouto, Gohan/Bolt, Goten/Himawari in a loose sense.

I also can’t believe that they got married and only had one child.

I still can’t get over the horse’s eyes, really Kishi?

A column of tanks of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH) stops on the road to Kharkov (Kharkiv) during the Third Battle of Kharkov. Known to the Germans as the Donets Campaign, and to the Soviets as the Donbas and Kharkov operations, the German counter strike led to the destruction of approximately 52 Soviet divisions and the recapture of the cities of Kharkov and Belgorod. Near Kharkov (Kharkiv), Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine, Soviet Union. March 1943

ts: treats bap like shit, pays them the most minimal amount, works them to death, somehow just misplaces a hefty sum of money that should have been bap’s pay

ts: oh sweaty, it was a mistake that’s all :)))

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hey i read the scenario you just posted it and it was really good. Do you think you can make a an angsty smut scenario with suga!?

You were laying in the bed you shared with your boyfriend Yoongi. The time is now approaching 3:30am and he still hadn’t returned home. It had been like this for months now; he would come home late and give you no explanation why. You began to suspect the worst. Was he seeing someone else? Was he actually cheating on you? Your mind had been racing through all the possibilities, deafening your ears to the sound if the front door being unlocked and opened. You sat up quickly as a dark figure you recognized to be Yoongi entered the room.
“Where have you been?” you murmured quietly, your mind still on the thought of him being unfaithful. He looked up at you and replied coldly,
“Work,”. He removed his cellphone from his pocket and began typing, completely ignoring you for at least five minutes.
“I don’t believe that at all,” you spat in his direction “, Who were you with?” he took his attention from his phone to you, his expression giving away his now annoyed mood.
“I wasn’t with anyone. I told you I was at work, and I wasn’t lying.” You tossed the blankets to the side and faced him completely.
“Really? Are you sure? Because, you’ve been out late every night for the past few months and you’ve been acting cold as fuck.” All he did was scoff and roll his eyes, tossing his phone down onto the nightstand on his side of the bed. You stared at him in disbelief, tears beginning to well up in the corners of your eyes. It had to be true.
“You’re cheating on me..” you spoke quietly now, emotions rolling over you like tsunamis.
“I am not. You’re just being fucking crazy.” he said as he turned to leave the room. You stood and followed him into the living room.
“Crazy?” you replied shakily, “I’m not being crazy. Look at this fucking situation. You’re out late constantly, you’re avoiding me, and now you’re being like this? Am I really the crazy one?”. Your tone was raising, your voice now becoming less shaky and more dominant. He let out an exasperated sigh before turning around to face you, throwing his hands around as he spoke, his words filled with anger.
“Look! You’re being crazy right fucking now! If I wanted to cheat on you I would have done it by now. I’m so fucking fed up with your shit.”
You let out a sarcastic laugh, tears spilling over your cheeks as you screamed at him,
“You’re fed up? What about me? Don’t you think of what I go through with you? You’re such a selfish asshole, Yoongi.”
And, that’s when he lost it. He screamed at you, all his anger out in the open.
“If you’re so fucking fed up with me why don’t you just leave? Try to find someone else who can deal with your clinginess and jealousness and insecurities. I’m so fucking over it.”
You stood there silently for what felt like forever, tears falling down your cheeks nonstop.
“Fine.” you stuttered, “I hope whatever bitch you’re seeing will put up with you for longer than I did.” You turned around and stormed out, almost running back into your bedroom. You slammed the door shut behind you and ripped down a suitcase from the too of the closet, grabbing the nearest bits of your belongings and carelessly throwing them inside. You heard the door open and Yoongi walked in, his voice loud and full of anger,
“What do you thing you’re doing? You aren’t going anywhere.” He grabbed your suitcase from your hands, throwing it carelessly to the other side of the room before grabbing your wrists roughly and pinning you against the nearest wall.
“I’m not fucking cheating on you okay? I love you.” He said.
“I hate you.” You could tell he was angrier than before and what you spat in response only made it worse.
“Too bad. You’re stuck with me.” He growled before leaning down, capturing your quivering lips in a kiss. You tried pulling your wrists from his grasp before giving up. He was too strong.
He pulled away from the kiss momentarily, letting go if his tight hold on your wrists. The look on his face was a mixture of anger and sadness… and for a brief moment you saw love. Deep love. The kind if love you saw in his eyes when you two went on dates, and the kind of love you saw when he first asked you to be his girlfriend all those years ago. Your tears only fell more as you circled your arms around his neck and pushed your lips against his in a heated kiss. You were needy and the kiss showed it.
He took hold of your waist and pushed his body closer to yours, the space that was there only moments ago was no where to be found. His hands rushed around traveled to places on your body that hadn’t been touched by him in months. You both felt fireworks. You tightened your hold on him and wrapped your legs around his waist as he circled his fingers on the underside of your thighs to hoist you up against the wall.
Your fingers laced themselves through the strands of his beautiful blonde hair as the kiss intensified. Your lips were molded together perfectly in a sloppy kiss. His tongue was dominating your mouth, exploring and tasting every part of it. The two of you continued kissing each other wantonly for quite a while before he pulled away to plant wet, rough kisses along your jawline and neck. He stopped at a spot right belie the junction of your jaw and beck and began sucking as you became a writhing and moaning mess between him and the wall. He alternated between sucking and biting until he was satisfied with the deep red mark he left behind and pressed his body firmly against yours before pulling away. He walked to the bed a threw you down roughly and grabbed the waistband of your shorts, pulling them off of you and throwing them to the side. He crawled on top of you and stared down at you as he reached down between your legs, rubbing two fingers in circular motions on your clit through your underwear. You moaned out and spread your legs for him, lifting your hips up above the bed slightly. A smirk formed on his lips just as he began ridding you of your shirt, immediately littering your upper body with wet kisses whilst quickly removing your underwear as well.
A breathy moan of Yoongi’s name escaped your lips and you leaned up, grabbing onto then successfully pulling of his shirt and throwing it off to the side as he removed his own pants to expose his fully hardened member. You licked your lips the moment before Yoongi leaned down to capture your lips in yet another heated kiss. He took hold of your bottom lip with his teeth and bit harshly as you began palming him through his boxers. He was almost rock hard. It took only a few seconds of palming and a couple kisses to his neck before he couldn’t take it anymore. He practically ripped his boxers off and kissed your lips as he positioned the tip if his length at your entrance. He didn’t hesitate to enter you and rocked his hips erratically. You moaned out even louder than before and grabbed onto his shoulders while spreading your legs. He thrusted into you hard and slow, making sure to hit your sweet spot with each movement of his hips and kissed you sloppily while doing so.
You reached a single hand down and began rubbing small circles on your clit as you felt your orgasm approach and Yoongi took this as initiative to thrust into your harder and faster. It took only a minute or so before your orgasm washed over you in waves, your body tensing, your back arching, and Yoongi’s name along with a string of curse words flooded the air between the two of you. The tightening of your core and the moan of his name sent Yoongi over the edge, cumming deep within you and groaning out lewdly. He thrusted into slowly a few more times to ride out his orgasm before pulling out of you and dropping onto the bed.
He lazily pulled you into his chest and pulled the blanket over the two of you, whispering sweet nothings into your ear until you eventually fell asleep, the sound of his heartbeat lulling you to sleep.

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  • Anti:ewwwww, SasuSaku is abusive and you're disgusting for shipping it. *gives me billion essays mostly based on character bashing, character hate, ship bias, and gross character misinterpretation as well as ignorance for popular JP tropes and culture that has molded said ship into its popular status, making the abuse claim a mostly western thing*
  • Me:you haven't read any other manga other than Naruto, have you?