sry to break it to u

  • and when we thought we had a break BIGHIT SHITTING OVER EVERYTHING WITH THIS:

yes, nora has said many things.

yes, i intend on ignoring probably more than half of them.

andrew and neil never marrying? wrong. andrew being a misogynist? wrong! andrew never smiling? really wrong. andrew and neil never saying they love each other? Extra Wrong. andrew and neil never hugging. WRONG!!! also u know how she says if they never broke their deal andrew would have never recovered? yeah. calling bullshit. as if breaking that deal mattered at all ok andrews feelings for neil were already There like the deal wouldn’t have made a difference!!!! he still wanted to burn the world down to find him even after they broke their deal. smth like that wouldn’t break them apart!!! sry!!!!!!

Something | Criminal!AU | Pt. 2

Summary: Do you want to know something? [playlist]
Word Count: 2,249 whats good
Genre: a mess (dont be fooled by the fluff in the beginning. it gets angsty)
Member: Hansol Vernon Chwe

Pt.: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (FINAL)

A/N: hey look its a part 2 lol. some bg info in this part, hope you like my overdramatic, bad angst :’)

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Not everyone is going to leave you, but not everyone is going to stay.


          Nicky knew better than to argue with Vito, but in paranoid ideation it was easy to forget what inhibition was necessary to save face. It was a rupture of panic in loss of control, despite lack of investment in the fling. Nicky had never been dumped before. He hadn’t meant to suddenly spill, but affective confession came up uncontrollable like bile, the reality of his raw vulnerability dawning on him. It was the homesickness and the loss of his last mentor that left him so sensitive ( Belardi’s presence in Nicky’s life now distilled to a few letters left unanswered on the hotel bed – Nicky meant to answer them, he did ).

At least it was after hours in Benny’s Ristorante, at least there were only a few associates in the corner, and at least they were occupied. Nicky did his best to keep himself from fidgeting, instead brooding by the bar, both hands on the counter as if to find stability. He glanced at Scaletta every so often to indicate that he was listening, the deepening frown on his face already forming answer.

Fuck no. No, I don’t like that. ‘Cause how-how do you know? How do you know when someone’s gonna fuckin’ DITCH you like that? You don’t. And fuck me if people stay. You don’t know when people will stay! You’re better off if you leave first. That way it’s in YOUR hands, that way YOU’RE in control. Fuck this, fuck people, Vito. This is stupid, she’s stupid, just fuck all of this.

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Sry if this turns out crappy I just woke up and while waking up I had this thought/half dream about Laurent riding Damen with the infamous instructions "Don't touch me" and taking his sweet ass time exploring Damen and wanting to see how long he'll last, but there's no breaking point for Damen he just lets Laurent have his way and at the end he's all like "well you taught me to be patient smh" and Laurent is impressed and lets Damen fuck him, this time his way uwu

asks about laurent riding damen are the reason i don’t delete my tumblr tbh

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RFA + V and Saeran with MC who knows her way around cars. Like, if one breaks down or had trouble, she knows how to fix it. She can rattle off the makes and models of cars with just a look, and knows their specifications.



He figures out you know your way around cars when his car doesn’t want to start one fateful morning, when he has to go to work early.
You come out and ask whats wrong and he is there grumpling stuff
You pop the lid, and go to work.
Little while ever he is on his way to work
with you with him, because he didn’t wanna leave you..

He figures out when he cant start his motercykel and you just come out like “yo..”
You got a lot hotter all of a sudden
yee, work that.. Metal thing!
My babe is so talented!
So much praise.

You just tell her like “oh yea that’s a thing”
Whenever she needs help you’re the first one she goes to.
Also likes watching your butt as you’re working
-don’t tell anyone that

the car breaks down and driver kim is about to go see whassap when you just kinda walk over and pop the hood
“Ya sry bois, cant fix this with no tools”
Confused Jumin.
And that is how he sometimes fucks with the car just to see you work
He is a fucking prankster but a shitty one

He knew.
You two talk about cars together
Likes to see you with his babies
More than once has he asked to have you pose on the hood in a “sexy mechanic outfit”
He needs to be stopped.
You two also make small model cars that can drive. Racing around the living room with said cars and ruining everything.

He doesn’t react much facially.
He thinks it cool and pretty convenient, in terms of breaking down in the middle of nowhere.
Doesn’t admit it but wan’ts to smack your butt when you’re fixing a car.

He is very proud of you for being so skilled
- if he had his sight he would take pictures of you together.
He wants to try and learn some simple stuff aswell, so sometimes you two just kinda chill with a car and you tell him about the stuff.
Bonding through cars, even though he doesn’t understand squad.

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Hi bud! Idk if u remember an anon complimenting ur lovely work, saying theyre very critical of these things. Well I was wondering if I could request a scanario where Rapmons gf is really clumsy/bruises easily and one day one of the others joke about u being easily breakable (or sth) when u trip and so Rapmon becomes distant and when u confront him, he says he doesnt want to break u. Ik ur busy but if u get the chance to write it, that would be great (sry if its too detailed of a request) pls/ty!

This got a little angsty and really long I really hope you like it!

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Title: Breakable
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Members: Namjoon
Words: 2386

Namjoon knew you were clumsy, there was no doubt about that. It was what had led to him accidentally - surprisingly, it really was just an accident - grabbing your chest before the two of you had even started dating; you’d tripped, and he’d thrown his arm out to catch you, which led to a lot of teasing from the boys that Namjoon didn’t seem to notice, too busy trying to fight off a smirk as he apologized. Namjoon was used to hearing his band mates make those jokes about him near constantly, so he’d learned to tune them out for the most part. So why was today different?

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can we please talk about how jk found jimin scolding him the MOST embarrassing thing that happened to him the WHOLE YEAR??? like? wtf did jimin say ?

jimin: did i raise a child or a baboon.. ive never been this Ashamed in my entire life…. look me in the eyes when im talking 2 u young man

jk: but my neck gets tired from looking down all th- im sry.. b.. bad habit

jimin: omg ur srsly back-sassing me now.. making fun of my height.. all the years nearly breaking my back raising ur ungrateful ass, coddling u, buying u things….. this is how u repa

Some things will never make sense
Like why you always need to count things three times before you feel satisfied
Or why you can’t stop pulling out your hair
Or why he just doesn’t love you anymore
And it’ll all play in your head millions of times without wearing out like one of the catchiest songs you know
Except this tune will make you wonder where you went wrong 2 years ago
When he said those things that are still on the tip of your tongue, ready to come out in a sob that will make your entire body shake
And will remind you of why he left you for another girl
And why your best friend hasn’t been talking to you lately
And why your parents look at you with disappointment
And you’ll think, “Maybe he was right,
Maybe no one will love me if I’m so fragile,”
So you’ll dig into your skin just to prove how tough you are
But all you’ll end up accomplishing is lying to another doctor about how you feel
Because ever since your heart was broken, you haven’t been able to tell imaginary from real
And your world is still falling apart, even after you’ve cried 3 buckets of tears
And punched 3 holes in the wall
And pulled yourself together 3 times just to break down yet again
And the only change you’ve made in the past 2 years of your life is you’ve stopped lifting your feet at railroad tracks
Because luck doesn’t matter when he’s already long gone and you’re so broken that you’re beyond repair.
—  and 3 years will pass but i still won’t feel satisfied

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15, 16, 37, 39, 64 😭, 83, 90

15. Favorite song?

rfgiurierroigjt REHAB you know how indecisive i am i hate this i can’t pick between my children >:( this is like the worst question every but my top favourite aLWAYS r hotel california by the eagles and any mj song literally

16. Favorite movie? 

?????? why do u hate me??? woot haf i dun???? i can’t sry 

37. Favorite swear word?

no seriously whats ur problem??? why do u wanna break my fast so badly

39. Do you have any scars?

i have one on my chest shoutout to joury my cat ! and one on the back of my ankle cus i was at a waterpark w/my bro and we went on a ride together and shared one of those double donut floats n anyway it was super high n he was supposed to hold me cus i was at the bottom but his cap flew off during the ride n he let go of me cus his stupid snapback was way more important so obviously my tall legs hit one of those rocks at the turning points nd my skin peeled off n it was v messy n its been 7 or 9 years and the scar hasn’t faded yet 

64. Are you a gossip?

for your eyes aseerlik gossip 

83. How fast can you run? 

i can run pretty fast when i want to ngl 

90. What makes you angry?

when people take you for granted 

get to know me !!

Reason – Haizaki Shougo

Miz Note: Angst
Word count: 1619

“You’re so annoying. You can’t keep breathing down my neck you know,” he snickered.

For years I’ve been watching him grow. His Teiko days, his bad habits and his recent encounter with Touou Academy’s ace that didn’t end well. Nevertheless, I’ve always had enough strength to stay by his side even after everything he’s done. I’ll continue to do that and watch over him, helplessly trying to fix the mess he makes. After all, there was only one person that could handle and had the best chances to tame the man. Me. I was the only one that would be by his side forever. Nothing attached or anything, just only because I had enough time to get used to this guy and his shenanigans. Him. Haizaki Shougo

"We’ll see you in a week, honey. Remember to check the mailbox everyday and lock the doors when you’re in your room or not around here," 

"I’m not seven, mom, I got it," 

"Bye, sweetie," 

The sound of the main door clicking meant peace for the next seven days. Even after knowing that, I had to drag myself to the room. 

Some nights you would just feel down for no apparent reason when you feel like you’re not suppose to be. This was just one of them.

Sigh. He was always ready to get himself into all sorts of trouble, and I would always be ready to pick himself back up and cover for whatever trouble he’s caused. I never ever did yell at him for the things he does though. There wasn’t any reason to do that. It wasn’t easy doing this hell of a job of picking him back up, since it could happen anytime anywhere, but I still stuck to it. It was definitely easier than remembering to lock the doors of this house that just got abandoned by my parents.

Fifteen minutes to midnight. Knowing that bastard, he’s probably either screwing around in some meek little chick’s bed that was gonna end up empty by morning or up running around in streets being problematic. 

I placed my phone on standby incase he needed me. I took a quick shower to get my mind off things. I wasn’t even thinking about anything in particular, really. Or was I? 

It had been a good few minutes staring blankly at the light pink walls of the bathroom enclosing me and the endless pouring of water from the shower head. The scent of lavender coming from the bar of soap in my hands, ready to be lathered all over my body. Feeling my hands tightened around the bar of soap, droplets of water coming from another source soon mingled with the ones that came from the shower. 

I can’t do this. 

I surrendered, and let the emotions flowed for the rest of the time that I’m going to spend curled up naked and cold in this shower. Alone. 

"What the fuck are you doing?” 

Or maybe not. 

I didn’t even bother trying to cover up. I wanted to ask him why on earth he’s here but my mind was too clouded to speak. That’d be pointless and too overdramatic anyway, as if being a pile of sobbing mess in the shower isn’t already dramatic enough. So weak. He’s going to laugh at me for the rest of his life. 

"The fuck are yo– Damnit

He was frustrated, just like how I always see him as. But something deep inside me tells me that frustration wasn’t the only thing that he felt this moment. 

The calming rhythm of running water from the shower was gone. A second of shiver ran through my body as a reaction to suddenly being exposed to nothing, before feeling the soft dry fabric being thrown and hung around me. I’m sorry you had to see this, I’m sorry Haizaki. I will stand up myself now. 

If only I could. 

My legs gave up on me.

Five foot and hella angsty female could help the massive six foot two Haizaki Shougo regardless what but couldn’t even pick herself up no matter how much she tried. How ironic.

Oi, don’t scare me,” I was hurriedly carried up bridal style and put to bed, then enveloped by even more towels. No amount of warmth would be enough to melt the ice cold feeling I was having on the inside. 

But was Haizaki actually panicking? 

Now I’ll have sometime to laugh back at him. But first.. for now, let me.. just.. 

I’ve never held on to something so tightly before. I’ve always had my pride, always never needed anyone else to depend on. It makes me want to laugh even at this point at how ridiculously I must look clinging desperately onto someone like Haizaki Shougo. 


I’ve already surrendered, and what else was there to lose? I tugged his gray sweater, a little stronger each grip, pulling him close to me and just praying he’d got my message. I couldn’t care less about anything else other than the fact that he was right here beside me and giving me the kind of warmth I’ve wished for years.

"Ah fuck, wha–? Tch, I’m not gonna go, baka,” For a moment I thought my eyes were decieving me when I faced him, and that my ears and mind teamed up to lie to me, thinking that I heard only what I wished to hear. 

The look upon his face says it all. His gaze was not only focused but also felt like it was penetrating through me. Every feature on his face was tensed up and they showed signs of sincerity. Genuine.

Haizaki was dead serious.

I’ve got to snap out of this pool of mess. What the hell am I doing getting comfort from Haizaki? My stomach twisted in knots that hit every single nerve in my body, making me shake. I feel trapped in so much misery. My fingers were crawling deeper into the cotton of his sweater. Slowly it was getting stained with my tears. I was.. scared. This is getting out of hand. I.. need to.. breathe. I need t– 

"I’m a jerk,” He casually murmured, eyes still locking with mine. Deep in his pupils you can see it all. He wasn’t going to lie about anything he’s going to say next. Stop, Haizaki. Just stop. This guilt trip of making you say these isn’t what I need now.

I know, alright. I know I’m not even one of your choices to go to when you have problems,” His hand hovering over mine, trembling a little, then grabbing and squeezing it.. surprisingly gentle. Years in my life I’ve never ever seen Haizaki this way before, and almost like at a loss of what to do. 

“But give me some face and just depend on me for now, won’t you?”

It wasn’t really considered a reason to be okay again, but it was enough for me. Sealing my eyelids, I leaned into his chest and allowed the soft but quick rhythms of his beating heart soothe me to sleep. This was definitely something new.

Forcing my way out of the classroom and I found myself stuck in the middle of a crowded hallway. Even though it was packed, there’s someone that would always catch my eye. Haizaki Shougo was at a dark corner of the stairways, pinning up another one of his preys against the wall, casually feeling her up. This time it was a brunette. Skirt length not far away from the knees, decent hair tied up in a ponytail and actually wearing a tie. Definitely a scholar student trying to live her life and getting excited over a bad boy chasing after her. A straight A student perhaps. The neatly fastened and shined badge on her collar gave it away. What nerve of this guy target a member of the school committee.

My analysis was quickly put to an end when we had a moment of awkward eye contact. His hand were still busy underneath her half unbuttoned blouse and  her loosened tie but his eyes never left mine. Pay attention to her, doofus. I couldn’t help but gave a grin in reply to the intense eye staring. He appeared confused for a split second but was back to his usual smug face and gave me one of those arrogant smirks. We both knew that she was going to get ditched really badly right away after he had his fun. 

He never told me the reason why he appeared out of nowhere that night. Not that it was really needed to know, because I already had a guess that I’m so sure of was true. Haizaki Shogo can go ahead and do all the girls he want, but none of them was gonna ever find him breaking apart. All they would remember is that infamous smirk upon his face and the licking his fingertips after achieving what he wanted. Not the desperate and concerned look upon his face when he saw me alone in distress. It was the only thing that the both of us knew and shared. Haizaki would’ve never let anyone knew about him being in such a weak and vulnerable state like that night. He’d kill anyone that laughed at him for it. 

Kill anyone except me

He’d laugh right at back at me for being a pathetic mess, and I wouldn’t mind at all.

The number of girls he has slept with might just keep getting bigger by time, but all that matters is that we both know when the right time comes, we’d both be each other’s lasts. It’s still hard to believe it now, but I will hold on to that promise.

Part Two – Crimson (Major TW)

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Can u do a blurb where your at Luke's house after a night of *ahem* fun and you like get up 2 make breakfast and all his band mates are there like drinking coffee. And ur just wearing like 1 of his shirts and underwear, and the he walks in like wtf. so u run upstairs 2 get changed and when u come back down u over hear them being like was that ur first time? asking if u were any good and laughing at him 4 the marks on his back and then you just walk in 2 the kitchen awkwardly sry this is so long

nah don’t sweat it anon you’re practically writing the blurb already!!!! okay so yeah maybe you’d been dating luke for a while but he’d been on tour for a lot of it but finally they were all taking a break and your boyfriend would come home!!!! and you’d finally do the do and it’d be mindblowingly amazing and in the morning you’d wake up completely starving and when you tried to wriggle out from under the covers luke would wake up and give you a kiss and you’d tell him you were gonna get some breakfast and he’d nod and you’d just figure you’d be cool just pulling on one of his t-shirts bc his parents weren’t home so you’d pad downstairs in your bare feet and as soon as you entered the kitchen all three 5sos boys would look up from their breakfast and phones and you’d be so startled you’d yelp and calum would chirp, “hi!” and you’d look and them and they’d look at you and after a minute you’d finally just be like, ”uh… i’m gonna go put on some pants.” and walk out of the room and they’d all start cracking up and by that point luke would already be halfway down so you’d breeze past him and be like, “your band is here.” and continue upstairs to grab a pair of pants but when you came back down you’d hear ashton’s laugh and him being like, “you look like you got mauled by a bear dude, what the hell?” and calum would be like, “congrats, mate!” and michael’d be like, “so, how was it?” and you’d hear luke sigh and be like, “she’s amazing.” and michael would fake-cough “whipped!” and luke would just be like, “shut up.” and when you came back into the kitchen they’d all go completely silent v suspiciously and you’d just give luke a peck on the cheek and continue on about your morning pouring yourself some orange juice, etc. as the boys not-so-secretly wiggled their eyebrows at luke