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Was tagged by the gorgoeous @nyxielchildofthemoon and @tsundere-omi :) Thank you so much :)

Rules: Answer the questions you’re given, write 11 of your own, and tag 11 people.

Questions from @nyxielchildofthemoon:

1. What is the one thing you have always wanted to do? - travel to Japan (I’ve been dreaming about this since I was 10)

2. If you could have any appendages what would it be? Meaning tail, wings, etc. - wings

3. Favorite YouTuber and why? - to be honest I have none. I’m only using Youtube for watching MVs *hides*

4. If you could change your name what would you change it to? - I’m pretty happy with my name so I think I wouldn’t change it.

5. If you could have any book character come to life, who would you pick and why? - Ellery Queen because he’s my favourite detective.

6. Would you be friends with your oc (if you have one)?- I have none and offline I’m shy and I always have a kinda hard time to get to know new people.

7. What would be the theme song of your life at this moment in time? - Tokyo Merry Go Round (Da-iCE) This song is totally stuck in my head and I have it on repeat the whole day.

8. Child of the sun or child of the moon or child of the stars? - Child of the stars I would say.

9. Stuff animals? Yes or Nah. - Yes :D I don’t buy or get much new ones. I still have a lot from my childhood and I still love them so much. The only ones I’ve bought recently and I love the most are two dinosaurs from the Natural History Museum in London :D

10. Favorite Flowers and why? - I would go with Sunflowers. When I was a child I’ve always liked huge sunflower fields.

11. Favorite crystal if you have one? - Nope, sorry, I don’t have one.

Questions from @tsundere-omi:

1. Which season do you like the most and why? - Autumn/Fall because I love the golden sunsets and the coloring of the leaves.

2. How did you get into the fandom you are currently in? - For the Jpop Fandom in general it was because of Matsushita Yuya and his song “Bird” for the anime Kuroshitsuji. For the LDH Fandom I’ve accidentally found Katayose Ryota in Anikoma and wanted to know who he is.

3. Do you have a movie, book or show that you can watch or read again and again without growing tired of it? - “The Lord of the Rings” (J.R.R. Tolkien) I read it twice a year and I’m pretty sure I watch the movies once a month.

4. What are you excited about for this year? - I’m really excited for all the new challenges I will face in my 2nd year of my PhD. 

5. Do you have any nicknames? - Steffi (short for Stefanie)

6. Golden mornings or peachy sunsets? - Both.

6. Do you have an aesthetic? - Nope, sry.

7. Barefoot or fuzzy socks? - Fuzzy socks :D

8. What historical period is most interesting to you? - Ancient Egypt. I was in Egypt once and was totally fascinated by all the ancient ruins and pyramids.

9. What’s a language you’d like to speak and why? - Japanese. I’ve already started because I want to know what my fav groups are singing without using Google Translate everytime :D

10. Sweet or salty popcorn? - Salty.

11. What’s one risk you took that ended up being completely worth it? - When I’ve finished my master I’ve thought I would stay in the same city, but I didn’t get a position. In the end I’ve applied in a city I’ve never seen before and to be honest I didn’t know much about it. But now 1 ½ years later I’m really grateful that I  took the chance because I’m happier than I’ve ever imagined :) 

My questions:

1. How do you overcome a bad monday? 2. What’s your favourite place at home and why? 3. Tea or Coffee? 4. What would be your ideal vacation? 5. How do you start your day? 6. Three songs to describe your life so far? 7. If you would have found your dream job, what would it be and where? 8. Ebook or Book and why? 9. If you could live in a fictional world, which one would you choose and why? 10. Star Wars or Star Trek? 11. What would you do on a day off?

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I've had the worst day today and tell me to stop if I'm annoying but imagine fem larry being apart for a while and they keep sending each other songs that remind them of the other and it's super cheesy shit like louis sends harry work song by hozier and then harry sends her the one that I want from grease back because Louis is deffo her Danny Zuko

aw omg! and imagine them like using the iMessage drawing feature to write each other cute notes and sending heartbeats and kisses i’m :((

Omg - sorry I took so long for this!

I postet the WIP of this in December and I just finished it today! ;_;
Forgive me pls!!

It went out very shiny I hope you like it |D
They are standing in the Lighthouse and Ampharos uses Flash :D

btw, I’m working on my game project at the moment so there won’t be a lot of posts for the next weeks, sry!

hello its me! yes so i am back with my second follow forever :’) i actually wanted to do this but i got my goal of 400 but now this post is to thank all the 500 followers that i have now :’) thankyou everyone for following me even though i don’t edit and gif things well and often ٩ʕ•͡וʔ۶ i am really surprised that i actually got to 500 ;; I LOVE U ALL SO MUCH 

thankyou for always blessing my dash with amazing and top quality posts of svt ((all of you can edit so well i am such trash for your edits tbh)) i really never once regretted stepping into this fandom or should i slipped into it so i am so thankful that i met all of you ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ 

also, thankyou @snapbackhoshi for this amazing graphic for my ff! look its mingyu being so cute!!!!!!!!!!1 love u tin (‘∀’●)

i apologize in advance if i spammed your notifs :c // please tell me if i left anyone out too :c 

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