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omg but arya killing d@ny in the end is now my new fave theory (i'm horrible i know). but i can see it happening for several reasons-one of which is they both have so many parallels in the books and i think they're going to cross paths eventually. she is grrm's fave after all and will most likely have a shocking and amazing endgame. also there has been very little talk of her arc in s7 and i find that rather suspicious...

Hi anon, sry this took so long!

Initially I wanted to write a long, thought-out meta on this, but since I don’t seem to find enough time (or brain power) to do that, I’ll just give you a short-ish answer now and maybe come back to this topic later. The rest is under the cut, so I don’t offend some peoples sensibilities. You know what this is gonna be about. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

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BASED ON | closed starter for @hvtelrooms

sometimes maddie wonders if she’d just chosen to live in genoa; it’s been forever a family—her and her dad’s—tradition to spend summers there, and never has she felt any sort of boredom eating away at her. this year though, she’s forced to stay home to support her father’s band’s homecoming tour. as much as maddie’s their biggest fan, it’s a complete one-eighty degree turn from what she’s been used to, and having to spend the entire summer in her regular home would just feel weird, and almost dreadful. at least in genoa, she had a lot of interesting relatives to converse with, and actual thrilling activities to do. this time, she’s got nothing but herself looking after their home—one that reminds her so much of not so pleasant memories of her mom. so when the doorbell rings, she actually gets a little too excited, but then remembers it might just be the pizza delivery guy. reaching the door with light, swift footsteps down the stairs, the blonde’s slightly disappointed to meet a stranger with definitely no pizza in hand, but she still manages a polite smile on her face nevertheless. hey. how may i help you?

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I postet the WIP of this in December and I just finished it today! ;_;
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It went out very shiny I hope you like it |D
They are standing in the Lighthouse and Ampharos uses Flash :D

btw, I’m working on my game project at the moment so there won’t be a lot of posts for the next weeks, sry!

hello its me! yes so i am back with my second follow forever :’) i actually wanted to do this but i got my goal of 400 but now this post is to thank all the 500 followers that i have now :’) thankyou everyone for following me even though i don’t edit and gif things well and often ٩ʕ•͡וʔ۶ i am really surprised that i actually got to 500 ;; I LOVE U ALL SO MUCH 

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