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Pretty sure everyone in the entire fandom has done their take on the ‘and I fell in love instantly’ moment by now, but I’ll always have a special place in my black little heart for those early episodes so I had to do it anyway :V

I’m sry but there is no way Carlos was as suave and professional as Cecil claims during that town meeting 0% CHANCE.

why an lgbtqia+ person should be respected the same as u, a cisgender heterosexual person
  • they are a living breathing, feeling human being just like u
  • they, collectively, have never done anything to offend u other than love who they want, which is, rly, none of ur business

  •  if religion is ur deal, what would Jesus/Mohammad/whomever u praise/worship/etc. think if u hated another human being in their name?

so please respect them like u would respect another cisgender heterosexual person. thanks.

Rule #5 - Never Be Smug

Excerpt: His daddy doesn’t love him. And he feels so ashamed of what he had done that night. It’s one thing to do the walk of shame, but another thing to do the walk of shame where the person is an integral part of your life.

Summary: A loosely-connected, self-indulgent chaptered series about a taboo relationship // This is a drug; illegal and addicting, or that’s what Phil thought.

Warnings: swearing, incest, exhibitionism, daddy kink, smol angst

Words: 4,920!

Alice: IM AT A PAYPHONE TRYING TO CALLHME ALL OF MY CHANGE I SPENT ON YOU sorry spoilers! also: sry for the delay here’s the sin!

Charlie: meep meep hi i am cute and alice is evil ♡♡ (also dedicated to shae bc it was his birthday on the 1st of december)

read #4 here || masterpost || read #6 here

“Phil, your kid’s not paying attention in class again,” Louise remarks, walking past him with a stack of folders in her arms.

Phil wants to respond snarkily but decides against it, instead picking up his mug and sipping the warm coffee in it.

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~ birthday drawings ! :DDD ~

hello there >w>)/ !

I’m deeply sry I didn’t post anything recently ._.) It’s just that School is pure STRESSSSSS D: not only the upcoming exams…  my classmates and I gotta work for School too x///x 14 shifts, where we have to sell winning tickets because of a certain Festival-Event in my hometown ~.~ we all feel sort of abused because we need to sacrifice almost every free hour we have.

ugh. I’ll be so happy if that’s over xD but just to let you know that there are less fanarts in the future D’: I’ll still try my best >o< ! there will be at least a b-day pic for the Servamp-charas :D ! <3



Tadaaaaa ~ some birthday drawings I drew recently :DDD !

1. @servampfanarts - Licht n Looooooooooorres >w>) ~

2. @sleepy-onigiri - Tetsu ‘n Hugh :>

3. @juliusagi - your Neko-husbando Kurooooo >3<) !

4. @sleepyashthecat - Kuro x Pillow x'DDD <3

I also drew sth for my Servamp-best-tomodachi Kasumi xD but that’s just personal stuff with Insider and so on ~ well, since these People are reaaaally reaaally amazing  they deserve a gift for their bday :DDD ! ~ <3 ( and there are more upcoming soon xDDDD ! )
I love this fandom in General v.v) <3 <3 I still can’t believe that there are so many friendly and funny People 8(>////<)8 !

and… it’s not just me that links ServampCharas with ServampFans, ne ? like… when I think of SleepyOnigiri I instantly think of the Pride Pair and vice versa :D or sleepyashthecat is THE REAL LIFE KURO XDDDD Rhomi will be mah Lichtan forever, even if she’s cosplaying Lawless next month x’D and Juliusagi, I always link her with a Picture of a fluffy-kawaii-neko-cottoncandy-Kuro or sth xDDD


but every Fan has its own personality and it’s just interesting to meet those People x'DDD <3

ganseytheboi  asked:

Mmmm just anything w/ trans neil idk the specifics sorry

sry this took me ten years but also thank u for sending this bc i was dying to write more trans neil. 

neil + his scars (body image mostly?)

read on ao3

Body image had always been a subject for Neil, whether his name was Neil or whether his father was using his birth name, it didn’t matter. It wasn’t exactly only related to his gender dysphoria, it was also about the amount of scars he wore because of what his father had done to him through years of abuse before he’d finally run away with his mother.

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kittymarie1994  asked:

Hi I was wondering if you had any haechan gifs from any of the limitless performances. I can't seem to find any on your blog

hi~ indeed we haven’t giffed him so far mainly bec noone requested ?? … do you want me to make some? if so is it just limitless you’re interested in or would good thing also be alright with you? anyways just send us a request if you want ;; … also i might update this post if we post a haechan gifset (cause i do feel sry about the fact that we only didn’t gif him .. it’s just i had so many things to gif the last days … i literally pushed myself to get all those requests done) … thank you for asking for haechan ;) (i feel motivated to gif him now)

update: just made a haechan gifset here

-caroline (suhocean)


aaa since its nicos birthday i had to post SOMETHING… nico and jasico (take it as friendship or shipship im good one way or another) from my sketchbook from recent weeks!! i love nico, i feel close to him as a character (bdays 2 days apart and both INFPs heck yee) and all i want is for him to be happy

sry sry art block still ongoing, i feel so boring drawing nothing but people facing ¾ with no background but hey at least its something! :–D


Flowerkawa is finally done //sweats 
Thanks again for inspiring me and letting me draw him in this design, I really appreciate it, Mandy <3

[[photo, photo, scan (which sucks lmao)]]

Actually there wasn’t too much to be done after the last WIPs? LMAO
And I kinda felt bad for taking so long to add the last bits to call it finished and then I said to myself “I gotta pimp it and make it worth the wait!! ` v ´)9″
Sooo I went ahead and made a mess of my desk with leaf metal again ehehehe
But I think it’s really fitting ´ 7 `


This simple style is awfully fun to draw I can’t help =)

Finally done with 1st semester of college so I had some time to draw things.. obviously I’m too into this osomatsu-san hell and enjoyed myself too much sry sry

This fandom is so magical

honestly I’m 2 independent if anyone tells me what to do or gives me advice even if it’s friendly or good I won’t do it lol I can’t stand anyone telling me what to do it’s not gonna happen… like during the Black Death if I had the bubonic plague and a doctor told me to put healing salve on my buboes to try and cure me and whatnot I’d be like ‘excuse me how dare u tell me what to do it’s my life I’ll do whatever I want this is my rotting flesh” and I would like die but everything must b done my way I cannot mend my ways sry