sry these look terrible

yknow… rose quartzs strength seems to be very… vision-based? like shes described as “always seeing the beauty in things”, and potential as well as beauty (what does she say to garnet in the answer? “im happy to see you again”?), and you could probs make a lot of puns here too (she was a visionary! she had a vision for the future of earth, that she fought for!)

anyway what im saying is that she reason shes important is that she saw that what the other gems were doing was wrong, she saw potential in earth and budding humanity, she oversaw the rebellion… it is what she saw that made her different.

steven, on the other hand, his strength is in words. this is an easier point to make; how many times does he talk his way out of potential conflict? (i just rewatched political power lol). he talked to centipeetle and calmed her down, he befriended peridot with his words (and singing! theres so much singing! hes so incredibly vocal). what did lapis say to him? “you actually talked to me. you saved me!”

so its fitting that rose had healing tears, but steven has healing spit.