sry the quality is so shit


  And what do you want?  For people to see you, as I do.

A comic entry for tomoe-au’s contest! Sry this is poor quality, I was supposed to digitalize it when I got back home yesterday from my dad’s house but we ended up staying the night, but hey at least I tried. So yet again Tomoe is spending time at her ‘Aunt’ Golin’s house while her dad’s are gone on a mission (she’s grounded so they’re not leaving her at the house alone), and of course Golin praises her beating the shit out of one of her peer’s. ☺


So sumvivens requested a pink and blue aesthetic troye edit, this is the best I could do. Enjoy! 

If you ever have any requests please feel free to ask :)

ben (sumvivens), check the tags

I don’t know, like I just really love sitting here when I feel like shit, watching their first GTA 5 videos together. The ones where the quality is so fucking grainy it hurts to watch. But it’s so pure and it makes me smile. Because they’re still the same with each other. But closer still and it hurts just a little bit, because I want that. And I’m so proud of where they are now and how far they’ve come from those ugly grainy low-quality videos. They worked their way up to the top and it was so effortless, all they had to do was keep having fun together. Just as they’re doing to this day. When I think about where I want to be in the future, it’s right there. I want to be in love with what I do, I want to have a best friend that sticks by my side no matter what anyone throws at us. I want to be as happy as they are. I want to wake up and know that my day is going to be amazing because I get to game and laugh and do what I’m passionate about.