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081017 // an incomplete journal spread that i have yet to finish.

anyways i kno y'all r thinking ‘y dis bich posting every single day u got no chill!’ but it’s bc im gonna be rly rly rly busy for the upcoming months n i won’t have the time to post a lot of og content then.

i cant schedule my posts for some reason bc tumblr is shitty so im just gonna have to post shit now rip;; hope u guys r staying hydrated tho (also i apologise for the quality but its just tumblr being a binch again lmao)

Hey all, I haven’t posted any non-school stuff recently since classes take up most of my time, but I’m trying to get back into using instagram! Instagram’s more suited than Tumblr for my watercolors and smaller doodles (like above), so if you want to see any of that stuff, follow me here


  And what do you want?  For people to see you, as I do.


‘Once in a lifetime, that perfect wave comes along. Not to big, not too small; and the surfer has to act fast or he stands to miss the ride of his life.’

“Hey Patrick, you wanna see something cool?!

“You bet!”

“Down here! … See? It’s a picture of Squidward!!!”


(s6, spongebob squarepants vs the big one)

i just can’t even begin to fathom this. he’s being taught how to surf, and yet he interrupts in the middle because he’s super excited to show patrick… a picture of squidward. underwater. i’m just… he’s SO damn thirsty holy shit, WHY DOES HE JUST RANDOMLY HAVE THAT IN HIS POCKET

A comic entry for tomoe-au’s contest! Sry this is poor quality, I was supposed to digitalize it when I got back home yesterday from my dad’s house but we ended up staying the night, but hey at least I tried. So yet again Tomoe is spending time at her ‘Aunt’ Golin’s house while her dad’s are gone on a mission (she’s grounded so they’re not leaving her at the house alone), and of course Golin praises her beating the shit out of one of her peer’s. ☺


So sumvivens requested a pink and blue aesthetic troye edit, this is the best I could do. Enjoy! 

If you ever have any requests please feel free to ask :)

ben (sumvivens), check the tags