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Just wondering. Do you think Shiro died in that realm he visited in the space mall episode... Zarkon said that if u die in that realm your body will disappear... I AM SCARED WHAT IF HE IS DEAD sry if my english is bad

omf I actually had to go rewatch that part, he said “your body dies as well” not disappears, unelss I missed something, so if that was the case he wouldn’t have disappeared, but either way I think it would be very anticlimatic to have a main character die offscreen so i don’t think that happened;;


Lesson/Ethan Dolan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Hey! Could you make a Ethan Dolan smut where he sees you with your guy friend and he wants to “teach you a lesson” about seeing other guys 😝 Thx! -B

Request:  Hey! :) Can you please make a smutty Imagine about Ethan Dolan? I love your writings and i really love Ethan Dolan :) Greetings ^^ Sry if my english is too bad, i’m a german :D

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"Harry only thanked his Family [..]" Why did you make the F extra big, like this bigger dark font?🙈 Sry if my english is bad, i hope you understand what I mean

cause when he talks about Family with capital letter he doesnt’t mean only his mum and sister and Robin. Family is them, Robin, his dad, his partner, his partner’s family, he wrote it like this to include everyone, especially Louis. The separate “And for loving me.” is telling cause it sounds like he thanks his own family for the support and “someone” else in particular for their love.

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My theory is that epic has those gloves because he has 2 holes in his hand just like gaster!! And what are saying now ms. ????!?!!?(sry for my bad english :( )


Just like Gaster!sans

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im gonna ask you a (stupid) question out of curiosity,So pls dont take it the wrong way <3 . When do you usually update your Master Liist? as in you know put your new requests you've made and stuff. And sry for my bad english (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

Don’t be sorry, it’s not a stupid question!! I will update it soon, I usually update it once every 2 weeks but it’s been over a month… I’ll try to get it done by today!

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your tumblr now has got 365 pages so if i read only one per day it will last for a year. and i think it is awesome. sry for my bad english (:

Ahhh it’s so lovely that you noticed that!!! I will try to post more so that you can look at more content :’) such a sweet message, thank you for it! And no worries, your English is great!! I should be apologizing for mine lol :’D

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Does payprus know that sans has the powers from gaster? Sry for my bad english i'm from germany >\\v\\<


He never told anyone about gaster

Or the reason why he has dat scar

{Reaction} EXO when you’re too scared to try a new hairstyle.

 Hi! Can i request a exo reaction, where the s/o wants to cut bangs, but is to scared to do it? (Sry for my bad english)

Note: Your English is fine! I hope you enjoy this reaction. Fighting~ xx

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol shook his head as you told him that you were too scared to cut your hair in a style that you’d wanted for a long time. 

Chanyeol: “Jagi, you’re so beautiful, why are you worried?” 

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo laughed as you told him you were too worried, not in a horrible way but because of how cute you were. 

Kyungsoo: “Jagi, why are you like this? you’d look so amazing. You should do it if you want to, you’d look stunning whatever you decide to do with your hair” 

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun smiled as you talked to him about your ideal hair, but chuckled when you said you were too scared to do it. 

Baekhyun: “I’ll cut it for you Jagi.”

{y/n}: “No thanks, I think I’ll call the hair dresser.” 

Oh Sehun

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You didn’t tell Sehun about your new hair until yu had actually got it done, but since you were nervous about how it looked, you lept a hat on, that was until Sehun pulled it off. 

Sehun: “aha! I knew you were hiding something- oh my gosh Jagi, you look so beautiful.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing would be fully supportive of whatever hairstyle that you wanted, so when you tell him that you want to cut your bangs, he is fully supportive. 

Yixing: “Do it Jagi, you’ll look great!”

Kim Jongdae

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Jongdae smiled as you came home after having your hair cut in a new style that you were worried about getting. 

Jongdae: “You look so beautiful, Jagi. let me take a picture. I’ve been needing a new lock screen on my phone, too!” 

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok smiled as you talked about how you wanted your hair to look, he wasn’t sure why you were so nervous about it.

Minseok: “I have my hair changed all the time Jagi, why are you worried?”

{y/n}: “What if it doesn’t look good?”

Minseok: “Is that even a question? of course it will look good!”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao took one look at you hair, and couldn’t keep his eyes off you. he smirked, nearing against you and pressing kisses on your neck. 

{y/n}: “If I knew I was going to get this kind of affection, I would have got it done sooner.” 

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho knew that you wanted to change your hair, but since he was so tired from a long week of working, he cooked you dinner, but didn’t notice that your hair had changed at all until you pointed it out.

Suho: “Oh yeah, it looks beautiful Jagi… oh don’t look at me like that, I’m sorry I didn’t notice, you know I’m not very observant when I’m tired.” 

Lu Han

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Luhan was the one that suggested that you would look good with bangs in the first place, but he wasn’t expecting you to actually go and get it done. When you did, he found himself falling in love with it, and it wasn’t long until his hands were all up in your hair. 

Luhan: “Guess who is getting lucky tonight, Jagi.” 

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai grinned as you showed him a picture of a model with the hair style that you want to go for. He is very supportive and sweet about your choice.

Kai: “I think it would look good, you should go for it. Want me to contact my hair stylist? She would be able to do it for you”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Cool city guy would be very casual when you mention about changing your hair and he would be pretty chill about it. But when you actually get it done, he would find it incredibly hot and would probably be very turned on by it.

Kris: “The lighting in here isn’t very good, how about we go to the bedroom instead?”

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I'm crying! Your Scenarios are so beautiful Q_Q Could I get an continuation from one of the pregnant S/O gets attacked(either one are fine)? What happens if the S/O awakes after some time (how much time can you decide)? Sry for my bad english

Thank you so much, Nonny! These are going to be mini scenarios because it’s just a quick scene, and I’ll go ahead and continue the 10 years later one, if you don’t mind. For reference: part one of this is ( here )

Noctis would be waiting by your bedside, counting the hours and minutes until you woke up. If he wasn’t there, if he wasn’t the first thing you saw, he couldn’t live with himself. That’s also why he had you moved home instead of the hospital; he wanted you to be in the most familiar, stress-free place possible. You recognize your bed, your room, and your husband when you wake up, but that still doesn’t stop you from being upset, because, well, your baby is gone. Noctis, shaking, trying not to allow himself to get too emotional, would ask one of the nurses to find the nanny and bring your son here, because, oh gods, she’s alive and she needs to see the beautiful child you two made together.

Ignis would be at the hospital because comas like these are medically-induced, and the doctors would let him know that the plan is for you to wake up that afternoon. He’s brought your daughter with him, since he knows that you’ll want nothing more than to see her, as well as a change of clothes and anything else he thinks might be familiar to you. He wants you to be comfortable and calm, especially since he already got the run-down from your doctor about the best way to help you recover at home, now that you’re awake. It takes a lot for him to keep it together when you wake up and squeeze the hand he’d been holding; you squeeze it so lightly that he isn’t sure you’re awake, so he calls your name–and you answer him.

Gladiolus is pacing the waiting room while you’re in your final surgery, doing so under the guard of “The baby’s fussy if you don’t move around with her, I hope no one minds”. And no one else there does mind, even though they can tell he’s clearly lying, because your daughter is adorable and he’s clearly scared out of his mind. Everyone has sympathy for a new dad who’s fearful of losing the mother of his child. When the nurse calls him, he almost runs over–runs her over–to be led into your room. You look groggy, he might even say you looked like hell, but, shit, your eyes are open and that’s probably the first time he’s see you look at him in weeks and he tears up right there. You greet him–the first thing you say to him is “hi”, like it’s so casual, and he just laughs.

Prompto is a mess and has been a mess ever since the doctors put you in a coma “so your organs could heal” or something. He’d never cried so much in his life, he’d never felt so alone and helpless before, and he’d never realized exactly how much he loved you until he almost lost you. So, he’s sitting in your room, like he’s made the habit of doing, and suddenly there’s a little… Ruffle. The blanket moves a little, and he kind of wonders if people in comas move, then he wonders if people in comas have dreams, then he nearly falls out of the chair because oh god you definitely just made a sound. He stares at you, eyes watering, while your own eyes flutter open and you grimace at the light. “(Y/N),” he whispers breahtlessly, “(Y/N), oh my god… I missed you, baby.”

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My dad spent 20 years ago +1000€ for a record player and it still works 100% I don’t want to say that you need to buy one for this price but i would definitely recom a more expensive one , you will have a lot more from it and i'm 100% sure it will work way longer than a cheap one (sry if my english is bad)

someone said to go to jb hi-fi so i’ll probably do that since they know their shit i’ll just ask around

Exo React To You Having Asthma

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can you do a exo reaction to when their s/o has asthma? (Sry for my bad english, hope you understand what i mean)

Hey! It’s been a while everyone! I don’t want to bore anyone, so I’ll just say that a lot has happened in the past couple of months and I didn’t feel like writing anything at all, so I’m deeply sorry. Thank you for being patient nonetheless.

Xiumin: I imagine he’s often on the lookout. With an inhaler, he’s confident you can make it through, but when he can’t find it, he freaks out big time.

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Luhan: He knows all about breathing exercises and what to do if an emergency arises. Just trust him to coach you through it.

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(pic and text have no correlation but i just wanted to applaud and thank luhan’s mom for creating him)

Kris: Very very worried Kris… he practically has his phone ready to call an ambulance at any and all times. 

Originally posted by andyswarhol

Suho: This man is always prepared, no matter the situation. He carries an inhaler everywhere and tends to be the one to remind you to take medication.

Originally posted by suhomysuho

Lay: He’s surprisingly good at managing the situation, probably knowing what it’s like to have a condition, and always finds your inhaler at the right time.

Originally posted by getlayd

Baekhyun: He’s constantly misplacing the inhaler, but once he finds it and you’re alright again, he does his best to cheer you up and succeeds. (ofc)

Originally posted by tipannies

Chen: He’s forgetful that you have a condition at times, and so he panics a little more than he should, but he’s quick in helping you out.

Originally posted by kai69-edme

Chanyeol: He has to reassure himself before anything, and once he’s good, he’s such an expert at helping you that he might as well be a doctor.

Originally posted by littlebyuns

Kyungsoo: He’s calm and knows how to help you through it, but still insists on going to the doctor every time it’s a second longer than it should be.

Originally posted by katherine8595

Tao: He’s worried and sad even after it’s obvious that you’re fine. He just wants you to lay down and rest and not hurt yourself or trigger anything.

Originally posted by my-3xodus

Kai: Like Luhan, he’s really good at breathing exercises and rarely shows that he’s panicked for your sake, but is internally freaking out every time.

Originally posted by katherine8595

Sehun: Poor thing doesn’t know anything about asthma or how to deal with an attack. He’s the type to secretly do extensive research on it.

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ok most of the gifs and text have nothing to do with each other it was difficult ok im sorry this sucked

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Do you have anything about a relationship between two male alphas? ><' my friend want to do a rpg with it and i do reseachs about it, bc i'm pretty new in this into this stuff ^^' (sry for my bad english qq')

Don’t worry love, your English is great! I’ll do a few starters (NSFW under the cut!), but if you’d like something different or you want more, feel free to send me another ask! I hope you and your friend enjoy them

  • Two male alphas who constantly bicker over who gets to take care of who. Instead of fighting over who’s pulling the blanket off, they fight about who should get more of the blanket 
  • Both trying to offer the other their jacket when it gets cold, so they just end up wearing the other’s jacket and feeling content and happy surrounded by their mate’s scent
  • Becoming like a protection squad for any of their omega and beta friends
  • One teasing the other about building nests and displaying more omega-like behaviours, only to be wrestled to the ground and kissed ferociously before being asked “would an omega do that?”
  • When one gets sick, the other’s protective instincts would really kick in, and the sick alpha would not be allowed to even move from bed
  • Purely out of instinct, one might start building the other a nest when they’ve had a bad day before realising “they don’t need a nest, they’re not an omega”
    • The nest would be very much appreciated anyway
  • Sleepy morning cuddles would turn into indignant mumbles of “I wanna be the big spoon” and “you got to be the big spoon last time, now it’s my turn”, so they just end up cuddling facing each other, nuzzling the other’s cheek and neck drowsily
  • Being asked “doesn’t it get annoying?” and “don’t you fight all the time?” by ignorant people

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Hi! You reblogged the post from searsurfface about what pink means to Harry but the end of her post is the "lets see what Harry says about pink" and then the link But she didn't write about her idea what pink means to Harry? I'm on mobile and idk if that's the reason why it doesn't Show more or does her answer ends like this? Idk it just feels not rlly answered (sry if my english is bad 😅)

It’s under a read-more.

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Some say it's rope (bc of louis and the ship compas thing) But apple music said it's road (but i don't hear a D...) Sry if my english is bad 🌸

Your English is perfect! And yeah… tbh the first time I heard hope so… 

As I saw this Pic.. A little Story comes to my mind:
(sry for my bad english…)

Another long, long session at the abbey road..

Paul: “Ok then. I play it on the flute. And John, please the same once again, allright?!”

Ringo: “Well, I try to get the right tones on the Piano. Well.. let’s go then.

They startet to play…

John look at his Bandmates and hold his breath for a minute. He looked up at the ceiling an thought:

Allright Lennon, try to calm down!!

After a little while he looked to Paul and Ringo again. They were still playing.

Okay.. But he stand’s a little to close to him.. Hey it’s Ringo. What do you think would happened?.. But he IS the most beautiful Person on earth and he will allways shine like a diamond for me. Ringo’s got to keep his body away from him!! He is still mine!.. Ringo is also a Friend and he is no thief.. But, you know, I’m a Pirat and Paul is my Treasure.. I don’t want to give him away