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@nonbinaryprincessleia asked iasip for the favourite character meme so,

i mean at this point its p clear dennis is my favourite but this is Mac’s week and also i m always looking for an excuse to put mac in a baseball tee tbh

send me a fandom and i’ll doodle my favourite character

((based on this au bc i literally cannot stop screaming abt it, nsfw under the cut))

“Nice ass,” Levi blurts out without really even thinking, his eyes glued on to the ample curve of Eren’s ass. He just so happens to be laying on his stomach in such a position that causes his boxers to hitch up a little, exposing the lovely crease where his round buttocks meet the softness of his thighs. Honestly, he’s just lazing around in his sleepwear with a serious case of bedhead, definitely not trying to be so alluring on purpose, yet here Levi is, so entranced that all he can do is stare.

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Aaaaaa it was the lovely @origami10‘s birthday recently and I totally missed it!! So sweets here’s a very late Birthday present for youuuu! QoQ

I feel pretty bad abt bein’ late, but in my house no matter how late you are u still give a present to your friends!! Honey ilu and u deserve wishes and everything good!! ((=^3^=))

heart-baek-bleed  asked:

I am so happy that NCT 127 became the first Kpop group to perfrom from the program "Today at Apple" at Apple Store hahaha. As well as the last week's New Artist Of The Week! ^^

awhh;; bless apple for supporting nct tbh *applause* …  i guess the whole fandom as well as the boys are really happy that they’re receiving so much love and support from all over the world … those fans who got to see them from really up close are truly lucky~ and thanks to them and their fancams the whole rest of the fandom got see them too ^^ (what would we be without fancams tbh TT)

-caroline (suhocean)