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@nonbinaryprincessleia asked iasip for the favourite character meme so,

i mean at this point its p clear dennis is my favourite but this is Mac’s week and also i m always looking for an excuse to put mac in a baseball tee tbh

send me a fandom and i’ll doodle my favourite character

((based on this au bc i literally cannot stop screaming abt it, nsfw under the cut))

“Nice ass,” Levi blurts out without really even thinking, his eyes glued on to the ample curve of Eren’s ass. He just so happens to be laying on his stomach in such a position that causes his boxers to hitch up a little, exposing the lovely crease where his round buttocks meet the softness of his thighs. Honestly, he’s just lazing around in his sleepwear with a serious case of bedhead, definitely not trying to be so alluring on purpose, yet here Levi is, so entranced that all he can do is stare.

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Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? 

Coffee Shop/Soulmate AU because I’m literal trash.

I can’t sleep, and I’m tired of memorizing maps. Also, this idea kept swimming around today. (And cliche soulmate AUs are great, imo.) :’)

  • Okay, so in this AU, your soulmate’s name is printed on your skin somewhere. I’m in love with this one, man. Now, imagine Astrid as a barista for a hole in the wall coffee shop. She’s great at her job- she can repeat the most complicated order to someone after hearing it once, and she can whip it up in moments.
  • Astrid has the name “Henry” printed on her hip or something? Or anywhere that’s not always visible, really. 
  • When you work as a barista, you meet a lot of people, and you learn a lot of names. Because, well, she writes them down on their cups.
  • Everyone who ends up being a Henry who drops in never bats an eyelash when she greets that customer with her name, so she’s kind of stopped anticipating her soulmate’s arrival. It was exciting at first, and still kind of is, but the time will come when the time comes! She’s got other things to worry about, y’know?
  • Then, one day, this cute guy with green eyes and freckles and messy auburn hair walks into the shop. He looks tired when he enters, but he turns into a bit of a stammering mess when it comes to ordering. Astrid wonders if he’s glancing down at her chest or her name tag. Weirdo.
  • Spoiler alert: Hiccup- or Henry- is gaping at her name tag in slight disbelief. She’s the first “Astrid” he’s met, and he’s honestly pretty floored, because fuck, she’s gorgeous.
  • He orders, and pays. When she asks him for his name, he panics- and he blurts out his childhood nickname, Hiccup, because it’s what everyone calls him. It’s a reflex.
  • Astrid gives him a brief, strange look, but before he can correct his mistake and give her his real name, the one that may be printed somewhere on her own person, she’s already done writing ‘Hiccup’ on the paper cup and thanking him for his purchase and making his drink.
  • Astrid’s left briefly wondering if someone has “Hiccup” on their wrist or shoulder or something. Henry/Hiccup is left feeling like he kinda fucked up, and trying to think of a way to tell Astrid his name without being weird, because the possibility that she was his soulmate was there.
  • So he comes back the next day, hoping she’s working. She is.
  • “Good morning,” she greets him with a tip of her head. “Hiccup, right?”
  • Again, he’s surprised. Because she remembered. Granted, it was just a day that passed, but he didn’t think that she’d remember him. She claims that it’s hard to forget someone with a name like “Hiccup.”
  • He orders, and she writes “Hiccup” on his cup. 
  • Damn.
  • This is getting really long, but ohhh, my gosh. Imagine this continuing for a few days, and the two of them just getting pretty close and joking/teasing each other. Hiccup just… goes with it. While he doesn’t want the false hope, he also doesn’t know how or when  to just say something like, “hey, my name is actually Henry and I have your name on my hip/shoulder/somewhere and I’m wondering if mine is on yours, too??? Maybe????”
  • Insert a time period of Hiccup really getting attached and not saying anything because he likes how they joke around and laugh with each other, and he’s kiiiinda tentative about potentially “ruining” that. Also, soulmates. It’s a scary, intimidating concept sometimes. Also, Astrid trying to resist this strong tug of her heart towards Hiccup, because she can’t just ignore fate and fall for someone else.
  • Imagine this continuing for a while, maybe??? And perhaps it isn’t until  later that the truth comes out, when Astrid jokingly asks if Hiccup is his real name.
  • “…Ah, actually, uh, it’s Henry.”