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*hat anon* i love how excited you get in the tags, its adorable and ily tbh 💜😂

ashfjdl ily also ♥

do you ever just lie face down and think about how much u love a classical work or historical figure cause i’ve been doing that a lot lately

im currently wrapped in a blanket thinking about the eclogues and getting rly emotional

That’s right!! I am officially opening up commissions. Because I am poor and in college and I want to draw you things!!

Flat Rates are as follows:

  • Bust: $4
  • Waist up: $6
  • Full body: $14
  • Those prices are for sketches, line art, and flat color. Paint is $2+ (depending on how much)
  • Extra character is double

Otherwise, depending on your request, prices will vary to my discretion. Please take a look at my art so see if there are any specific styles you like. I am open to doing NSFW commissions, but I will need to know what it is first and I may refuse (especially if underage/extreme stuff).

Half payment is required before I start your drawing (I’ve been burned too many times already). 

Message me here with your email or contact me at and I will send you my commission form. If nothing else, I would appreciate a signal boost!! Thank you all so much!!

let’s ignore my non-existent banner skills ok? anyways, after seeing secret santas floating around and y’all seemed to want one for the harry potter fandom so here i am!! *finger guns*


  • You will be assigned a person to send nice anonymous asks to during the holiday period! It can be fun hp trivia, christmas jokes, questions about their day, headcanons, just nice stuff??? Nice anons are always fun after all!
  • Sign off the asks you send with something like ~pss or ~ss etc so they know it’s you! (also if you want to follow them, don’t do it right before you send your first ask, do it like some time into december #secrecy) 
  • On Christmas Eve / 24th December : you can reveal yourself off anon! 
  • More here on if you woud like to make a lil creation as part of your reveal!
  • Ofc not only will you send asks, you will also receive!! It works both ways! *cue jazz hands and reindeers* 


  • Reblog this post to spread the word! (if this flops it never happened ok)
  • Send an ask to @pottersecretsanta BEFORE the 15th of November (16:00 GMT)
  • This is so i can answer it privately with your assigned person! I will aim to do this by the start of December (but pls bear in mind that there might be a slight delay depending on how busy i am -aka how much school work gets thrown @ me, this is why i made the deadline quite early-)
  • Please include in the ask any n/otps if you would feel uncomfortable with sending asks to someone with different n/otps etc. (i’ll try my best to allocate you accordingly but i’m sry if i mess up i’m a doof 😩 ) 
  • (Make sure you add if you want to make something or not - see this post)
  • You must enable anonymous asks for the month of December!! (Duh)
  • Please be relatively active in sending asks / answering asks! You don’t have to send daily asks but at least 2-3 times a week? It’s unfair if someone puts a lot of effort in and you don’t or if you don’t reply to your secret santa??? Let’s make this enjoyable for everyone!
  • If there are any problems, send an ask to @pottersecretsanta! I’ll try and sort it for you <3 


  • Please let me know if you don’t want to participate anymore before the 15th of November! 
  • You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to join! 
  • EDIT: I FORGOT TO SAY - pls be a hp blog - it’s ok if you’re multifandom as long as harry potter is one of your main fandoms!
  • You must follow the blog @pottersecretsanta for updates (initially i said u can track the tag but it doesn’t seem to be working so…) 
  • And send any questions you have to that blog too please (so that the answers don’t drown in my blog lol) 
  • It would be cool if you tagged any asks with #pottersecretsanta so i can keep an eye on things / make sure things are running smoothly! but you don’t have to if you’d rather not!