sry i'll stop


Now I’m home but I cannot stay
I dream of you every day
Got to know every inch of you
Will you make my dream come true?

There’s no place like home they say
You’re my home so hear me pray

I don’t know you but I need more time
Promise me you’ll be mine
Birds are flying over Europe skies
Tell me please, why can’t I?

  • Hoseok: *screaming as usual*
  • Yoongi: will u be quiet??? i'm trying to work here *smacks hoseok's butt as punishment*
  • Hoseok: ah, harder daddy
  • Hoseok: shit
  • Hoseok: I CAN EXPLAIN--
  • Yoongi: say oppa
  • Hoseok:
  • Hoseok: op--

aLSO why is the trope of enj being the angry ranty needs-to-cool-down-and-let-steam-off and his boyfriend grantaire being the chillaxed artists who helps him to be a balanced person a thing??? like??? have we read the same book??? while grantaire rants literal FIVE FUCKING PAGES about EVERYTHING that annoys him, enjolras talks about love and peace and the happiness of future and how much he regrets killing that dude i mean where did the fandom go wrong