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that sounded rly scary im crying i just wanted ur attention this isnt even super imp i just didn’t want y’all to like !! waste time on threads n stuff bc !!! as some of u kno i’ve been struggling w muse for sohyun since like day 2 kdfsfldf n i rly hav been trying but giving y’all replies i pull outta my ass isn’t rly doing anyone any favors i think ? so i have exactly 2 replies drafted for sohyun, but after those r posted it’s the curtain call n i’m dropping her which makes me super sad bc i was rly enjoying her development n i loved all her connections. i just simply dont have the muse n im ??? rly sorry yall this is not ideal ;(( but thank u all for helping me develop her n pls hav fun w tae n inwoo instead kldflslflks

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Ugh I give up!! You know what? What if I just do the same! *grabs Aquarius and runs the other direction until I bump into someone and fall, Aquarius still in my hands* ugh... who is this? Ugh sorry.. *rubbing head* - 🐸🌱

EW: Y/N? What are you doing running around in the corridors? You know that’s against school rules…

*Eunwoo’s falcon, Galileo, swoops in to land on his shoulder*

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AQ: *meows and struggles in your arms*

EW: *eyes the cat* … and with another student’s familiar? That’s definitely against school rules.

*reaches up to pet the bird and gives you a searching look*

Do you have any explanation for yourself~?

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aLSO why is the trope of enj being the angry ranty needs-to-cool-down-and-let-steam-off and his boyfriend grantaire being the chillaxed artists who helps him to be a balanced person a thing??? like??? have we read the same book??? while grantaire rants literal FIVE FUCKING PAGES about EVERYTHING that annoys him, enjolras talks about love and peace and the happiness of future and how much he regrets killing that dude i mean where did the fandom go wrong

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Well, I'm the only transfer student in the music department, so I have a lot of catching up to do. And you have to work hard to get where you want to be, right? It's not like you can wait around for fate to.. *thinks about Bin's dropped wallet* do anything. *thinks about Sanha's comment, MJ's reaction, and is suddenly very, very aware of all 6 boys standing around her* Wait. *narrows eyes at Bin* Did you drop your wallet on purpose? -👓

MB: W-what?? *blushes and looks away* No, of course not… It-it was an accident…

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MJ: Remind me why we chose the worst liar for this, again??

MB: *bursts out laughing* I-I’m sorry, hyung~!

JJ: The truth is, MJ really wanted to meet you-

MJ: We ALL did;;

JJ:Right~ anyway, we thought this might be a good way to introduce ourselves to you.

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