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ive had these watercolor marker things for literal months and never used them once so i decided to finally try them out during my cipher hunt induced motivation rush

AU where Elsword is a girl and Elesis is her overprotective older brother who disapproves of Elsword’s relationship with Ain

Elsword: Ain, look! This flower is so pure and pretty… Reminds me of you.
Ain: …? No, Elsword… You suit this flower more than I do.
Elsword: …? //////////// Th… thanks….
Elesis: Ain…
Ain & Elsword: !!! E…Elesis…..
Elesis: I thought I told you to get away from my sister……………..


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i love your moodboards/aesthetics!!! im not sure if you take requests, but could you possibly make one for sansa based on her quote “if im ever a queen, i’ll make them love me.” or “a pure world, i do not belong here” ?

heyyy I just posted it sry it’s so shit??? idk what happened I really tried lol I hope you don’t hate it though !!!

Quick(ish) Warrior Career Tips

A lot of people have had questions about the warrior career so I figured I would write a super quick guide about it (not meant to be an in-depth guide, check the wiki for that!). Ask me if you have any questions!!

1. You can’t really rely on this as your sole means of income (unless you get good weapons and establish yourself)–it doesn’t pay enough, and you do have to constantly repair or replace your weapons and armor. It can be lucrative, but be prepared to put some serious bank into it if you want to go really far.

2. Balance > Light > Dark > Balance. All warrior items and monsters have elements. Balance weapons are good against Light weapons which are good against Dark which are good against balance. It’s 5 DMG if you use the right element against the monster, and it goes down from there if you use the “wrong”one (it’ll say that it was a weak move).

3. DO NOT JUST SELL YOUR WARRIOR LOOT DROPS TO THE SELLBACK. They are worth so much more than that, even the common items!! 

4. Invest in a good shield. The basic one from your village armory is okay to start, but you really should invest in one that brings your HP up to 60 (like Wooden Shield) or 110 (like Frozen Bone Shield). See what your village blacksmiths can make!

5. If you can afford a good weapon, I would definitely try to invest in one, but otherwise you can succeed with just basic weapons. Get one weapon of each element (Balance, Light, Dark). You’ll be able to get one of them from your village armory, you’ll have to get the other two from other villages. For example, Wooden Sword is balance (from OF), Fang Club is dark (from DMM), Dragon Tooth Knife is light (from QP).

6. There are leaderboards for champion warriors. Go to You can get to the leaderboards using only basic weapons. I did and most do!

7. Your HP automatically regenerates 2 HP every 5 minutes. It does not regenerate when you are in an active battle.

8. HP Potions can be used to regen your HP. This is especially helpful in rare monster battles, or battles where you’re about to lose. You can click out of the battle, use an HP potion (it shows up on the career page), click back into it, and continue on.

9. Many times it takes far less time (meaning hours) to just let weapons/shields break and buy new ones instead of trying to repair them. 

10. To make costumes, you need 250 items from explore and 250 from warrior battles. For most costumes, you will also need 100 coins/tokens (to craft an item needed for costumes). For example, OF = Sun Coin, TEP = Frosted Token. You get these from Uncommon or Rare monster drops. They are really rare and hard to find. 

11. Sometimes monsters can evade your attacks. Sometimes monsters can land critical attacks on you. It sucks :(

12. It’s okay to run away!!! It doesn’t seem to really hurt anything (tho you can get sick from it sometimes). In fact I RECOMMEND that you run away from battles you can’t win, especially in the beginning (well, I guess that’s good advice across the board lol). You can’t defeat that massive baddie, and that’s okay. You’ll get them next time!

That’s all I can think of. Again, ask me if you have questions! ~Pesh #18

So I’ve had my blog for about 3 and a half months now, and I wanted to thank many of the blogs I follow that has made my dash enjoyable. Mutuals are bolded~


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