sry i still have a lot of feelings for this game

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yo~ i just read the hc you did for the other anon about kissing the rfa. could I possibly take it up a notch and ask for the rfa (saeran and v if you want) and mc accidentally ending up having a make out sesh. like one thing led to another and then bam! sry i hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable +_+

i’m not uncomfortable at all!!! thanks for requesting! I kinda strayed a little bit with some of them but i hope it’s okay?

lol i really enjoyed writing saeran’s bc angst but also askjdghaikjsfcb

Make out sessions with RFA+V+Saeran


  • He was doing his usual LOLOL session one night
  • You were feeling extremely affectionate and clingy
  • Unfortunately, he wasn’t giving you the attention you wanted so you kinda just
  • Plopped into his lap
  • Your boyfriend didn’t think much of it as you’ve done that multiple times before
  • Until you started kissing is neck
  • Poor lil bean is SHOOK
  • “U-Um MC? What a-are you doing?”
  • He’s trying so hard to focus on the game but you are ruthless
  • You just keep kissing everywhere
  • Not even 20 seconds later he caves
  • “Sorryguysgottagobye”
  • He shuts off the game and starts to kiss you back
  • Plot twist: Yoosung is the one who starts the make out session


  • You were in his dressing room watching him get ready for a show
  • Everything was fine until you realized that his costume was really just him shirtless
  • ohmanohmanohman rip me and my impure thoughts
  • But also rip you and your impure thoughts
  • You slowly make your way over to Zen as he’s fixing his hair in the mirror
  • Coming up behind him, you wrap your hands around his waist as you press kisses to his back
  • He tenses up a little but he ignores your affections because
  • You start running your hands up and down his chest and abs as you kiss him even more
  • His self control is wavering
  • “Babe… I have a show starting in-”
  • You physically turn him around and start the make out sesh
  • All self control is GONE
  • RIP Zen 2017


  • It was super early in the morning
  • You and Jaehee were at the cafe getting ready to open
  • She was going over inventory as you got a head start on baking a cake for a catering order
  • When you looked over at her, she was yawning
  • Poor girl works so hard omg
  • You decided to have a little fun before opening so you just
  • Flicked some flour at her
  • She was so taken aback lol
  • You giggle at her face that was now covered in flour and decided to flick some more
  • It’s not fair that she’s covered so she flicks some at you in revenge
  • After a few minutes, you’re both leaning against the counter from laughing too hard
  • “MC, I think there’s a little something on your face”
  • She proceeds to kiss you
  • But you still have a lot of time before you open soooo
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • You were just lounging around as Jumin sat on the couch reading through reports
  • You could tell he was pretty stressed out with a project
  • Not even petting Elizabeth the 3rd was helping
  • He had been working so hard lately and you wanted to help him somehow
  • So you just decide to give him a back massage to help with the stress a little bit
  • This giant has so many knots oh my god
  • But he’s very grateful for it and it really does help and it feels so nice and
  • Did he just moan?
  • “Uh… Just ignore that, dear”
  • Narrator voice: She did not ignore it
  • You came up with a new idea to help him
  • Leaning down, you start a deep kiss with your husband
  • He’s taken aback but he’s going along with it
  • The kiss gets deeper and longer
  • The reports were looong forgotten


  • You two were play fighting again
  • It was literally over the last can of PhD Pepper
  • You were just smiling and laughing like crazy and having a good time
  • Until Seven pinned you down
  • “Give me the can, MC!”
  • “Never!”
  • Somehow, you flipped him around and pin him under
  • *MC uses Tickle!*
  • *It was effective*
  • After you’re done tickling him and declare yourself the winner, you both have tears from laughing so much
  • You look at Seven being all happy and cute and 
  • You start kissing him
  • At first he’s caught off guard because it was so sudden and
  • His brain does not compute
  • But then he starts kissing you back and eventually takes it a step further
  • It gets pretty hot and intense
  • PLS give me a make out session with seven ugh fuck


  • He took you to the park one day
  • You ask him about it but he swears it’s not a date 
  • It’s a date you doofus
  • Of course he’s got his camera at the ready to take photos of nature and candids of you
  • You’re both enjoying yourselves a lot!!!
  • When you get tired of walking, he suggests sitting on a nearby bench
  • He looks over and the sunlight is hitting you just right and you’re just looking dreamily at the sky
  • It’s a perfect shot of you and he wants to capture it quickly
  • You hear the camera go off and you look at him with a lil cute smile on your face and omg
  • The sweet bby’s heart is beating so fast and he just
  • Leans forward to kiss you
  • It ends quickly and you’re both blushing because he finally kissed you
  • But you’ve waited waaayy too long for a small peck oh no
  • He’s surprised at first with the sudden aggressiveness but hey he ain’t complaining


  • You and him were in the middle of a pretty heated argument
  • It had been going on for so long that you couldn’t even remember how it started
  • But the both of you were too stubborn to back down now
  • You were yelling at each other like crazy and Seven left the house a long time ago to avoid the fight
  • Eventually, he had started to say some pretty hurtful things and you were getting defensive
  • “Why the fuck are you even here?! I don’t even care about you!”
  • “Don’t give that bullshit about not caring about me! I’m here because I love you, Saeran!”
  • It gets really quiet after that
  • That was the first time you ever told him you loved him
  • All you can hear is heavy breathing from the both of you
  • But then he moves forward, takes your face in his hands, and kisses you like there’s no tomorrow
Boyfriend! au - E’Dawn

Here’s a new series I’ve been trying to write in what little free time I have ! It’s a different style, but I think it fits my scatterbrain better than a normal story. So far, I am just going to write for Pentagon, and if people request it enough afterwards, I might possibly write for other groups ! Lemme know what you guys think. Enjoy reading :)

Originally posted by edawnn

(gamer! e’dawn)

  • You would be lying if you said you were attracted to hyo jung at first sight (sry edawn)
  • Like ofc ur not blind but the instant you saw him in the gaming cafe he was screaming in defeat…. So ofc ur like what a fuckin nerd lmao
  • Even tho ur no different you’re there to be a giant fuckin nerd too but that’s a okay
  • Luckily for you, the cafe is full the first time you go and you get to sit next to this crazy ass nerd & change ur life forever
  • The real reason why others don’t sit next to e’dawn is because he is the “king” of this cafe and intimidating af to other fellow gamers
  • Even tho you just saw him scream in defeat, that’s literally his first loss in the past month - he’s that good
  • … least until you start playing….

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Omg, no where in the leaks does it say Jon bends the knee! After the wight hunt, he wants to bend the knee bc he's really grateful that dany decided to come help them and he's also feeling bad about viserion dying but he physically can't. Dany asks him about the north indp. then says shes doesnt want him to bend the knee anymore. At the dragonpit meeting he sides with dany over cersei but doesnt bend the knee to her. The issue is him picking a side bc it doesnt unite the realm like he intends

Hi nony! This has been sitting in my inbox for a couple of days (sry it’s pretty full and I do have a life outside of tumblr  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, plus, I’m shit at replying in an acceptable time-frame anyway … don’t take it personally) 

That would actually … make a lot more sense. Since everyone is going ape-shit over the leaks again, maybe read this. This is the exact problem of taking written leaks and spoilers at face value. They lack context. Reading a couple of sentences about what happens isn’t the same thing as actually seeing it on screen. Even the official epsiode abstracts don’t do it justice. Or was I the only one who expected shit to go down in the north when I read that “Jon was facing a revolt?”. 

You are missing the events precedenting the incident, camera-work, facial expressions, music scores, background reactions, etc. All the things important to conveying information and meaning in a visual and continual medium as television. It’s way to easy to read something into it and intepret them according to your own biases, wishes or fears. The spread of spoilers and leaks on the internet is nothing but a global game of telephone / chinese whisper’s. Whatever truth is in them is buried under a mountain of other peoples thoughts, speculations and (miss)-interpretations. The more people talk about it, the more false information is out there. And as stated above, even the things that are factually correct, can be portrayed in a misleading light. 

So basically Jon is willing to kneel for Danys help, but after seeing the white walkers with her own eyes she offers to do so anyway? That’s something that would make sense for both characters. I can accept that. Jon being ready to give up northern independece for her asisstance, with her assuring him that there is no need to do that. I could see Dany pressing her claim anyway, but that would actually be a good character moment for her. 

Jon doesn’t pledge himself to Dany in the Dragonpit and gives the North to her, but simply sides with her on the Iron Throne over Cersei ruling the (remaining) kingdoms? That makes sense as well. As King in the North he would be expected to choose between supporting one of the two candidates. Favouring Dany is not the same thing as kneeling to her. She clearly is the better choice (even if I’m starting to believe that Jonny will end up on the westerosi throne in his own right). I have no problem with that. 

They way you put it nony, I could see this happening and it wouldn’t completely destroy Jons character, or Danys. It would be mostly consistent with their characterization so far and wouldn’t completely go against the goals and motivations established for them this season. Thanks for sending me this. 

I do stand by my opinion that Jon shouldn’t feel too heartbroken over Dany losing a dragon while saving him from a suicide mission SHE SENT HIM ON. A bit of sympathy, sure, but to the point where it makes up for her previous misssteps and denying him aid in the first place? After both he and (assumingly) Melissandre and Tyrion try to convince her the threat is real? It also strikes me as implausible that Dany wouldn’t believe Jon when he is right in front of her, giving his testimony, but any kind of message from Bran will completely change her mind? That’s what will convince her to take her dragons north and help them? Seriously? Well, D&D aren’t known for their consistent characterizations so, yeah, possible. Doesn’t make enough sense for me, but probably makes enough sense for them. 

I do also stand by my opinion that Jon has absolutely no real reason to go to the dragonpit anyway and that meeting with mad queen lannister in a locale of her own choosing, in the middle of wildfire-infested kings landing is a stupid as hell idea, that both Tyrion and Sansa should warn them about. They should really know that Cersei cannot be trusted. Also Cerseis little sheme of promising and then withholding any help makes no sense as well - as a viable threat to our heroes - but I could accept that as on par with the shitty writing D&D have done before. 

Btw, I am going to take a back-seat in discussing the leaks from now on. It was fun before the season-premiere, given that it was all we could work with, but now I would much rather spend my time analyzing and talking about the actual canon-footage. I still have so many scenes from the first two episodes I want to dissect and it seems more meaningful to me to concentrate on this. I am honestly so exhausted that every discussion and analysis of actual canon-material is overshadowed and judged or dismissed by their consistency with possible future events as described in leaks, which’s ultimate accuracy we will only be able to judge at the end of the season. I will speculate on the shows direction based on what the show has given us so far. I am tired of people granting the leaks more significance than the actual show so far. Seriously, if I have one more anon telling me “You’re analysis is bullshit because in tha leeks (`Д´) this thing happens in episode xy “ I might just scream. 

I will be talking about the leaks every now and then, but I will withdraw from most general discussions. I will not focus on them. I still have some anons about it in my inbox and maybe I’ll write a combined answer to them, but chances are I will neither find the time nor the energy to do so. Send me an ask if you think I’d be interested to talk about it, or if you want to hear my opinion, but I won’t promise to do so. Sry, but I really hope you understand where I’m coming from.

Putting this in the jonsa tag, because people over there are freaking out once again and maybe this will ease their minds. I don’t usually like to put jonsa-unrelated content in the tag, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Hope you guys understand. Jonsa is still possible and while s7 will be a rough time for us, it has done nothing but continuing the subtle foreshadowing of season 6. I will not change my mind about jonsa becoming endgame because of tha leeks, I will make up my mind by the way canon proceeds from now on. If they really butcher Jons character I might leave the canon-side of the ship, but not the fanon one. We have one of the best fandoms with the one of the best ships I ever was part of / rooted for and I will not let canon take that away from me. Bryke has been trying for almost ten years to destroy my conviction in zutara, without any success. I will simply keep shipping them as if season 7 (and maybe season 8) never happened, but thus far nothing in the show has given me a reason to do that. Canon material > leaks on the internet.

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heyyy um sorry if this is a silly question but i feel torn about how to interpret frisk's character? on one hand, i don't want to deny them their flaws or make them a pushover or put them on a pedestal as a Perfect Angel Who Can Do No Harm, but i'm also really drawn to characters who have this innate integrity and kindness and don't want to hurt anyone? is it bad if i see frisk that way?

major #undertale spoilers

aw anon you’re cool, i don’t think that’s a silly question (honestly i feel you a Ton on that last bit….. that exact character type is a huge weakness of mine too)

i started writing a response last night and i’ve been mulling it over some more today (this happens to be a subject i’ve been thinking a Lot about lately, haha). i’ve got both a short and a longer answer, i think. the short being: nah, you’re good imo, with maybe some ssslight quibbles wrt “innate”. and even discounting quibbles i’d say that falls within the Valid Interp ballpark. partly because….

longer answer: … even folks who are inclined towards softness, towards wanting to do right by everyone? they can mess up. they can mess up big. whether along the logical extremes of their Good traits (hello there Upsetting Predilection Towards Concession And Self-Sacrifice) or by failing them entirely. and if undertale isn’t a story that’s shaped by “essentially good people being Kinda Shit ” i don’t know what it is

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I just… Real talk rn

Can I just mention something? About how Aoba thinks and acts throughout the course of dmmd? Has anyone noticed how many instances there are in the game where aoba is chastised or chastises himself for being/acting/thinking in a childish manner? Not only that, but he lives at home with his grandmother, to whom he is very attached (of course he would be- she’s his only family) and works part-time at a dead-end job and he has no intention of changing either of those thing about his life. He’s a little bit of a crybaby and gets irritated very quickly. What I’m saying is he’s basically a man-child. A 23-year-old who acts about 16-17. And I think that’s absolutely brilliant of Nitro+ to have made him that way because as we find out during the course of the story, Aoba wasn’t conscious for most of his young life. Sly Blue had basically hijacked his body for most if not all of his teenage years. Not only that, it’s mentioned that Aoba’s consciousness was only ever in harmony before his parents left and then again after the “accident” in Rhyme when he was just coming out of his teen years. From that information, we can gather that Aoba was forced to grow up way too fast and is still recovering from all the years he wasn’t in control.

The same can be said for Koujaku and Noiz, as they had parental figures either neglect them at a very young age or lost to tragedy, forcing them to grow up too fast and remain more or less children in adult bodies. It’s kind of amazing how Nitro+ brings out their backstories in their personalities like that. The psych nerd in me loves that shit <3 A+ Nitro~

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hey ive seen u mention that u were coming up with how a deacon romance would work and i was wondering if u would share?? :-)


but bare with me its nearly 4 in the morning so this will be Disorganized lmao (ALSO SPOILER WARNING FOR DEACON’S CHARACTER ARC AND ALSO THE MAIN STORYLINE SOMEWHAT) 

(also this got very long im sry lmao i have a lot to say about Deacon)

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Sense8 + All For The Game

i took this as ‘what if the foxes were sensates
and also i hope you wanted angst because i couldn’t resist (but i made it happy towards the end, w/ the rest of the foxes)(i took some liberties with the s8 part, mostly because that show, while good, is confusing.)(kinda long under the cut, sry) —>

(the 8 —> Riko, Kevin, Jean, Neil, Andrew, Aaron, Renee, Jeremy)

Riko and his perfect court. Just think how a cluster is the furthest extent to which the Raven hive mind / synchronicity can be taken. Just think about how goddamn terrifying a line up like that would be. In each others heads, sharing skills and power. Riko becomes obsessed with it, once he thinks he knows what’s going on.

(You might ask how they all ended up playing Exy? Well, with an obsession like his always unwittingly in the back of your mind, wouldn’t you?)

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LONG OVERDUE FOLLOW FOREVER || @akamure i told you i’d use the photo.

excuse this trashy graphic whilst i ramble on for a moment. making this blog initially started out as an idea ; one which i brushed aside as lack of impulse control, and wasn’t sure i’d ever follow through with. i was a little late to getting ffxv, but as i progressed through the game – & saw noctis talking to cats, flailing when he’s massaged, and then more importantly drew closer to the ending chapters, i knew i wanted to write him for sure. asides from having a general urge to make the blog, i’d already become mutuals with several ffxv blogs ; some of which inspired me more than i’ve already rambled about.

i’m terrible at this sorta stuff, but i just want everyone to know ?? you’re all really great. the final fantasy fandom as a whole // xv in itself have been really great to me these past few months on both cloud & noctis. the sheer amount of duplicates can be a little harrowing – & sometimes you just stop and think. am i really bringing anything new to this character ?? but even so, a lot of people go out of their way to encourage not only me, but others who experience that same doubt – some of which are other noctis blogs, which is something that makes me appreciate this fandom tenfold. no homo but ily guys. ♡

anyway – more personal mushy rambling & a shit ton of tags beneath the cut !

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5sos preferences #17: He gets jealous.

Requested: by anonymous

A/N: I’m still here! :) Just wanted you to know hehe. xx

Calum: Moments when Calum told you he had a surprise for you, they were always great. This was no exception. You wanted to visit Egypt for a big part of your life now, and Calum took it by heart, giving you this gift. You were sightseeing with a guide who showed you the old ancient works of art in the desert. Being a pretty, foreign girl, the boy who guided you kept flirting with you, asking you out on a date after every sentence. He knew well enough Calum was your boyfriend, but it seemed the boy didn’t really care. “Hey dude, she’s with me.” Calum would say over and over again until the moment he held you so close to his side, his arm covering up your whole side. When you got back from the trip, Calum was quiet in your hotel room. “What’s up your butt, Hood?” You asked. “Just thinking.” He’d reply, shaking his head, changing in his swimgear. “About..?” You asked, making Calum sigh. “About our planned trip tomorrow. And the fact that I don’t want that guy, or any guy for that matter, guiding us this holiday. Did you know he asked me how much you cost? Sicko.” Calum made a face. You snorted and walked over to him, squishing his face, kissing his lips. “You’re there protecting me anyway, baby. Don’t worry about it.” Calum got a hold of your waist. “You bet your bottom dollar.” He said grinning, kissing you back.

Ashton: Your phone beeped every other second, it vibrating on the table, catching Ashton’s eye. “Babe, someone needs you!” Ashton yelled to where you were. He heard you sigh from the other room. “Delete all of it!” You’d yell back. “Why?” Ashton asked, taking your phone as you allowed him to. It read 13 new messages from your ex-boyfriend’s name, making Ash curious. “Why the fuck is your ex texting you?” He asked, feeling jealous as you came into the room. “Because he’s being a little bitch. I told him to stop a 1000 times but he won’t, I don’t know what to do. You can read them, I’m not lying.” You said, gesturing for Ash to read them. This made him chuckle. “I trust you.” Ashton put your phone up so it was in selfie angle, making his arms and chest big and giving a threatening look. He snapped a picture, sending it to your ex. ‘Stop harassing her or I’ll stop by. You know I’ll figure out where you live. – Ash (Y/N’s boyfriend).’ You snickered as he sent it. “You don’t look that intimidating, babe.” You said, sipping your tea. “Your arms.. yeah but one look at your face and it’s all kindness.” You started laughing. Ashton narrowed his eyes at you when he got a text back. ‘K sry’ was all that it said. Ashton grinned arrogantly showing you your phone. “You’re very welcome.” He said. You rolled your eyes at him but smiled anyway.

Luke: When Luke took you home to meet his family for the first time, it was quite a big deal and you were nervous. You wanted them to like you, and after the amount of time you were dating, Luke felt the need for you to be a part of his family making it extra nerve wrecking. Now it was all normal. You would have fun tea times with his mother and with his brothers you could be the crazy kind, having fun with them. You never noticed how Jack always found a way to touch you or to mess with you when you came or stayed over, until that one time Luke pointed it out. “Could you stop touching my girlfriend please?” He asked his brother as you and Jack were teasing each other. “We’re just playing, Luke.” You’d shush him. You rubbed his nose with your finger because that always seemed to calm him down. “Yeah bro. Just innocent little games.” Luke glared at his hand on your knee, almost burning a hole into him. “Just stop it, man.” He took you by the hand, bringing you to his room. You giggled and tackled him to the bed. “Cutie.” You said, kissing his nose. “Hm?” “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” “I’m not jealous.” He defended. You played along. “Oh yeah of course, my bad.” You giggled, making Luke chuckle.

Michael: Being Michael’s friend was hard on your love life. The boys you were into always thought of you and Michael as a couple and if you explained that wasn’t the truth, they still felt threatened. This one was different though. He was a good friend of Michael so he knew the truth. The spark between the two of you flared up at the yearly camping trip your club of friends held. You weren’t just a couple yet, but anywhere they could find you two having a fierce make out session. As he sneaked you away from your group, he pinned you against the wall with his hands in your back pockets, your arms around his neck and his tongue wrestling yours. Michael witnessed it all, his happy go lucky mood turning into dark clouds. “Can they chill or get a room already.” Michael growled, his arms crossed. “Are you jealous?” One of the girl friends asked him, noticing his behavior change like this a lot lately. “No.” He murmured back. “You know, they’re not official yet.” Michael just shrugged not wanting to talk about it. “She’s waiting for someone like you. She told me that.” “Really?” Michael asked a little too eager. “Hah so you DO like her.” The girl teased. Michael’s cheeks turned light pink. “So what if I do.” He replied, looking at you and his friend in the distance. He sighed defeated. “As if it matters now..” He said again, not able to hide the disappointment. “Don’t worry Mike. I’ll help you.” The girl patted his shoulder and winked. “She’ll be yours in no time.” Michael just grinned at her.

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Jikook, bodyguard/rich heir AU please :)

jungkook hears the low ominous rumble beneath the building before he feels it.

unthinkingly, he moves, throwing himself against jimin - fragile, human jimin - one hand cradled behind his head to cushion the impact before sending them both to the ground. jimin makes a small sound of alarm beneath him, hands fisted into jungkook’s lapels and pupils blown wide.

“jungkook - ”

the room blows, glass shattering around them. jungkook covers jimin with every inch of his body, ignoring the frantic tugs of jimin’s hands, and the fires blazing around them.

and everything falls away, leaving jungkook with nothing but jimin’s pale face, sooty and grazed, beautiful in his terror, ashy tears streaming down his cheeks in rivulets. “you - you’re…”

“not human,” jungkook grits out, knowing that jimin is probably trying to decide if the amber of jungkook’s irises and the sudden sharpness of his canines are a figment of shock-induced hallucination. jungkook’s not human, but an explosion of this calibre still hurt like a bitch. “i’ll be okay. are you - ”

“i’m fine.” jimin lets out a shaky exhale. “but jeon jungkook… you have a lot of explaining to do.”

jungkook hisses a breath through his teeth, turning his head aside so he doesn’t accidentally melt jimin’s face right off. “let me get you somewhere safe, first.”

send me a pairing and an au and i’ll write you a 3-sentence fic

What to draw?

Guys, I need your help! I really wanna draw more SnK stuff, but I can’t decide on what so I just end up drawing nothing. I have some AU ideas and would like to know which one you want to see art to. So pls let me know! ;v;

Assassins Creed II/SnK Crossover:
Erwin is Captain in the royal military, Levi is an Assassin and Eren is (officially) a soldier-in-training in the royal forces and (unofficially) an Assassin (trained by Levi). Erwin took the role of Eren’s mentor after he lost his mother and his slightly gaga father was locked away in a madhouse. Erwin also secretly saved Levi, who got caught some time ago and should have been executed. Long story short, they live together and fuck each other.

Eren is a quite well known Let’s Player and often posts videos of him playing/testing alpha versions of games. Levi works as main programmer/character designer for a game company that produced some of Eren’s fav games. When Eren started adding a facecam to his vids, Levi involuntarily started crushing on him and watches his videos regularly (for professional purposes only, of course, because he takes notes of Eren’s suggestions how the games could be tweaked). They meet at a game convention where Levi and others of the company are presenting a new game and Eren walks around cosplaying one of his fav game-characters (who happens to be designed by Levi). Bla bla.

Eren is the main vocal and guitarist of a band he formed together with Mikasa (drums), Jean (bass) and Armin (piano/synthesizer). Hanji is their manager and drags Levi to one of their gigs. They are still looking for sponsors and Levi co-owns a security company together with Erwin (and has a lot of money). Story story bla bla Levi ends up being Eren’s bodyguard what makes everything rather difficult, because they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Fucked up musician/junkie!AU:
Levi is in a band that’s quite successful, but he has a hard time dealing with everything that’s going on, so he tends to escape reality with the help of alcohol and drugs. One evening (at an after-party) he consumes too much of everything and passes out. His bandmembers/manager are desperately looking for help without making the incident public. They get a hint that there lives a private doctor nearby and drag an unconscious Levi to his house in the middle of the night. Dr. Jaeger manages to stabilise Levi’s condition (for now), but he has to be watched to make sure that there wasn’t more harm done. Eren, who often helps his father out, keeps an eye on Levi until he wakes up. Okay, I have no idea how to continue, but shit’s gonna happen & stuff.

Other options are:
- more of mer!Levi
- more of cyborg!Eren
- fanarts to some of my fav fanfics
- scenes that take place in the canon universe

Feel free to suggest other things as well! <3

happy kent/snowy headcanons because i love these idiots so much

  • kent is constantly stealing snowy’s clothes and while snowy isn’t that much bigger than him, his clothes still fit different on kent bc snowy is very buff and his torso does the dorito thing so his shirts are a little loose on kent and kent’s hoe ass loves it
  • they can literally make each other laugh with one (1) look. it’s so infuriating and no one ever knows what they’re laughing about it’s terrible
    • they have a lot of inside jokes but they’re all stupid shit like “egg butt” and if one of them says the phrase they’re both doubled over in laughter for at least 10 minutes
  • constantly showing memes to each other
    • when they’re visiting each other they spend hours on their phones with the occasional “haha look at this post” “pft nice”
    • this is what they call “hanging out” and no one else gets it– “interact with each other! talk to each other!!” bitty rants at jack one night after a double date. jack doesn’t get it either. 
  • more hcs under the cut this is way too long aahhahha

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