sry i love this song

the signs as songs off of beauty behind the madness

real life: gemini
losers: sagittarius
tell your friends: aquarius
acquainted: taurus
the hills: leo
often: scorpio
i can’t feel my face: pisces
shameless: virgo
earned it: libra
in the night: capricorn
as you are: aries
prisoner: cancer

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I never knew I was lonely ‘til I saw your face.

Your Song - Kate Walsh | Fade Into You - Mazzy Star | Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop - Daniela Andrade | Look After You - The Fray | A Drop In the Ocean - Ron Pope | In the Sea - Ingrid Michaelson | Enchanted - Taylor Swift | Can’t Help Falling In Love - Twenty One Pilots | Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran | Collide - Howie Day | I Like What You Say - Nada Surf | You’re Beautiful - James Blunt

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currently what are some of your favorite songs? ^^

OHHHHHH man oh boy. oh man i’m sorry in advance                                                                                                                                    

The Signs as Unappreciated Muse Songs
  • Aries: Easily, Ashamed
  • Taurus: Cave, Drones
  • Gemini: Minimum, Nature_1
  • Cancer: Spiral static, Jimmy kane
  • Leo: Hate This & I'll Love You, Crying Shame
  • Virgo: Forced In, Sober
  • Libra: Recess, Twin
  • Scorpio: Do We Need This?, Bedroom Acoustics
  • Sagittarius: Megalomania, Nishe
  • Capricorn: Piano Thing, Pink Ego Box
  • Aquarius: Con-Science, Overdue
  • Pisces: Glorious, Host

hot heels - to dance with a dame to beats of innate fervor, swinging away what gloom awaits outside a bustling dance hall. bright, brassy, upbeat songs of the depression era to leave your toes tapping and lips trilling a peppy melody of yesterday. all female artists.

i. forty second street - the boswell sisters / ii. it’s gonna be you - thelma nevins / iii. doin’ the uptown lowdown - mildred bailey / iv. i got rhythm - ethel waters / v. your mother’s son-in-law - billie holiday / vi. that’s how rhythm was born - the boswell sisters / vii. who walks in when i walk out - elsie carlisle / viii. ain’t cha - annette hanshaw /

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Kiss the Rain (music box)
Kiss the Rain (music box)
let's get rich (you and i - ingrid michaelson)

and buy our parents homes in the south of france: cancer, capricorn, virgo, gemini

and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance: libra, pisces, taurus, leo

and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants: aquarius, sagittarius, aries, scorpio