sry i love this picture lol

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pls dont draw thomas w wavy hair

Omg.. I’m so sry for this picture  XDDDD

But yes u got a point.. i rly can’t draw afro’s..and I rly try to make pogress on that. Before my helpless animation literally practice thomas like 10 fucking times and in the end i had the feeling i never fucked up so bad before XD. I just hope that it gets better.. Till than pls bear with my wavy-wrong haired Thomas.. or ignore me Idk XD 

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru

Things to notice in this picture:

-the blue bird that teased the yaris (what a little shit lol)

-manba and his dancing plant

-nihongu carrying gokotai (awww)

-and he has the net to catch the bird oh my god

-tsuru and his glasses (gosh he loves them ;D)

-mitsu-bou has a hand on mister not interested (jk its ookurikara)

-nikkari and gold (i feel compelled to give him gold troops everytime now)

-sayo on kousetsu’s laps (so cute)

-akashi hugging hotaru

-urashima dropping his turtle in the middle of the shot (bruh)

-midare clinging on a stiffened dounut-kun (sry its doudanuki lol)

-the awatagushi swords are either being carried or in friend poses

-honebami holding the laughing bag

I need a 2nd season soon, these swords are adorable I’ll miss them~

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I,,I love you and your art,, plz post more pictures of yourself so the fans can draw you!

HEY HAHA i’m sry i left this in my inbox for like.. weeks… i wasn’t really sure how to reply!! it’s really sweet ;_;;

anyway i saw the one piece movie and you can barely tell what i look like here but that’s not important bc this is the only picture of me you’ll ever need

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You're so pretty!! I saw your without make up picture and didn't read the caption first and thought "Oh a pretty natural make up look! Different lip color" LOL I really like your dark lipstick tho dark lips are my jam. U look all soft like u should be going to the beach. I rly like ur Kat look too I was immediately like "omg she looks like Kat!! :D" I love those curls! n e way u have rly pretty eyes ur so cute amg but also gurl I'm living for that off the shoulder black dress sry face tag stalk

IM YELLING ABOUT THIS ASK FOR DAYS NOW no seriously you dont understand i got this such a good time because i just arrived to prague and my face was all puffy and we took pictures and i literally wanted to burn my phone but i read this and i felts so much better because… well this is just??? sucha  confidence boost?? and just??? wow?? thank you sweet anon??? 

trying to 11th hour commit to next week’s nature art for fodder thread. managed this while trying to do something fast; the idea is basically “your dragon with a pokemon” because i’m feeling the pokemon hype. oddish probably not the most impressive example but i love oddish… and i can’t resist the “Poddish” pun sry. 

i was hoping it’s “endearingly sketchy” rather than just “messy” but looking at it now idk.. i only have a couple hours to figure it out lol so i dont know. would you buy send leveled fodder for a picture like this of a dragon and a pokemon? would the phrase “i will simplify outfits to what seem to be their most important parts” make you not want one? does the additional phrase “any pokemon” help, lol  ?