sry i love this picture lol

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru

Things to notice in this picture:

-the blue bird that teased the yaris (what a little shit lol)

-manba and his dancing plant

-nihongu carrying gokotai (awww)

-and he has the net to catch the bird oh my god

-tsuru and his glasses (gosh he loves them ;D)

-mitsu-bou has a hand on mister not interested (jk its ookurikara)

-nikkari and gold (i feel compelled to give him gold troops everytime now)

-sayo on kousetsu’s laps (so cute)

-akashi hugging hotaru

-urashima dropping his turtle in the middle of the shot (bruh)

-midare clinging on a stiffened dounut-kun (sry its doudanuki lol)

-the awatagushi swords are either being carried or in friend poses

-honebami holding the laughing bag

I need a 2nd season soon, these swords are adorable I’ll miss them~

Sry 4 the picture spam lol i just love emma ?? Anyway !!!!!! Y'all know those excessively cheesy posts that r like ‘I didn’t care abt love songs and poems until I met u’ or something like that???? That’s like extremely accurate tbh… like I never rly connected w love Songs even when I was in a relationship or had a crush on anyone ever but like,,,, now they’re all true n it’s like sUPER DUPER LAME but I love emma bye @troubledbaby

anonymous asked:

I,,I love you and your art,, plz post more pictures of yourself so the fans can draw you!

HEY HAHA i’m sry i left this in my inbox for like.. weeks… i wasn’t really sure how to reply!! it’s really sweet ;_;;

anyway i saw the one piece movie and you can barely tell what i look like here but that’s not important bc this is the only picture of me you’ll ever need