sry for the phone pics

Hey all, I haven’t posted any non-school stuff recently since classes take up most of my time, but I’m trying to get back into using instagram! Instagram’s more suited than Tumblr for my watercolors and smaller doodles (like above), so if you want to see any of that stuff, follow me here

OK i have finally been brave enough to test my save and so this is the ongoing live update post of how that is going.

i plopped in the saves that i managed to find backups of in my recovered crash files (half of which have been corrupted at random when i have tried using them so i wasn’t feeling very optimistic going into this) and opened the game. they show up in my saves list so that is a good sign! most of them don’t have correct thumbnails and all of them are greyed out unable to be clicked because “this save may contain expansion pack data no longer stored on this system” which i feel is probably just a fancy way of saying sorry you have files missing.

BUT! three of my saves have proper thumbnails! i can see my babies! i am determined to at least rescue them if not the save itself so i am trying a few things i read online. i will brb to let you know how that works for me.

edit 1: ok wait there is a chance that message is legit because i forgot to install the world i had them in so doing that now. gj lacey.

edit 2: wow this game loads really fast with no cc I HAD FORGOTTEN


edit 4: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh rip my hours and hours of beautiful decorating but IT WORKS

edit 5: look at my beautiful family of soulless demons