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Before he can form the thought of away, Emily has grabbed him by his left wrist and slammed the hand against the counter. The point of her blade bites into his palm, just shy of piercing the leather of his glove.

“My father may have forgiven you,” she says, and doesn’t that just settle a certain matter in Daud’s mind, “but I owe you no such courtesy.”

sooo, seeing as the sequel is to take place in serkonos and the low chaos routes are now widely considered canon, here’s to hoping for a cameo from a certain retired serkonan (serkonian?) assassin

so i just started a new blog after getting rid of my old one and now my dash is super barren

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You put Miyuki on that poster in the office au post for oofuri, didn't u?? ;]

i sure did (they misspelled “TRASH” tho)

also gonna drop a whole bunch of office au hc below the cut so i don’t spam with another text post heh. I’M SRY MOBILE USERS pls just scroll rly fast from this point on

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Hey guys!! So I’m gonna have a Holiday meetup to celebrate da holiday spirit! 

It’ll be on December 23rd at 6:30 eastern time, and we’ll all meet in the top floor of the commons Library in realm Seraph before we port to my house!! I have a house decorated for the holidays and it’ll also have all of the housing games, so I figure we can stay there for the first hour (or whenever we feel like switching!!) and then go to the Massive Fantasy Palace to pvp!! (This way we get to do talk, play housing games, and pvp without it all getting in the way of each other!) I’ll also gift 10 people randomly just for fun!! If anyone else has any ideas for things they’d like to do, send me an ask!!

Hope to see y'all there(=