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Hey beauty, its look likes you are a little INTJ/INFJ expert, kind of, you know what i mean :D ... did you?! Anyways, I dk if I´m INTJ or INFJ, i read a lot about this topic, about the difference and feel connected with both characters (from movies etc. For example from you blog). Could you give me a clear answer? I know, I´m a stranger... but perhaps my blog help, I think a (good) blog is sort of a mirror. Have a nice day, bye. P.s: Sry for my bad EN ;)

Introverted Intuition: The Te/Fe Difference

Extraverted Thinking (INTJ)

  • Only care for the opinions of what they perceive to be their intellectual equals
  • To try and reach people for them to understand their ideals and sell them feels like they are watering down their initial ideas. They feel in order to communicate with others they are dumbing it down. 
  • Scientific
  • Skeptical approach to reality
  • Want to know how things work and what they are like under varying circumstances.
  • Impatient with wasted motion, words, and emotion. Hard to read them.
  • Value both elegance of form and subtlety of expression
  • Need to understand another perspective by analyzing it’s limitations
  • Don’t take criticism of ideas personally. Actually see the judgments of others as a limitation of that other person’s assumptions and expectations.
  • Not confident in purely social situations.
  • Can be short with others, impatient with them.
  • Deal with feelings by formulating and explaining them to themselves in order to know what to expect in the future.
  • Try to make relationships predictable. 
  • Sense of unexpressed is impersonal and causal.
  • Motivated by intellectual challenge.
  • Interest in the precision of language.

Extraverted Feeling (INFJ)

  • Needs encouragement and approval
  • Can be reluctant to ask questions about self that destroy their self-image
  • When the INFJ tries to explain their ideas to people and reach out to them they feel like they are inauthentic or hypocritical.
  • Can seem more outgoing (often seem more outgoing than INTJs)
  • Have a personal approach
  • Can sympathize and are perceptive listeners
  • Sense of the unexpressed  is intensely personal and oriented by emotional awareness.
  • Can try to develop Te, but use Fe defensively to justify their feelings.
  • Articulate in their resistance to others and their analysis of them
  • Wounded by criticism
  • Need to have meaning in the work they do
  • More likely to personalize their skills
  • Point out discrepancies between stated beliefs and actual behavior
  • Conflict of maintaining harmonious relationships and expressing emotional truth
  • Genuine romantic: frustrated by cultural myths in the guise of objective fact.
  • Sensitive to nuance and suggestions, relying on the unexpressed
  • Interested in metaphor and multiple layers of meaning
  • Value the art of allusion
  • Want to be liked, but afraid of being hurt
  • More likely to be drawn to dysfunctional people, romanticizing that they see something that others cannot

Lists helped to be composed by the writings of Lenore Thomson.

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Hi this isn't really a request but I just read your post about the incense for characters [new sub BINGE reading ur blog (⌒_⌒;) ] and I wondered what scents do you attribute to different characters? Sry if this is weird :P

Welcome to my garbage heap dear ♥ Hope you found it satisfactory 😊

This isn’t a weird request to me tbh!! I really love this question because I’m an olfactory person and I have a lot of smells in mind that remind me of people or characters. My headcanons for how they smell are sort of included here too but mostly this is smells that remind me of them

(Sorry in advance that some of these aren’t as long as others, I have more attachment to some characters. aka my junkers….) 


The smell of bonfires on cold nights. Mechanic shops & motor oil. Sweat of being out in the sun. Fast Orange/Gojo (this boy would need to bathe in this to get off his grime) BBQ cooking on a flaming grill. Boba tea. 
And I know this is very american of me but the smell the air has during parties on the 4th of July reminds me of him a lot; the smokey smell of fireworks mixed with evening air, the smell of food cooking on a fire, the smell of the hot summer air. 


The smell of mechanic shops again, and motor oil (boy’s gotta work on his bike ya’know). Tropical scented shampoo. The crisp smell of vegetables (especially the smell of carrots when you cut them open). The smell of sand on a hot day. Freshly cut grass in the springtime


The smell of craft stores (especially yarn). Baklava. Roasted sesame seeds right out of the oven. Bakhoor.


Fresh honey. Spiced tagine chicken. Fabric softener. Apricots. Jet fuel and rocket propulsions. Soft fresh, tantalizing shampoo (I’m gay for Fareeha, the secrets out.)  

Soldier 76

Laundromats. Aftershave. Hot Dogs on the grill with a pitcher of beer on the side. Strong coffee. 


Gunsmoke. Fresh, clean soap (like classic dial tbh). A tinge of sulfur (especially using wraith form and shadow step). Expensive bourbon. Soft subtle leather. 


Tobacco cigars. Gunsmoke. Dust storms. Really spicy southwest chili with all the fixins. Fresh berries. Country apples . The smell of an old wooden chest. Freshly tanned leather. This candle


Citrus fruit, especially lemon and lime. Roasted almonds. The smell of metal that has been taken care of. This candle. 


Teakwood and Sandalwood. The soft lingering smell of someone who walks by wearing just a hint of cologne. Freshly brewed green tea. Expensive Sake. Silk kimonos. Cedar wood. 


Lily pads and lotus blossoms. Oiled brass. The faint electrical smell that you can sometimes catch when working with wires. The smell of computer parts. This candle. 


A brand new book. The smell of office supplies. Lotus blossoms. Lightly spiced rice pudding with cinnamon and cardamom. The smell of the water in the shower when the water is steaming and scalding hot. 


Fresh bed linens. Floral scents (especially lavender and lilac). Vanilla extract. The clean and sterile smell of hospital hallways. Rubber gloves.


The smell of rain in a meadow. The earthy nature smell of a clean lake or spring. Mixed drinks at a club. The slightly bitter smell of seltzer water. Oranges. Cilantro. 


Magnolia blossoms. Gardenias. Lots of floral scents tbh. Really thick, fresh snow. Flavored vodkas. The smell of a gym; sweat and machinery and the sanitizer for the machines. 


Pina coladas. Grapefruit. The smell of makeup (especially foundation). Saltwater. Freesia. Palm trees and the beach. 


Oak. Smokey vanilla. Really masculine cologne. Paint. 


Lilies. Tea and cookies. Cucumber melon. Rainstorms. Rosewood. 


Roses. The smell of soft lace and velvet. Silk sheets. Champagne. The sad smell of an old room that hasn’t been opened in a while, dusty and dark. The smell of makeup (especially lipstick). A high femme perfume, something expensive. 


Vanilla ice cream with maraschino cherries. The smell of an elementary school at the beginning of the year. Polished metal. Well oiled machinery. 


The mossy smell of an old forest. Eucalyptus. The smell of rust. An old factory that’s been abandoned for a while. The soft animal smell of bird feathers.

D. Va

Sweet Pea. Sweat and sweet deodorant (Tbh it would be hot and sweaty in that meka). Fresh spun sugar. Sweet red beans and condensed milk on shaved ice. 


A rich strong cologne, something musky. A Dark, stout beer. An old forest, mossy and full of life. The sickeningly sweet smell of rotting wood. Roasted chestnuts. Brown sugar.


Evergreens. The smell of the air when it’s so cold you can see your breath. Fresh snow. Icicles. Warm hot cocoa. The sciency smell of a chem lab. 


He probably smells like a gorilla although he tries very hard not to. Don’t bring it up to him, he’s sensitive. 
Peanut butter! Fresh, tropical fruits. Papaya and mangos especially. 


Home cooked food (espcially like a big thanksgiving ((again sorry for being so american ™ )meal with turkey and stuffing and all the fixins). Cranberry Orange. Spiced cinnamon. Fir trees. 

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