sry for my bad writing

☆ ☽ mage e-tion ☾ ☆

a boy with raven hair and a voice so fair.
many a fortune he has to tell.
a lover’s spell for those who dwell.

there is no need for you to fear
for it is you he holds dear.

anonymous asked:

can you do a calum blurb where you surprise him on stage and he like gives you those like really big hugs and lifts you off the ground AND WOW I HATE ME

ok so i know you asked for a blurb but this got a little out of hand and somehow i wrote 1k words soooo here you go!

“Cal, please don’t be upset. I’m absolutely drowning in homework.” You try to make yourself sound upset, holding back a smile as you hear your disappointed boyfriend’s sighs through the phone.

“It’s fine, babe.” He says, defeated. “I just was really looking forward to seeing you tonight.”

“I know. I’ll try my best to be with you as soon as I can.” You say, a grin spread across your face. Little did Calum know, you were actually in a back room at the arena right this moment. Michael came up with the idea to tell Cal that you wouldn’t be able to make in tonight to the show, then surprise Calum on stage. It has been the hardest thing in the world to keep it a secret, but you’re almost there now, and you didn’t want to spoil it.

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