sry babe had to~

the signs as songs off of beauty behind the madness

real life: gemini
losers: sagittarius
tell your friends: aquarius
acquainted: taurus
the hills: leo
often: scorpio
i can’t feel my face: pisces
shameless: virgo
earned it: libra
in the night: capricorn
as you are: aries
prisoner: cancer

so which is your fave pic from the end of Transistor, I’m consistently torn between “no one is gonna believe I’m just your bodyguard if you keep grabbing my leg in front of a cheering crowd” and “sry babe I suddenly had an idea for a song and had to get out of bed to write it down immediately. thanks for the tea”

anonymous asked:

I'm really scared. I have some family problems and I talk to my best friend about and she might be moving across the country. She saved me from possible depression. Now, I feel my self slowly breaking and drifting away. I break down and feel empty. For so long I've wanted to harm myself. my big sis did and my mom said it was for attention. last time I felt a darkness taken over, I did what i could to be happy, now im just lost and dont want to fight. its tiring ya know? I had vent, sry

it’s okay babe you can always vent to me :) please read this okay.