Hello Whovians. Let’s cut to the chase- we have a chance to hang out with Mark Gatiss during the new Doctor Who series and want to ask him everyone’s questions!

Make a post or send us an ask using the hashtag #AskDW and a team of highly trained adipose will sort through all of your questions to prep them for Mark. It’ll be a while before we’ll be able to sit down and talk with him but if you have a TARDIS it’ll feel like no time at all. 

Meet The Blogger

Name: Adam
Nicknames: Italia, Uncle Jimmy apparently
Birthday: December 5th
Height: like 5′0 ft i think
Sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Trans Male
Sexuality: Apothisexual, Homoromantic

Favorite Color: Green

Time Right now: 9:48 pm

Average Hours Of Sleep: around 7
Lucky Numbers: 7, 13
Last Thing I Googled: Kugelmugel
Number Of Blankets I Sleep Under: 1 or 2
Celebrity Crush(es): I don’t have any
Favorite Book: I don’t read 
Favorite Band/Artists:  Fall Out Boy, Troye Sivan, Melanie Martinez
Last Movie I Saw In Theaters: Pitch Perfect 2
Dream Trip: Italy
What I’m Wearing Right Now: A Fall Out boy shirt

graffiti artist!ashton calling you from jail because he needs to be bailed out and you immediately start scolding him because you’ve been trying to get him to stop doing it ever since you two got together five years ago and you knew it’d happen eventually and he apologizes and tells you he knows and asks you to just come pay his bail with money he had there and you go get him and on your way back you ask him to show you what he thought was too big to paint on the easel you’d bought him for his birthday and gets sort of sheepish telling you that it was nothing but you bother him until he’s directing you on where to go and as soon as you park he’s rambling “it’s not finished and it was really spur of the moment and i don’t want you to break up with me so..” but you barely heard him because on the stone wall was a bunch of hearts and what looks like the start of a girl and in bubbly letters it read y/n, will you m and you turn to ashton, who’s blushing and scratching the back of his neck nervously, and you ask him what this is and he shrugs and says “i was just thinking and i mean, i don’t even have a ring but i wasn’t even planning on showing you this until then and i just-” and you cut him off with “you want to marry me?” and he chuckles and doesn’t even hesitate with responding “of course. i love you and i knew i wanted to marry you ever since like, a week after we met, so..” and you don’t say anything because you’re so in awe and he starts to backtrack “i mean, i wasn’t going to do it this way seriously, you know? i was gonna do it a lot more romantically and-” and he stops when you throw your arms around him in a hug, kissing his neck all over and he grins and returns the hug, murmuring an “i love you” before burying his nose in your hair