the list of reasons why my girlfriend is absolutely perfect is never ending,

never have i had a girl in my life that makes me just so darn happy. and its the little things she does that get me the most. the funny sounds she makes when she laughs, the goofy faces she makes at me in the corner of my eye, when she hugs me in the morning while im still asleep, all the way down to how perfect we fit together when shes in my arms watching movies together or when i lay her down, tuck her in and kiss her goodnight. she puts up with my lame clothes choices, but absolutely loves when i dress up for her. even whilst having a stick shift car, her hand is still right there on top of mine. she loves to go to all you can eat wings night on tuesdays. even on guys night, she is well beyond welcomed and kicks everyones ass in beer pong. i love all of her nicknames that she calls me.  a lot of the time we just lazy it up at each others house and watch netflix, eat, talk, and sit on the computer, but even the simplest things are incredible when its with my zz