so im trying to bujo •••

/mai/ May

I kinda want to do this month very Heather Macnamera, I may do June as Heather Duke.

I do have April but it’s sloppy and *not* aesthetic, so the jury is still out on posting it. I really like it so far though still trying to find my like style of it playing around though is fun. I’m more inclined to use it because I made it which is really funny to me.

im trying to write this one krbk fic, but then i started thinking of this motocross krbk AU and now I’m writing more fics than I can handle. srsly what am i doing with my life haha

But imagine spending the entire day in the house with Calum. You would do stupid things like dance around the house in just your underwear while singing at the top of your lungs. You’d play hide & seek & tag. You would bake cookies & cover each other in flour. You would draw each other stupid little pictures that neither of you would want to get rid of. Then at the end of the day you guys would be exhausted and spend the evening laying in bed, cuddling & watching old movies & ugh I need a Calum..