pictures to give to the police so they can arrest me for ruining your life

pictures for your “wanted: dead or alive” posters

pictures so you can find me and beat me up

sorry about ch. 12

i’m even more sorry about ch. 13

 i figured it was about time to post a selfie! there’s 1,200+ of you, so here’s what i look like! hello!

Inukag is chocolate cake, mirsan is crème brulée, inukik is vanilla ice cream, kogkag is strawberry jell-o, sesskag is lemon pie, and narkik is that jawbreaker hard candy that you can’t bite bc you’ll lose your teeth if you do.

This has been my analysis.

Okay but punk!Thomas working at his local mall’s hot topic that just so happens to be the favourite shopping place of genderfluid!Newt

Thomas never posing the cocky “oh I see your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up” shit when Newt checks out with cute black dresses and Disney hair clips as well as skinny jeans and muscle tanks

Newt purposefully trying on clothing items one at a time instead of all at once so he can see Thomas smile and hear him say “Sure thing, doll,” in that gorgeous voice of dripping honey whenever Newt asks to use the changing room

Thomas finally plucking up the courage one day to write “Wanna get coffee sometime?” along with his phone number on Newt’s receipt before slipping it into his bag AND THEN Newt catching a flash of ink whilst emptying his bag later that day, reading the note, and blushing like absolute crazy (maybe even squealing in excitement that the insanely good-looking tattooed employee had taken a liking to him, but he would never admit that) before quickly texting Thomas to plan a coffee date

Newt anxiously keeping his eyes down and fiddling with his bracelets until he reaches Thomas sitting at a table near the back of the coffee shop, as he had decided to wear his favourite flowing black skirt since he liked the way it looked and he knew Thomas didn’t think it was weird, but the looks he gets from strangers in the shop make his hands shake

Thomas smiling that warm smile at Newt and leaning halfway across the wooden table as to tilt Newt’s chin with his fingers so their eyes meet before saying softly “Don’t worry, you look beautiful, doll.”