i’m genuinely wondering how victor could possibly make that much money (8M car like???), his sponsors surely are top-notch but still, unless he comes from some rich-ass family he’s got to have commercial ties to make this kind of paper……………………………………

considering how Extra™ this nerd is, i have a couple of ideas:

- created&patented the Nikiforov™ brand of golden skate blades

- lent his name to a multinational hair product company and now is basically the Michael Jordan of L’oréal

- has his own line of leather gloves 

- people literally throw him money on the streets for how beautiful he is (joke) (but srsly tho. i would)

feel free to add lmao


itty bitty angsty song sketches i did while listening to ‘Dear Happy’ by Dodie Clark, who’s my go-to artist for all things bittersweet :’) The whole idea of the song (as far as I understand it, at least,) is someone singing a duet with happiness itself. I made the mistake of listening to it while doing soumako doodles, and, well…. OTL

what the signs want
  • Aries: canon victuri
  • Taurus: canon victuri
  • Gemini: canon victuri
  • Cancer: canon victuri
  • Leo: canon victuri
  • Virgo: canon victuri
  • Libra : canon victuri
  • Scorpio: canon victuri
  • Sagittarius: canon victuri
  • Capricorn: canon victuri
  • Aquarius: canon victuri
  • Pisces: canon victuri

happy 3rd anniversary to disney’s 53rd animated feature, frozen! ❄ (released 27th november 2013)

tfw a fanfic writer’s writing style gets better with each new story. like you’re just sitting there sobbing and being all proud of this complete stranger while watching their work improve as you read through their increasingly descriptive stories about anal sex